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Started by chacqueschirac on Dec 3, 2018 9:13:48 AM
Macron démission !

"When the French president, Emmanuel Macron, surveyed the damage at the Arc de Triomphe after the worst violence in central Paris for over a decade, street-cleaners had tried to diligently scrub away graffiti saying: “Macron resign.”

They needn’t have bothered because a small crowd gathered to shout it at Macron anyway."

Hornswoggle - 04 Dec 2018 09:17:13 (#1 of 366)

I couldn't think who Macron reminded me of (visually), until I realized it was a young version of C. Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons.

Macron's next project will be a huge dome over France so he can charge people for sunlight.

SheikYerbouti - 04 Dec 2018 10:04:05 (#2 of 366)

The problem with macron is that he presented himself as a 'third way' figure at a point when the whole concept was nearly out of fashion, so now he's left with Major-ish 'yes its hurting. Yes it's working' rhetoric. It's not a strong look with the burghers of provincial France.

TRaney - 04 Dec 2018 10:26:34 (#3 of 366)

France profonde, ffs!

FrankieTeardrop - 04 Dec 2018 10:27:21 (#4 of 366)

France for arse?

guigal - 04 Dec 2018 23:41:07 (#5 of 366)

What's going on here? Macron founds his political party En Marche in 2016. He's elected President in 2017 in a landslide vote. En Marche has more than half the seats in the National Assembly. His popularity is at near record levels.

Then, in pretty short order, he's extremely unpopular and opponents are burning down France. Democracy is a political system that has had its day, judging by this and other examples.

Pentecost - 04 Dec 2018 23:58:29 (#6 of 366)

Riots aren't democracy.

chacqueschirac - 05 Dec 2018 00:32:35 (#7 of 366)

Riots are the result of political failure.

Democracy is not about sticking to political failure. Macron is a fraud and is getting his just desert.

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HorseEasyEast - 05 Dec 2018 01:00:51 (#10 of 366)

Riots work! (in france)

AdrianNTierney - 05 Dec 2018 01:14:32 (#11 of 366)

Three deserts ... in France?


chacqueschirac - 05 Dec 2018 07:27:28 (#12 of 366)

Riots work! (in france)

They'd work everywhere.

mememe - 05 Dec 2018 08:02:50 (#13 of 366)

It's a pretty standard pattern: French president gets elected, realises they can't actually do anything, suggests something small they could do, riots, 'suspension' of policy riots are against, repeat.

Meanwhile people on the outside say that France is on the brink of collapse, France doesn't collapse, repeat.

Ginmonkey - 05 Dec 2018 08:07:13 (#14 of 366)

Heh. What always surprises me about France is how politically and socially conservative they are as a country.

In someways that had led to things I enjoy and admire about it as a country. Couldn't live there though.

mememe - 05 Dec 2018 08:08:32 (#15 of 366)

It's a very conservative country in a lot of ways, especially when you get out of the cities (well, the city).

They like what they like, the French.

Shadrack22 - 05 Dec 2018 08:13:43 (#16 of 366)

They like what they like, the French.

Dislikes: fuel taxes, vegetarianism and the Islams.

chacqueschirac - 05 Dec 2018 08:27:00 (#17 of 366)

As far as stereotyping goes this is rather lame.

Ginmonkey - 05 Dec 2018 08:34:07 (#18 of 366)

Oh, are we not taking your thread seriously enough?


chacqueschirac - 05 Dec 2018 08:41:50 (#19 of 366)


GyratingTrampoline - 05 Dec 2018 08:45:50 (#20 of 366)

He's elected President in 2017 in a landslide vote

Well, the traditional parties collapsed and voters had to choose between macron and the fash. In these circumstances it would have behooved him to behave as if he had an emergency mandate to push back against fascism rather than any personal mandate relating to his own policies.

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