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Started by popperhead on Oct 25, 2021 12:22:05 AM
Travelling to UK: Can Day 2 test also be used as a Pre-departure test for a short trip?

Basically I'm taking the young lad (unvaxed) for a quick family visit to NI. We'll be arriving on the Monday morning and leaving back to Germany on the Friday evening. Is there any reason he needs to take two tests?

When we were there in the summer we stayed for longer so there was no question, but I reckon he could take the test on Wednesday morning (i.e within 48 hours) or even late Tuesday night which would still be valid (i.e. a test completed in the previous 72 hours) before arriving back in Germany.

The only thing is the Day 2 tests must be ordered as such (not just common or garden PCR test thank you very much) and the cert says "Day 2/Day 8 Test Result Certificate". But that shoudn't make any difference should it???

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