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Started by mingmong on Feb 13, 2021 1:35:59 PM
'Norwegian' winters for the UK

There was some talk a few years back of the gulf-stream being diverted and the UK experiencing Norwegian-style winters (as well as hotter, drier summers)

Is that what's going on with this bastard cold weather we're getting at the moment?

wickeltisch - 13 Feb 2021 13:38:52 (#1 of 60)

A few cold days don't make a Norwegian winter.

mingmong - 13 Feb 2021 13:40:13 (#2 of 60)

You are diminishing my suffering, wickles

(probably correctly)

champagnerocker - 13 Feb 2021 13:41:29 (#3 of 60)

During my first fifteen years living in London I can only remember snow on the ground once, and it was a BIG deal. In the last half dozen winters there has been snow on the ground every other year.

wickeltisch - 13 Feb 2021 13:44:25 (#4 of 60)

#2 Oh, I'm suffering too. It was minus 8 this morning but now it's a balmy zero degrees. Summer is near. And then we'll complain about sweltering heat.

mingmong - 13 Feb 2021 13:46:34 (#5 of 60)

#3 It does seem to be part of a wider pattern. The Beast from East etc.

My uncle who spends part of the year up in Skye says that wintery conditions now seem to start in early October or even late September - this never used to be the case. That is a part of the country that is particularly close to the gulf stream

If there is an expert among us who can confirm whether or not the gulf stream has actually moved?

Shadrack22 - 13 Feb 2021 13:46:38 (#6 of 60)

Winters seem very mild now compared to earlier years. 2010 and 2011 (I think) were more like the winters I remember from the 1970s.

browserbutton - 13 Feb 2021 13:47:21 (#7 of 60)

People used to say: "We don't get snow any more, boo to global warming."

tasselhoff - 13 Feb 2021 13:48:34 (#8 of 60)

I guess weather just gets more extreme (whether that be dry summers, weirdly warm winters or cold spells while the arctic warms up).

mingmong - 13 Feb 2021 13:48:36 (#9 of 60)

There did used to be two weeks of snow around January as a fairly regular thing. But then everything was more horrible in the old days

But this biting east wind seems to be something new. Maybe it isn't

bossab2 - 13 Feb 2021 13:57:10 (#10 of 60)

I'd say this winter was entirely normal: sometimes you get a cold one.

If there was concrete evidence of the Gulf Stream permanently shifting HM Gov would be in 'panic now' mode.

wickeltisch - 13 Feb 2021 13:59:12 (#11 of 60)

In 2010 we had about 30 cms of snow. This year there was none here, just icy cold. Three years ago the winter was mostly mild but then at the end of February temperatures fell and it was below zero every day for about a week. I remember the winter of 1978/79 when it was cold and snowy for weeks and weeks, now the cold usually only lasts for 7-10 days.

mingmong - 13 Feb 2021 14:00:24 (#12 of 60)

But you lot are used to it, wickles.

5 cms of snow is generally enough to throw this country into disarray

Catspyjamas17 - 13 Feb 2021 14:01:27 (#13 of 60)

It seems like a perfectly normal sort of winter so far. The last two were very mild.

TauCeti - 13 Feb 2021 14:02:06 (#14 of 60)

You never know; there's a theory out there backed by geological research by which the climate can change dramatically- within half a dozen years- from mild conditions to iceberg conditions....after a period of global warming....

a balmy +2C now.

tasselhoff - 13 Feb 2021 14:02:24 (#15 of 60)

I remember it snowing in early October in Germany in about 2010. It was very squeaky bum in my rear-wheel drive beemer getting to the garage to have winter tyres fitted.

bossab2 - 13 Feb 2021 14:03:46 (#16 of 60)

We've had a run of generally mild winters here down south for the last 10 years.

The last serious snow I've seen (9 inches outside the front door) was back around 2009

There was a run of 3-4 snowy winters then.

wickeltisch - 13 Feb 2021 14:07:32 (#17 of 60)

But you lot are used to it

Not where I live, but it is about the warmest part of Germany and currently we are about the only ones without snow. In other parts of Germany there have been 30 - 40 cms and chaos was complete, no trains, motorways closed because lorries got stuck, and in Wuppertal passengers had to be rescued by firefighters from the Suspension Railway because the tracks were frozen and stopped the train in mid-air.

tasselhoff - 13 Feb 2021 14:10:04 (#18 of 60)

The roads near Lyon were gridlocked yesterday due to the snow. All the stuck cars also stopped the snow ploughs from doing their job too.

champagnerocker - 13 Feb 2021 14:12:46 (#19 of 60)

If there was concrete evidence of the Gulf Stream permanently shifting HM Gov would be in 'panic now' mode.

Don't be daft. In March there were ~1000 people in Italy dying every day, hundreds starting to get sick in the UK and HM Gov's attitude was to do sod all.

Anything that is going to happen after the next election won't even cause a raised eyebrow.

TauCeti - 13 Feb 2021 14:15:52 (#20 of 60)

Can't find a link to the item mentioned, was tv prog some years ago, on a quick reversal of weather conditions; there were ice cores from Antartica showing this; never mind. it is still snowing here, sparse flakes.

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