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Started by firefox007 on Mar 2, 2011 9:08:47 PM
Western Europe.

A continuation of the classic Thread, from GUT; originating at the NYT Boards....

firefox007 - 02 Mar 2011 21:10:25 (#1 of 2795)

Just in case the folds on April the 15th, it would be wise to set up new homes; for possibly lost threads and their original posters from afar. Welcome all!

firefox007 - 02 Mar 2011 21:13:20 (#2 of 2795)

BERLIN — Two United States airmen were killed and two injured on Wednesday when a gunman opened fire on an American military bus at the Frankfurt airport, according to American military officials in Europe.

The names of the dead were being withheld pending notification of the families, the officials said.

In Washington, President Obama said he was “saddened and outraged” by the attack. “We will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place,” he said, “and in working with German authorities to ensure that all of the perpetrators are brought to justice.”

The suspected gunman, who is in custody, is 21-year-old Kosovar who lives in Frankfurt, according to a city police spokesman, Manfred Füllhardt.

firefox007 - 02 Mar 2011 21:15:54 (#3 of 2795)

Sorry but this site is not working properly...

voozel - 03 Mar 2011 02:07:39 (#4 of 2795)

I seem to be receiving ok

balkanwise - 07 Mar 2011 08:11:47 (#5 of 2795)

ok,but problem for me is that i come here through graun,and dont know how to find this place without it

TauCeti - 07 Mar 2011 13:32:57 (#6 of 2795)


balkanwise - 09 Mar 2011 14:52:35 (#7 of 2795)

is there an adress for someone to come directly to notthetalk?

sophiesilver - 10 Mar 2011 14:59:06 (#8 of 2795)


janandersen - 10 Mar 2011 15:31:56 (#9 of 2795)

Is this site going to last or will it crap out?

All it seems to be is a bunch of British talking to each other about what kind of sandwich they had for lunch. No kidding. How weird is that?

sophiesilver - 10 Mar 2011 15:37:03 (#10 of 2795)

All it seems to be is a bunch of British talking to each other about what kind of sandwich they had for lunch.

That's not all they do. It's kept the Guardian Talk community going for years

janandersen - 10 Mar 2011 15:55:15 (#11 of 2795)

One wonders what it will take to get the euro zone to finally come up with a definitive plan.

Finance officials of the 17 countries in the monetary union meet tomorrow, and they’re expected to endorse some elements of a proposal by Germany and France to deal with the group’s economic woes. But this has been going on for how long now amid ever deeper divisions?

Driving home the urgency was a decision today by Moody’s Investors Service to cut its rating on Spain’s sovereign debt, a move that roiled global markets.

This comes as bond yields in the so-called periphery countries continue to spike, and as speculation mounts that Portugal will be forced to seek a bailout and that Greece could still default.

Moody’s believes the cost of recapitalizing Spain’s banks will top the government’s estimate of €20-billion, and the Bank of Spain is scheduled to issue a report on capital levels later today.

“Confidence in Spain's estimate of bank capital shortfalls - to be released today - is so low that Moody's didn't feel compelled to wait for the tally before downgrading the country's rating a notch to Aa2, and putting it on negative outlook,” said economists Derek Holt and Gorica Djeric of Scotia Capital.

janandersen - 10 Mar 2011 15:59:00 (#12 of 2795)

SS: "It's kept the Guardian Talk community going for years" guy says, "I had pastrami with provolone, on rye", and gets back, "Well, I had tomato and brisling sardines on seven-grain.", and they keep going like that for years? Wild. How do they not die of boredom in the midst of posting that...?

sophiesilver - 10 Mar 2011 16:04:40 (#13 of 2795)

How do they not die of boredom in the midst of posting that...?

Most of it is slagging off posters who don't fit in. Here's another one:

janandersen - 10 Mar 2011 17:03:00 (#14 of 2795)

PARIS — Moving ahead of its allies, France on Thursday became the first country to recognize Libya’s rebel leadership in the eastern city of Benghazi and said it would soon exchange ambassadors with the insurgents.

The move was a victory for the Libyan National Council in its quest for recognition and a setback for Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi who has been seeking whatever international support he can as NATO members in Brussels began a debate about the possible imposition of a no-flight zone over Libya.

balkanwise - 10 Mar 2011 18:40:29 (#15 of 2795)

ok,i seem to have found my way here,thanks sophiesilver,i had to come in through guexiles to get a bookmark.

janandersen-some see that france's move to recognise the libyan rebels was premature,since they were waiting for a more united approach.perhaps sarkoszy is just pre-emtive,trying to get the necessary u.s backing for a no-fly zone.the british defence minister said that there are'alternatives'to attacking the air-defenses,just be dealing with threats on a piecemeal basis as they appear on the screens f western fighters.kind of risky imo(libya is preparing to return dutch commandos to greece,thats a reminder of what can happen).he also proposed a no drive zone,even harder to implement imho

janandersen - 10 Mar 2011 20:19:11 (#16 of 2795)

"the british defence minister...."

Yeah, but look @ what the Brits did, they screwed up royally by landing a helo. with some SAS; that promptly got detained! A laughable fiasco, who are they now to tell anyone else what to do...?

janandersen - 10 Mar 2011 20:28:44 (#17 of 2795)

the Galliano thing;

"Philipe Virgitti on Thursday also provided fresh details of the insults he and his friend Geraldine Bloch claim they endured from the fallen fashion icon at a Paris bar last month, which he said lasted 45 minutes."

"During the outburst on February 24, Mr Galliano, 51, allegedly called the pair a "dirty Jew" and an "Asian bxxxxxx"."

"After his initial insult, "we stared at each other in the eyes. He hurled every kind of insult at us. He wanted to humiliate us," he said."

"He claimed that nobody came to their assistance."

"This whole business has left us traumatised," he said."

"I didn't even know at the time that this man was John Galliano."

"Since the incident, a video filmed at the same bar last December also emerged in which he can be seen telling two women: "People like you ought to be dead, your mothers, your forefathers would all be ****ing gassed. I love Hitler."

He "loves" Hitler...? Now we know it isn't even the 1st time. Too bad someone hasn't beaten the shit out of this freak. And why does every single fashion designer have to be a homosexual? Is it in the job description or something?

Just look @ the picture of this freak, he looks like he's definitely, totally out-of-his-mind.

janandersen - 10 Mar 2011 21:54:57 (#18 of 2795)

Moody's down-grade of Spain....

"The move comes a day before a crucial summit of EMU leaders to thrash out a "grand deal" intended to create workable machinery for the euro and end the debt crisis once and for all.Moody's cut Spain's credit by one notch to Aa1 and said Madrid's estimates of €20bn (£17.2bn) of fresh capital needed to rebuild the banks and cajas is too low. "The overall cost is likely to be nearer €40bn to €50bn," rising to as much as €120bn in a "stressed scenario"."

"Moody's report raises fresh doubts over Spain's ability to fend off contagion as the bond spreads on Greek, Irish, and Portuguese debt reach post-EMU highs."

This time it's going to be very bad; because the cajas have been just lying outright all along.

janandersen - 11 Mar 2011 19:51:29 (#19 of 2795)

NYT: Germany Sets Steep Price To Shore Up The Euro Zone.

fdelangre - 11 Mar 2011 22:27:27 (#20 of 2795)

Well, let's try here if we can attract some posters...

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