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Started by surferboogiewhatever on Feb 15, 2022 3:29:31 PM
Best way to get large chair from A to B?

Too long - see post 1.

surferboogiewhatever - 15 Feb 2022 15:30:02 (#1 of 62)

Damn. It didn't copy properly. Hold on...

surferboogiewhatever - 15 Feb 2022 15:31:44 (#2 of 62)

Short version: Large high-backed wooden chair, no transport, 250 mile journey. Anyone know anything about the pros and cons of different methods of getting it there - post/ courier/ man with van etc?

surferboogiewhatever - 15 Feb 2022 15:32:23 (#3 of 62)

I am in Leicestershire. Yes, really.

indlovubill - 15 Feb 2022 15:35:53 (#4 of 62)

Don't use Tufnells or your chair will be in bits when you get it.

Macpaddy - 15 Feb 2022 15:37:01 (#5 of 62)

Rent a van and deliver it yourself,

surferboogiewhatever - 15 Feb 2022 15:39:14 (#6 of 62)

I can't do that. Very inept/unconfident driver, even in the car I'm most familiar with, which is currently at the other end of the route.

TommyDGNR8 - 15 Feb 2022 15:39:46 (#7 of 62)

Try hitch-hiking, you might get a book out of it.

Man-with-van is the most reliable option. It'll be firewood by Bristol if Yodel or the like get involved.

LomaxFairchild - 15 Feb 2022 15:40:18 (#8 of 62)

#4 ditto Hermes (IME)

nemo75 - 15 Feb 2022 15:41:27 (#9 of 62)

Sell it. Buy another one locally. The difference is the delivery fee.

tasselhoff - 15 Feb 2022 15:43:43 (#10 of 62)

That sounds sensible

helbel - 15 Feb 2022 15:46:23 (#11 of 62)

In my NicheHobby people do transport large breakable wooden objects around the country. In fact to remove the fear factor there is a network of people who will drive said objects on to the next person in the chain for free. However if that can’t happen people do post them.

Take photos, Wrap it insanely well, put it in a large box if possible and make sure it’s fully insured (don’t necessarily rely on the couriers insurance). Then pick a courier of choice. It’s either going to be a man with van or Hermes/Yodel etc. Sadly a good experience by one person means nothing as it’s all so variable.

Ginmonkey - 15 Feb 2022 15:46:35 (#12 of 62)

There are couriers that will do it. If it is valuable or delicate there are even specialists. But it may cost more than the chair is worth.

Atticus - 15 Feb 2022 15:51:30 (#13 of 62)


FleurDuMal - 15 Feb 2022 15:54:32 (#14 of 62)

Don't use Tufnells or your chair will be in bits when you get it.

Or fucking Hermes.

FleurDuMal - 15 Feb 2022 15:54:53 (#15 of 62)

Ah, just seen your post #8, Lomax.

Ginmonkey - 15 Feb 2022 15:56:58 (#16 of 62)

There are a lot of specialist art movers - eg Momart - but I suspect they will not take on a small job like this.

Impedimenta - 15 Feb 2022 16:11:20 (#17 of 62)

How urgent is it?

surferboogiewhatever - 15 Feb 2022 16:22:42 (#18 of 62)

Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I particularly liked helbel's detailed instructions and Tommy's alternative solution (if it wasn't so cold maybe...)

Post has been ruled out by the man in the local post office after doing a detailed calculation of the overall volume. I may start contacting men with ven next, as another solution has crossed my mind. I'm getting a lift back to Devon and they're almost sure there won't be room for me and the chair. We will check, but it's not looking hopeful. Now, if I found out that the MWV would cost more than getting the train home instead, I could possibly justify doing that and letting the chair (and maybe some of my other luggage) have the lift.

The disadvantage of selling it and getting a different one is that it is probably unique, made to measure for my tall dad, and my tall husband has always found it very comfortable - yes, we could probably find someone who could make something similar, but it feels like a waste of the craftsmanship that went into this one, which we know is ideal for the intended purpose. I don't know how much my dad paid for it, but he claimed to have paid £1000 for a really nice handcrafted triple wardrobe once, so it could be a bob or two.

surferboogiewhatever - 15 Feb 2022 16:24:58 (#19 of 62)

How urgent is it?

Depends how quickly the house sells, I'd like to think a month max, but thought it would be much easier to arrange while I'm still up here myself, and I've got to go back on Thursday.

tasselhoff - 15 Feb 2022 16:45:04 (#20 of 62)

Do you have a caravan hitch on your car, or do you know anyone who does? You could borrow their car and rent a trailer (and possibly a driver) for the return journey.

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