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Started by Anchorman on Oct 2, 2020 8:34:13 PM
Dupuytren's contracture

My GP says I have this in my thumb and has ,today, referred me for possible surgery .

Googling says having this in a thumb is rare.Anyone else got any experience of this?

tasselhoff - 02 Oct 2020 20:52:43 (#1 of 55)

Never heard of it, but having just looked it doesn't appear there's much you can do about it, which is a bummer.

AdonisBlue - 02 Oct 2020 20:58:00 (#2 of 55)

Yes, my dad had it and had the operation which worked. He only went to the docs when his little finger was getting in the way of holding a pint, true story. We always assumed it was related to his love of the pints.

brooklyn - 02 Oct 2020 20:58:27 (#3 of 55)

it's common among the Irish and other northern Europeans -- the "Viking disease." it's in my family -- Dad had it, and two of my five siblings do. treatment? --

AdonisBlue - 02 Oct 2020 20:59:43 (#4 of 55)

Oh sorry my dad had it in the little finger, but I presume it's still caused by a contracting ligament in the hand, which they cut.

Probably came from all your hoing, of gardens, not ho'ing as in ladies.

nemo75 - 02 Oct 2020 21:02:52 (#5 of 55)

Didn’t Mrs Thatcher have that?

Anchorman - 02 Oct 2020 21:46:37 (#6 of 55)

Thanks everyone

frantastic - 02 Oct 2020 21:47:35 (#7 of 55)

She did. As has my wife.

Dender - 02 Oct 2020 21:51:33 (#8 of 55)

It runs in my mother’s family, though fortunately it skipped me. You’ll need to have the ligament cut, as otherwise the contracted joint really gets in the way and catches on everything. It’s not painful, just a nuisance.

Anchorman - 02 Oct 2020 21:58:53 (#9 of 55)

I'm not entirely convinced that the diagnosis is correct as I do have some pain when I move my thumb and the thumb doesn't seem contracted to me it just jumps as I bend it /unbend it . sometimes it hurts a bit when I move it other times it doesn't.It is also worse for the first 2-3 minutes after waking when the joint locks completely.

I'll see what the specialist says but I've been warned that because of Covid I could have a very long wait.

Tomnoddy - 02 Oct 2020 23:20:11 (#10 of 55)

Do thumb joints have cartilage like knees? It sounds like a torn meniscus ligament to me, which I had in my left knee and had very similar symptoms.

Anchorman - 02 Oct 2020 23:26:11 (#11 of 55)

It will probably be months before I see a specialist but I'll report back when I do.

It's odd . It started whilst I was asleep about 3 months ago so it's not as if I was doing any heavy work to trigger it.

JohnIlly - 02 Oct 2020 23:43:00 (#12 of 55)

Thatcher was not known as a manual labourer either but she had it, as nemo says.

bossab2 - 02 Oct 2020 23:43:40 (#13 of 55)

Well I thought this thread was going to be about proving some maths theorem...

GrrrIbdis - 03 Oct 2020 02:53:51 (#14 of 55)

Father in law had it and had it fixed in his eighties. No bother. Also, not a manual labourer, but quite probably a Viking under the skin.

Dender - 03 Oct 2020 06:19:08 (#15 of 55)

Has anyone else in your family had it, Anchorman? If it is Dupuytren’s then it is genetic, progressive and won’t be triggered by any amount of manual labour. It shouldn’t come out of nowhere. Within my family we always have someone at all the stages from initial contracture to post-surgery so it’s easy to check symptoms.

pmcblonde - 03 Oct 2020 10:53:20 (#16 of 55)

My sister has it. She had radiotherapy and physio rather than surgery

bossab2 - 03 Oct 2020 11:34:04 (#17 of 55)

I read it as

Dupuytren's Conjecture

JohnIlly - 03 Oct 2020 11:50:53 (#18 of 55)

When all fingers curl tightly into the palm it's known as Yorkshireman's Hand.

Anchorman - 03 Oct 2020 13:12:34 (#19 of 55)

Has anyone else in your family had it, Anchorman?

Nobody close that I know of.

OldLefty - 03 Oct 2020 13:17:14 (#20 of 55)

Mrs Lefty had it. The surgery was very minor - she said it took about 2 minutes from after the local anaesthetic taking effect.

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