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Started by DesEsseintes on Feb 5, 2021 6:12:03 AM
England 2021 (Cricket)

'External forces can be spectators but not participants.'

- SR Tendulkar

DesEsseintes - 05 Feb 2021 06:12:41 (#1 of 467)

Joe Root's 100th test match.

barkis - 05 Feb 2021 06:43:12 (#2 of 467)

Happy new year.

spirali - 05 Feb 2021 10:16:44 (#3 of 467)

Just caught about half an hour of this - some pretty ordinary bowling from Sundar and Nadeem, with Root looking like he's finding it ridiculously easy. Is he now officially in the Form Of His Life?

spirali - 05 Feb 2021 10:41:34 (#4 of 467)

100 for Root in his 100th Test, the third English player to do it. Also his third hundred in successive Tests in Asia, not sure if any England player has done that before.

spirali - 05 Feb 2021 12:10:58 (#5 of 467)

Lest we forget, last time England played India in Chennai they scored 477 batting first, and still lost by an innings.

What happened to Karun Nair? Made a triple hundred in this match and averaged over 60 in 6 Tests, but hasn't played for India since 2017. Have a feeling he was involved in some controversy, but can't recall the details.

LordofMisrule - 05 Feb 2021 12:42:18 (#6 of 467)

I read this, this morning:

spirali - 05 Feb 2021 12:53:58 (#7 of 467)

Interesting, thanks. Does seem remarkable that he was dropped straight after the triple. The prolonged slump since then sounds a bit like Haseeb Hameed, not that Hameed ever scored a 300.

kalva44 - 05 Feb 2021 13:52:28 (#8 of 467)

To be totally blunt, I wouldn't put much stock on someone making a big score against that England team at home in India. I recall Jayant Yadav scoring a hundred in that series as well and he hasn't been heard from since.

When Nair scored his 300, it was at the very end of a long series where England had lost badly, their minds were at home, the captain was already resigned to his fate and the coach actually pissed off the day before it finished as he wanted to see his doctor before Christmas.

Nair played the next series vs Aus and was all at sea and was plainly not good enough.

Vinod Kambli also hit a stack of runs at home vs England and was shown to not be Test class within a year.

England have had some good to great moments in the last 30 years but they have also had some dreadful moments especially overseas and Nair was lucky to be there for one of them.

spirali - 05 Feb 2021 21:05:32 (#9 of 467)

I remember Kambli and the stellar start to his Test career. Had something of a playboy lifestyle iirc, which back then didn't endear him to the Indian selectors or public... he might have been ahead of his time in that regard.

Just looked him up and he played more than Nair - 17 Tests, in which he averaged 54. Which actually makes him the highest-averaging Indian batsman in Test history (using Cricinfo's cut-off of 20 Test innings).

spirali - 05 Feb 2021 21:20:55 (#10 of 467)

Incidentally I'm not sure what Lawrence was doing at 3, he doesn't ever bat at 3 even in the CC. I guess there was no-one else.

In the whole of my cricket-watching lifetime, AFAIR the only consistently successful England no.3's have been Gower and Trott. Otherwise it's always been a problem position.

LordofMisrule - 05 Feb 2021 23:17:10 (#11 of 467)

It depends how you define consistent and successful, I suppose. And are you simply comparing England players with each other, or are you also holding them up against the global #3s of their respective eras?

fogger - 05 Feb 2021 23:43:19 (#12 of 467)

I think Stokes even played at no.3 once.

fogger - 05 Feb 2021 23:43:53 (#13 of 467)

Was Vaughan no.3 once Nasser retired?

kalva44 - 05 Feb 2021 23:59:26 (#14 of 467)

Even Gower was a bit of a stopgap at number 3 especially at home but he did have his successes.

kalva44 - 06 Feb 2021 00:01:55 (#15 of 467)

Kambli made a dream start but had 2 problems..1)he had a problem with the short ball but so have many others and he might have managed apart from the fact that 2) when he was dropped in 1996, Dravid, Ganguly and VVS all made their debuts...which meant that added to Azharuddin and Sachin, there was no place for him.

spirali - 06 Feb 2021 01:58:30 (#16 of 467)

are you simply comparing England players with each other, or are you also holding them up against the global 3s of their respective eras?

I hadn't looked at any stats when I posted that, it's just my impression that Gower and Trott are the only ones who've averaged 40+ in that position over any length of time. And I think Gower actually preferred to be at 4 or 5. Looking at the stats, he averaged 49 at 3, and virtually the same at 5.

Nasser actually turns out to be another one who averaged a smidge over 40 at number 3, higher than his overall average of 37. I'd actually forgotten about Vaughan, but I always think of him as having had one amazing year and then rather too many soft dismissals. It turns out he did average just over 40 at number 3, but he averaged 45 as an opener.

But as fogger says, virtually everyone has had a go there in recent times, with nobody making the berth their own.

spirali - 06 Feb 2021 01:59:40 (#17 of 467)

I don't know why all my apostrophes have turned into 39s.

EDIT: I've fixed it now.

kalva44 - 06 Feb 2021 04:13:50 (#18 of 467)

Out of interest, what was Tavare's average at number 3? Don't think it was too shabby..average that is, not the strike rate!

barkis - 06 Feb 2021 08:25:38 (#19 of 467)

Root to the double with a six. This chap looks promising.

nac1001 - 06 Feb 2021 08:33:16 (#20 of 467)

Even Bradman never got 180+ in 3 consecutive tests. Sangakkara is the only other one.

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