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Started by brooklyn on Sep 21, 2021 7:42:14 PM
What books do you save from your burning house?

poster Lagopus, on another thread:

<<When my house burns down, as well as rescuing my saxophone and a guitar or two I'll save ....>>

I thought was a great theme for a thread. the rest of you will prove me right or wrong.

redginger - 21 Sep 2021 19:52:09 (#2 of 59)

The Source... James Michenor

Hawaii...James Michenor.

Rebecca...Daphne Du Maurier

Battlefield Earth.. L Ron Hubbard.

TenGorillas - 21 Sep 2021 20:03:55 (#3 of 59)

My collection of late 18th c Sterneana, some of which is only known from a handful of copies.

Arjuna - 21 Sep 2021 20:07:03 (#4 of 59)

I am running out of my burning house as quick as I can without any books

dreams99 - 21 Sep 2021 20:10:10 (#5 of 59)

None. They're just books. I can buy them again.

brooklyn - 21 Sep 2021 20:10:41 (#6 of 59)

you guys just aren't into the spirit of this thread.

and hard-cover books can be expensive -- which might matter if your house just burned down.

tasselhoff - 21 Sep 2021 20:14:16 (#7 of 59)

What they said. Sod the books.

InternationalVicar - 21 Sep 2021 20:28:52 (#8 of 59)

How I found Stanley in Central Africa (£)

British Roll of Honour 1914 (privately funded photographic obituaries of the very posh people's children - gone for ever). Bound in purple velvet, white and gilt. The war had barely started...

Trance Formations, Bandler & Grinder (1st. Ed.)

The Theory of Relativity (first English edition), with pencil annotations by my dad.

AdonisBlue - 21 Sep 2021 21:34:36 (#9 of 59)

Most books are easily replaced so I'd have to go for the irreplaceable.

The Great Book of Hashish: Volume 1. Laurence Cherniak. Because of the lovely note to me from the author inside.

Redmire Pool. Clifford and Arbery. Too expensive to replace.

My childhood stamp collection. Because even at fifty I still think one of the penny reds will make me a millionaire If I could just be arsed having them valued.

HouseOfLametta - 21 Sep 2021 21:49:00 (#10 of 59)

Putting Out Fires

By I P Freeley

Post deleted by user
Garden - 21 Sep 2021 20:57:31 (#12 of 59)

My photo albums and MrG's stamp collection, which is probably worth more than the house.

Geribaldi - 21 Sep 2021 22:00:51 (#13 of 59)

red ginger - "The Source... James Michenor

Hawaii...James Michenor."

Good, but I think Centennial was his best.

Avonlea - 21 Sep 2021 23:18:18 (#14 of 59)

Perhaps only a picture book that my son’s godmother drew and had bound for his first birthday. Everything else is replaceable.

Tomnoddy - 21 Sep 2021 23:29:27 (#15 of 59)

None seems about right. My books have sentimental value, but I'm not risking my life for them.

My photo albums, though, some of them are really important. Only some, though.

widenation - 22 Sep 2021 00:58:25 (#16 of 59)

Freak Bros comics.

Antimatter - 22 Sep 2021 02:05:07 (#17 of 59)

If my house caught fire, the first thing to save would be the cat, followed by MrA. If time allowed after that, there are three pictures I am very fond of. Books do not come into the equation at all, MrA may return for some of his comics.

widenation - 22 Sep 2021 02:11:19 (#18 of 59)

In truth - f**k the books/comics. I'd grab my external HD, my Les Paul, my banjo, my Simmons xylophone and my WW2 searchlight mirror. May involve two trips I guess.

Antimatter - 22 Sep 2021 03:00:57 (#19 of 59)

Ooh yes, the banjo, and the Gibson.

Post by deleted user
wickeltisch - 22 Sep 2021 06:59:05 (#21 of 59)

Poor James Michener did not leave much of an impression on some readers, at least not so much that they remember his name correctly.

And I would rather save hard discs with documents on them. Books can be bought again, as said upthread.

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