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Started by Ricolas on Mar 4, 2011 10:25:21 PM
The Shaving Thread

A place to discuss gentlemanly grooming, razors, blades, foams and gels. And so on and so forth.

smiggy - 07 Mar 2011 13:34:37 (#1 of 3786)

I spent £12 on 10 blades only to discover I'd bought the wrong ones.

Ricolas - 07 Mar 2011 20:51:13 (#2 of 3786)

A painful business sometimes. Monetarily at least!

Ricolas - 07 Mar 2011 20:51:55 (#3 of 3786)

At least with a DE razor if you buy 10 blades that you are not that keen on, you have only wasted £2-3!

yumyum - 07 Mar 2011 20:54:04 (#4 of 3786)

Is this the male sparkly thread?

Ricolas - 07 Mar 2011 20:58:42 (#5 of 3786)

In effect. On GUT it did pretty much revolve around shaving, but there is room for more discussions.

AppleCatcher - 07 Mar 2011 21:00:11 (#6 of 3786)

I buy my razors and blades from Aldi. Cheap, effective and 3-bladed (which is plenty).

Ricolas - 07 Mar 2011 21:01:27 (#7 of 3786)

tbh a single blade has transformed by shaving. And by god, my face is thanking me for it.

Ricolas - 07 Mar 2011 21:01:50 (#8 of 3786)

An Edwin Jagger DE89 in my case.

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baddams - 08 Mar 2011 17:06:06 (#10 of 3786)

I am just about to have my third shave with it today

It's not even a full moon.

Ricolas - 08 Mar 2011 18:36:10 (#11 of 3786)

Gilette swedes?

As I was in Leeds today I popped into the local T K Maxx and managed to hoover up some shaving things. A post shave thing, and some shaving cream. I will try that tonight.

BadgerDancing - 09 Mar 2011 19:43:30 (#12 of 3786)

It's a year now since I first decided to give DE a go and I've not regretted it. On Sunday I hadn't shaved for well over a week and was informed by Herself that my face was far too sharp: I stuck a new Feather blade in and was smooth and (crucially) cut-free in a couple of minutes. Try doing that with a multi-blade jobbie.

And it still feels more manly somehow...

Ricolas - 09 Mar 2011 20:25:05 (#13 of 3786)

I NEED to try Feathers clearly. I may order some. Or try and track them down in a shop. Although here in Glasgow that might be a tricky call.

BadgerDancing - 09 Mar 2011 20:31:39 (#14 of 3786)

Do it. You won't regret it.

At least after the first few times.

Fatjack55 - 09 Mar 2011 23:13:14 (#15 of 3786)

Gillette Fusion, King of Shaves and Neutrogena to finish off. The local chemist recommended it and after a week I was pimple, blackhead and rash free.

I was 45, and that was the first time I'd had clear skin since 12. Also, it's nice when life imitates the Onion,11056/

AppleCatcher - 09 Mar 2011 23:17:26 (#16 of 3786)

Aldi blade, no shaving foam, under the shower, no aftershave.

You fackin' ponces.

newtonbase - 11 Mar 2011 22:46:25 (#17 of 3786)

Glad to see the thread has survived to its 3rd talkboard (maybe there is one on proboards too?).

ASDA Personnas usable but not great. Going to treat myself to a single edge shave tomorrow. My Connaught shaving cream is running low so I'm keen to try something new. Any suggestions outside Palmolive shavestick or oil which I already have?

ArchieSwert - 11 Mar 2011 22:52:56 (#18 of 3786)

I didn't frequent its previous incarnation. If it hasn't already, allow me to recommend Terax shaving/moisturising cream from France. It only takes a thin application for an amazingly easy, concise and nick-free shave.

andrew - 12 Mar 2011 18:11:48 (#19 of 3786)

As shaving cream goes I bought one of these the other day - great fragrance and it lathers up lovely:

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