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Started by Banana on Feb 13, 2015 5:45:09 PM
In praise of vaping

As a lifelong heavy smoker I haven't lit an actual cig for 3 weeks now.

Still sucking on this thing like mad but lungs feel better.

Currently on 18mg cherry blast.

Share your findings here...

TommyDGNR8 - 13 Feb 2015 17:51:14 (#1 of 1268)

You look ridiculous but at least you don't smell like you used to.

tasselhoff - 13 Feb 2015 17:52:19 (#2 of 1268)

I bought three in a month (not cheap either) and they all broke. Far better than smoking but your chest still feels a bit tight.

Banana - 13 Feb 2015 17:55:38 (#3 of 1268)

Yeah no way I'd be seen in public with it, or sitting in the office doing it.

What next have an alcohol free beer next to your computer?

donttellhimpike - 13 Feb 2015 17:56:09 (#4 of 1268)

My tip is to replace smoking with wanking. I've managed to exchange one twenty a day habit for another, my lungs feel great but the eyesight's gone rapidly downhill.

Verdigris - 13 Feb 2015 17:59:48 (#5 of 1268)

I can't help reading "vaping" as "vamping". Perhaps I'm batty.

Moominmamma12 - 13 Feb 2015 18:09:16 (#6 of 1268)

I am so used to vaping that anyone smoking a cigarette now looks considerably more ridiculous to me.

axolotl - 13 Feb 2015 18:55:46 (#7 of 1268)

Yes, that and the fact that "real" cigarettes taste rank now.

Cavewoman - 13 Feb 2015 18:59:50 (#8 of 1268)

Oh god, I wish they did. They still taste wonderful to me. My big problem with vaping is that it doesn't address the addiction to (a) nicotine and (b) having something in your hand/mouth. I know that until I can kick the vaping habit I'll still be vulnerable to backsliding into "proper" smoking.

donttellhimpike - 13 Feb 2015 18:59:59 (#9 of 1268)

I say this with no irony whatsoever.

Smoking is cool as fuck. You can really affect a pose if you put your mind to it. Leather motorbike jacket a la Brando, or trench-coat and Fedora, a la Bogart in Casablanca.

(It also helps if you only hang out with people whose impaired vision means they can only discern the world in monochrome)

Moominmamma12 - 13 Feb 2015 19:02:03 (#10 of 1268)

My husband managed to cut down the nicotine content over 12 months Cavey. He still vapes now though 12 months later without nicotine.

Cavewoman - 13 Feb 2015 19:05:38 (#11 of 1268)

That's interesting and encouraging, Moomin, although I think I'll still be vulnerable until I can get over the habit of reaching out for something to suck (no sniggering at the back) when I'm bored/on the phone/in front of my laptop/reading/whenever.

axolotl - 13 Feb 2015 19:07:00 (#12 of 1268)

"until I can kick the vaping habit I'll still be vulnerable to backsliding into "proper" smoking."

Just wondering, how long have you been vaping? I'm nearly 2 years in and and I've reduce my nicotine content massively, and mysteriously gone off the taste of normal fags. Never thought that would happen, but it did.

Banana - 13 Feb 2015 19:20:13 (#13 of 1268)

Which one are you using Cave? I'm using the eGo type one, my only concern was whether it would break or last all day on the battery, but it's working for me.

I hope to gradually wean off the nicotine or get it down at least.

From a 30 a day habit.

I've done occasional days not smoking but it was becoming increasingly insidious.

Moominmamma12 - 13 Feb 2015 20:04:42 (#14 of 1268)

B was smoking 20 a day for 25+ years.

tasselhoff - 13 Feb 2015 20:35:23 (#15 of 1268)

Cavey, the important thing is that it stops all the shite from cigarette smoke entering your lungs. If patches, gum etc doesn't work, vaping tends to have a very high success rate (anecdotally). So it's always going to be better than smoking.

Turkish - 13 Feb 2015 21:31:03 (#16 of 1268)

I gave up three years ago but fags still rule. Those little shitpipes look you're playing some kind of little flute. What would Jean Paul Belmondo have looked like waltzing down the Faubourg St Denis chewing on one of those little wank chisels? Get a grip.

FluffyKitten - 13 Feb 2015 22:10:21 (#17 of 1268)

Both my parents smoked - my father some 3 - 5 packs a day. I started at 16, and rapidly got into a 2-pack-a-day habit.

I tried quitting many times, but always fell back into it, until I decided on a trick I saw on TV once.

Robert Blake was talking to Johnny Carson about quitting the cigs, and whipped out a single cigarette from a pack. He didn't light it, just puffed on it as if it were lit. After a few minutes he put it back in the pack. He didn't carry a lighter, just the fag in the packet.

I tried it, and it worked for me. By the end of the month, that cigarette was nasty. But I managed to quit 16 years go, and haven't smoked a single one since. Not one. One by one, the old habits/cravings fell away. Longing for a fag with your cup of coffee? Not anymore. Want to light up first thing in the AM and last thing in the PM? Gone. Now I don't even like the smell of cigarettes.

I'm not relating this to crow about how clever I am to have managed to quit (if I were clever, I wouldn't have started.) Just to let people know I found a method that worked.

nolongerstumpy - 13 Feb 2015 23:04:31 (#18 of 1268)

Arf at #16.

I stopped using tobacco many years ago. I used to use vapes to get cannabis into my system, but I just make cannabutter now and cook with it instead. I have banana bread down to a fine art these days.

donttellhimpike - 14 Feb 2015 16:24:42 (#19 of 1268)

I was able to quit by just quitting. Two years now, and counting. I still miss the little fuckers, and I think I always will but I love not being a slave to them, spending every waking minute strategising over when and where the next smoke is going to be, not stinking of stale smoke all the time, not hacking my lungs up all the time, not spending a fortune on them.

Macpaddy - 14 Feb 2015 16:31:37 (#20 of 1268)

Same here. I just decided one day that that was it, no more smoking. That's many years ago now. Still, round about twice a year I'll dream that I'm panicking because I haven't got many cigarettes left and the shops are shut. Great waking up knowing it was dream. Reinforcing/ment dreams I was told they were. Same with quitting booze. One day, 'that's it no more alcohol from now on'. Still get dreams where I'm hiding bottles and getting drunk on the sly. In my dreams I think 'Hell, all this time I've been lying to everyone and myself.' WONDERFUL to wake up from those.

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