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Started by TatiaCamilla on Mar 15, 2011 9:13:52 AM
Gin and Cake

What it says on the (cake) tin.

TatiaCamilla - 15 Mar 2011 09:16:53 (#1 of 2088)

I made this last week with some frozen cherries (special offer in Sainsburys):

It was lovely. And last night I made this without the flaked almonds (TP not a fan):

I haven't tried it yet, but it looks good.

blaithin - 15 Mar 2011 10:10:40 (#2 of 2088)

I haven't baked or made anything apart from boring dinners in AGES. Right now, I LOATH cooking of any sort. I need to be inspired. But I also need to eat less cake (fewer cakes) ....

PickleRae - 15 Mar 2011 10:17:58 (#3 of 2088)

I like cake and gin (though not so much at the moment with duffedness killing my sweet tooth and alcohol consumption).

That cherry cake looks lovely, Tatia. I've sent the recipe, with demands, to Mr Rae who's the baker in the family. He did say he wanted to make something this weekend...

TatiaCamilla - 15 Mar 2011 11:53:38 (#4 of 2088)

The raspberry cake is also lovely, having now had a great big slice for elevenses. They're both full of fruit too, so surely must be good for me?

And very economical with the eggs, which can be useful.

urbanbumpkin - 15 Mar 2011 11:57:44 (#5 of 2088)

I need some not too sweet cake. Duffedness kills my sweet tooth too, but not my desire for cake.

Something with lots of fruit looks ideal - natural sweetness rather than too much sugary sweetness is what I need. I might try one of those.

blaithin - 15 Mar 2011 12:01:44 (#6 of 2088)

Urban's post has me craving Key Lime Pie....

TatiaCamilla - 15 Mar 2011 12:05:36 (#7 of 2088)

Either could be made with other, even sharper fruits like blackcurrants or blueberries.

urbanbumpkin - 15 Mar 2011 12:15:40 (#8 of 2088)

Hmmm, I have blackberries and blueberries in the freezer.

But I think a nap will win out this afternoon instead.

Maybe I'll make one this evening.

I've never had key lime pie, blaithin. What is it like?

<goes off to google>

urbanbumpkin - 15 Mar 2011 12:17:45 (#9 of 2088)

Ooo, condensed milk. Gets my vote.

TinyIde - 15 Mar 2011 13:03:24 (#10 of 2088)

ooo - that cherry cake looks lovely

<adds to bookmarks>

Hurrah for cake thread - love to bake and always have plenty of eggs with chickens in the garden....

PickleRae - 15 Mar 2011 13:58:27 (#11 of 2088)

Urban, this drizzle cake:

is great for being cakey without being too sweet. The tartness of the fruit cuts right through the sugar.

HelenDamnation - 15 Mar 2011 21:21:47 (#12 of 2088)

Key lime pie is absolutely gorgeous and very, very easy. I have tried several recipes but I think my favourite one is just condensed milk, lime juice & rind, and whipped cream, folded together (the condensed milk thickens when you add the lime juice, because of SCIENCE). It makes something that, despite the ingredients, tastes extremely light and limey, not at all cloying.

HelenDamnation - 15 Mar 2011 21:23:32 (#13 of 2088)

I think this is the recipe I've used and liked: but didn't arse around making crystallised lime peel.

mazylou - 15 Mar 2011 22:37:00 (#14 of 2088)

I can't tell you how disappointed I am that you didn't crystallise the lime peel.

HelenDamnation - 16 Mar 2011 08:20:36 (#15 of 2088)

To be absolutely accurate, the first time I made it, I did try and it was a total failure: the second time I just thought Sod It.

mazylou - 16 Mar 2011 10:16:44 (#16 of 2088)

Sod It is an excellent reaction to faffing about with sugarwork.

Cordelia - 18 Mar 2011 21:24:03 (#17 of 2088)

The April Good Food magazine has a grand little baking pullout - some yummy things. Plus what looks like the easiest lemon drizzle cakes ever, and some fab little cute fruit cakes that take 10 minutes to cook.

pushkin - 19 Mar 2011 12:58:52 (#18 of 2088)

Flumps has some amazing cakes up on flikr.

Cordelia - 19 Mar 2011 13:45:02 (#19 of 2088)

I have gingerbread men. Hurrah!

pushkin - 23 Mar 2011 12:22:17 (#20 of 2088)

Odds, I've just seen your blanket on flikr, could you possibly steer me to the pattern?

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