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Started by binturong on Sep 7, 2021 9:33:24 AM
Small tripod

Any recommendations for a small, portable tripod for a DSLR camera? Specifically a Nikon D3500.

Was thinking about a Gorillapod, but they all say they are for mirrorless cameras.

Tenesmus - 07 Sep 2021 10:09:19 (#1 of 35)

What difference does the type make? Unless it's something to do with weight?

HouseOfLametta - 07 Sep 2021 11:10:47 (#2 of 35)

You called?

Verdigris - 07 Sep 2021 10:27:42 (#3 of 35)

Laz before wicket.

TommyDGNR8 - 07 Sep 2021 11:03:47 (#4 of 35)

Oh, don't encourage him.

Though I'll admit, I'd pay good money to watch anyone face Jasprit Bumrah with just their John Thomas to protect off stump.

LomaxFairchild - 07 Sep 2021 11:10:57 (#5 of 35)

Depending on the weight of your lens, I've got one of these which is great:

Though, like everything at the moment, it's 50% more expensive now than 6 months ago (and out of stock, at Wex at least).

HouseOfLametta - 07 Sep 2021 11:16:46 (#6 of 35)


tasselhoff - 07 Sep 2021 11:17:20 (#7 of 35)

sounds a bit rude

HouseOfLametta - 07 Sep 2021 11:22:25 (#8 of 35)

Somewhere I've got a massive, spring-loaded monopod with a rounded rubber knob on the end, and


Written on it in red. It's a pretty good camera support, but a better comedy prop.

It lives in the wardrobe of the spare bedroom, in case anyone comes to stay.

JennyRad - 07 Sep 2021 11:29:21 (#9 of 35)

A Gorillapod should work absolutely fine for any camera, provided it's rated for the weight and the camera has a standard tripod fitting!

Tenesmus - 07 Sep 2021 11:34:37 (#10 of 35)

I prefer monkeypods, they're milder.

binturong - 07 Sep 2021 14:01:18 (#11 of 35)

What difference does the type make? Unless it's something to do with weight?

Not a clue, it's just something all the gorillapod descriptions say - even the ones rated for much heavier cameras - so I assumed there might be a reason.

<Passes Ten a picture of Queen Victoria and checks for nearby water hazards >

binturong - 07 Sep 2021 14:04:12 (#12 of 35)

The Pixi mini looks a possible. Camera weight is certainly fine, although I think rating for a larger lens would be useful.

binturong - 07 Sep 2021 14:10:35 (#13 of 35)

<Carefully ignores Laz's large monopod>

Antimatter - 07 Sep 2021 14:57:58 (#14 of 35)

Those Gorillapods really are shite, even if they start off working OK, they start to collapse pretty soon after.

Policywatcher - 07 Sep 2021 18:12:27 (#15 of 35)

Gorillapods, being flexible, are more likely to move a bit in response to the movement of the mirror on an SLR/DSLR, which might give a bit of blur at anything except fast shutter speeds.

You might get away with it, but I can understand them being careful.

Tinymcsmithy - 07 Sep 2021 18:15:39 (#16 of 35)

I bought an offbrand short plastic tripod that is really light. Does the trick for portability.

Not sure I’d put a 300mm lens on it though.

Tenesmus - 08 Sep 2021 23:38:34 (#17 of 35)

I have an old mini tripod from a charity shop that's just like a smaller version of a full size one, I don't think you can get them any more. It's really sturdy.*

*I'm sure it was really sturdy when new, so needs some attention, and I really should get a round tuit.

Antimatter - 09 Sep 2021 00:56:02 (#18 of 35)

I have, as an alternative approach taken the head off of an old tripod and used clamps instead.

quartus - 09 Sep 2021 01:14:46 (#19 of 35)

Pressing the shutter button can sometimes induce a bit of camera shake when using a tripod. Best to invest in a remote shutter trigger and/or use a delay timer.

Antimatter - 09 Sep 2021 02:49:12 (#20 of 35)

Oh yes, that, and if you can use a lens with image stabilisation built in.

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