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Started by Dubris on Jul 26, 2020 8:04:49 PM
Postal scam, or just something odd?

My elderly mother tells me that she's received a very well taped up envelope, sent by the tracked 48 service to her address but with no recipient name. Inside are two Pokemon cards and, as I understand it, something asking her to take them to a post office.

It feels a bit odd, but I can't work out what might be happening. Any thoughts?

hailesaladdie - 26 Jul 2020 20:38:11 (#1 of 102)

Brushing scam? Setting up identities for fake reviews, based on a verifiable "purchase".

saskia - 26 Jul 2020 20:44:10 (#2 of 102)

Bin it.

widenation - 26 Jul 2020 20:44:21 (#3 of 102)

Taking them to a post office sounds a bit odd - and then do what?

Some Pokemon cards are highly collectable I understand.

Tenesmus - 26 Jul 2020 20:49:12 (#4 of 102)

If it's tracked there should be a sender address. I think.

Sabacious - 26 Jul 2020 20:49:18 (#5 of 102)

On a bit of a tangent - what to do with a DHL package sent to the wrong address? I know what the real address is this has happened before. Previosuly I've whizzed over on the bike but this one is to bulky. The DHL phone line is a waste of time and there seems no other way to contact other than Facetime or Twitter, neither of which I indulge in.

moto748 - 26 Jul 2020 20:51:06 (#6 of 102)

If you know the address, can't you put a postcard or short letter in the post telling them to come and collect?

nemo75 - 26 Jul 2020 20:51:19 (#7 of 102)

Dump it at a dhl drop point with an amended address, maybe?

Dubris - 26 Jul 2020 20:52:08 (#8 of 102)

#1 - I hadn't heard of brushing scams before, so I've learned something this evening. In this case, the envelope just had the address rather without Mum's name or anybody else's name.

Tomnoddy - 26 Jul 2020 21:01:56 (#9 of 102)

Did she have to sign for it? If it's just tracked until it's delivered, it won't tell the sender anything.

Dubris - 26 Jul 2020 21:05:43 (#10 of 102)

No, I don't think Mum signed for it.

She's going to take the envelope and its contents to the local post office during the week.

Vendor - 26 Jul 2020 21:08:13 (#11 of 102)

What are the Pokemon cards? Are they shinies?

widenation - 26 Jul 2020 21:09:48 (#12 of 102)

Like Panini stickers I think. Some are super rare.

Vendor - 26 Jul 2020 21:12:35 (#13 of 102)

Thanks for that. Very revealing.

Dubris - 26 Jul 2020 21:16:42 (#14 of 102)

My mother is an excellent woman but she's not a connoisseur of Pokemon cards. I was surprised she told me that's what they were. And I'm a couple of counties away, so I haven't seen them myself.

widenation - 26 Jul 2020 21:17:50 (#15 of 102)

What's she meant to do at post office then?

Dubris - 26 Jul 2020 21:21:23 (#16 of 102)

From her description, I'm not sure.

bossab2 - 26 Jul 2020 22:10:52 (#17 of 102)

Its either a nutter or a scam.

I'd just bin it.

Ginmonkey - 26 Jul 2020 22:11:25 (#18 of 102)

It doesn't sound right. Could you call her while she is at the post office and speak to the counter staff?

Dubris - 26 Jul 2020 22:14:07 (#19 of 102)

They're pretty sharp in the local post office and Mum is now on her guard about this.

A couple of years ago she was caught by the 'phone scammers. Since then she's been much more cautious.

Tomnoddy - 26 Jul 2020 22:14:15 (#20 of 102)

Make sure she leaves her house secure when she goes, then. Doors and windows shut and locked where possible.

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