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Started by urbanspacemonkey on May 23, 2014 9:07:44 AM
Spain cancels bull fight after the bulls start winning

"Half-tonne fighting bulls gored or trampled all three matadors in an extraordinary upset at Madrid's prestigious Las Ventas bullring, forcing the spectacle to be cancelled.

For the first time in 35 years, the San Isidro festival, which opens the bullfighting season in Spain, had to be suspended because all the matadors had been injured."

urbanspacemonkey - 23 May 2014 09:08:05 (#1 of 108)

C'mon the Bulls!

MaisonLazlique - 23 May 2014 09:27:02 (#2 of 108)

Poor form, Johnny Espagnol.

urbanspacemonkey - 23 May 2014 09:36:34 (#3 of 108)

Indeed, imagine if the Cup final had been called off after Hull went 2-0 up? It's almost like its not a fight at all but some form of ritual torture.

PlunkettDoone - 23 May 2014 09:40:30 (#4 of 108)

Perhaps selective breeding has taught the bulls to keep their heads up and their eyes on the matador until the last second. One can live in hope, although what reason would there be then to continue breeding fighting bulls.

MaisonLazlique - 23 May 2014 09:40:50 (#5 of 108)

That's the spirit!

HerrWalrus - 23 May 2014 09:41:04 (#6 of 108)

Never has been described as a "fight" - that's a poor English translation. You wouldn't call a fox-hunt or even badger-baiting, a fight. Nor the Grand National. Pitbull fights, yes.

There are organisations in Spain that campaign against La Corrida. My guess is that eventually the bull ring events will be banned, when they work out how to justify keeping events like the Pamplona running of the bulls, that attracts millions of tourists.

Jacob_Richter - 23 May 2014 09:44:33 (#7 of 108)

Half-tonne fighting bulls gored or trampled all three matadors

That reads like the bulls have developed teamworking.

MaisonLazlique - 23 May 2014 09:45:25 (#8 of 108)

I was delighted* to notice that when I watched the world cup final it was in a spanking new bullring in a small town in Andalucia, and that there was a big sign celebrating how it had been built with an EU subsidy.

* Not delighted, come on Nige**

** Not come on Nige

TommyDGNR8 - 23 May 2014 09:50:56 (#9 of 108)

That reads like the bulls have developed teamworking.

Now, tag-team bull fighting would be something to see. Matador Juan Diablo 3-D-ed through a table!

browserbutton - 23 May 2014 10:08:52 (#10 of 108)

There is the less brutal form of bull-leaping known as recortes where the recortador has to perform acrobatics over the bull rather than stab it to death. Of course there is still the risk of being gored.

urbanspacemonkey - 23 May 2014 10:10:12 (#11 of 108)

couldn't the bull just do acrobatics too?

browserbutton - 23 May 2014 10:19:24 (#12 of 108)

They do twist and turn quite athletically in their attempts to disembowel their tormentors.

MaisonLazlique - 23 May 2014 10:37:17 (#13 of 108)

Maybe they could be replaced by some sort of robot bull?

A wildly dangerous contrivance of axes and blow-lamps built and controlled by an autistic father and his home-schooled son whilst Craig Charles makes hand gestures?

urbanspacemonkey - 23 May 2014 10:40:49 (#14 of 108)

with a robot matador, perhaps a bit like the camp one from Star Wars

Moschops - 23 May 2014 10:43:31 (#15 of 108)

Nah, just combine it with rodeo, the matador has to kill the guy riding the bull before he falls off.

urbanspacemonkey - 23 May 2014 10:47:11 (#16 of 108)

I doubt this will do bull fighting much harm, a few injuries will probably bring the crowds in, its more exciting when you don't know who is going to win.

browserbutton - 23 May 2014 10:54:09 (#17 of 108)

Other forms of bull ‘fighting’ such as the course camarguaise (France) require only that the contestant or raseteur pluck a rosette from between the bull’s horns.

You have to be quick about it though!

TommyDGNR8 - 23 May 2014 11:20:02 (#18 of 108)

Ooh la la!

urbanspacemonkey - 19 Jun 2014 22:34:13 (#19 of 108)

The bulls are fighting back in Peru too

Brunothecat - 20 Jun 2014 00:07:51 (#20 of 108)

Brilliant. Hand 'em their scrawny sequinned arses on a plate, bulls.

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