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Started by Snarlygog on Mar 4, 2022 2:21:16 PM
RIP Shane Warne

52 is no age.

Electro2 - 04 Mar 2022 14:22:39 (#1 of 32)

Hair today…

AnneThracks - 04 Mar 2022 14:23:20 (#2 of 32)

No age at all really. You don't expect a cricketer to have a heart attack.

melpomene - 04 Mar 2022 14:24:32 (#3 of 32)

So sad. I still remember the joy of him bowling fat gatt on his debut. Such a talent.

indlovubill - 04 Mar 2022 14:24:46 (#4 of 32)

Fuck, he was a genius, a wizard with the ball, can't believe he's gone at such a young age.

Moschops - 04 Mar 2022 14:34:19 (#5 of 32)

Always hated him, but he was a brilliant cricketer

cozzer - 04 Mar 2022 14:38:51 (#6 of 32)

I still remember the joy of him bowling fat gatt on his debut.

Not his debut. Also, despite what Duckworth Lewis Method would have you believe, it wasn't a duck.

melpomene - 04 Mar 2022 14:42:22 (#7 of 32)

Debut in the ashes, I meant. And yes to not a duck, but it was a sublime ball.

Arjuna - 04 Mar 2022 14:42:35 (#8 of 32)

Rod Marsh has died too

Arjuna - 04 Mar 2022 14:44:59 (#9 of 32)

i You don't expect a cricketer to have a heart attack

He was a smoking cricketer

melpomene - 04 Mar 2022 14:45:22 (#10 of 32)

And yet Tuffers continues.

DesEsseintes - 04 Mar 2022 15:05:02 (#11 of 32)

His example on the field encouraged a renewal of interest in spin bowling when it was at quite a low ebb outside of the subcontinent I think.

A bit of a surprise, perhaps not to those acquainted with his private life, I don't know

One of the best spin bowlers of the last 40 years, possibly Australia's best ever.

Rest in peace and turn and bounce in glory.

TheSwearingBear - 04 Mar 2022 15:14:14 (#12 of 32)

Fucking hell, Warne and Marsh on the same day.

thePiMan - 04 Mar 2022 15:29:59 (#13 of 32)

Knocked me for 6 this

Grazioli09 - 04 Mar 2022 15:48:03 (#14 of 32)

The most dominant bowler Ive ever seen, batting against him seemed like a lottery even for the best players

YogiMeerfield - 04 Mar 2022 15:59:59 (#15 of 32)

Sad news.

That ball he bowled to get Mike Gatting out went practically sideways.

kalva44 - 04 Mar 2022 16:12:28 (#16 of 32)

An absolute great of the game and a legendary character.Think he was held in awe in England and SA due to his massive success against them.

In India, he was loved and respected because he was seen as a great player against whom the Indian batsmen had lots of success against interspersed with some good spells by Warne.

Barely remembered is that he was the captain who won the first IPL with an unfancied Rajasthan Royals team.

When I was a kid growing up in Sydney in the late '70s and '80s, everyone bowled like Lillee...15 years later, it seemed like every kid was bowling like Shane Warne. That was his legacy!

LordofMisrule - 04 Mar 2022 16:14:34 (#17 of 32)

Same, PiMan.

He was a huge influence on me and my love of spin bowling.

Macpaddy - 04 Mar 2022 17:37:44 (#18 of 32)

I turned the TV on and it was showing Warne in various game ending with is incredible 'bowl of the century', I assumed it was showing great players' or something, when they said Warne had died, aged 52, I stopped in my tracks in stunned disbelief.

spirali - 04 Mar 2022 18:22:48 (#19 of 32)

Absolutely stunned by this. As it happens he was almost exactly the same age as me (I was born 3 days before him). One of the greatest players of all time, and one of its more extraordinary characters as well. I suppose it’s some indication of his status in the game that even with everything else in the news right now, his sudden (and, as far as I know, completely unexpected) passing still feels hugely significant.

Arjuna - 04 Mar 2022 19:09:05 (#20 of 32)

One of the best spin bowlers of the last 40 years, possibly Australia's best ever

Surely no doubt about the latter

And he had only one rival outside Oz

You would need to know a lot about spin bowling to split him and Murali.

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