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Started by Hilary on Jan 30, 2020 11:21:05 AM
Is the EU doomed to fail?

Belgian historian David Engels on the parallels between the late Roman Republic and the contemporary EU:

AlanII - 30 Jan 2020 11:24:10 (#1 of 170)

Haven't been able to watch them yet but, it strikes me that comparing the EU to the late Roman Republic and equating what happened to the latter with failure is a little strange. It morphed into a very successful model. Don't know if that's relevant, sorry if not, will see later.

TheVoiceOfReason - 30 Jan 2020 11:32:06 (#2 of 170)

The end of the Hanseatic League is probably a more appropriate comparison: "The individual cities making up the league had also started to put self-interest before their common Hanseatic interests...By the late 17th century, the league had imploded and could no longer deal with its own internal struggles."

Interesting to note that even though it was pretty much finished by 1669, it limped on in some form until 1862.

AlanII - 30 Jan 2020 11:37:53 (#3 of 170)

Hmm, VoR. Not sure that that's analysis, could be more wishful thinking?

HerrWalrus - 30 Jan 2020 11:40:47 (#4 of 170)

It's almost certain that the UK is going to break apart - within 15 years. Plenty of countries lining up to join the EU too.

Arjuna - 30 Jan 2020 11:40:59 (#5 of 170)

The EUSSR is the Fourth Reich

Winner - 30 Jan 2020 12:55:48 (#6 of 170)

Far more likely the UK will serve as a good example to everyone else as to what happens when a country is fuckwitted enough to leave.

moto748 - 30 Jan 2020 15:09:04 (#7 of 170)

Maybe, in the long term, if you stretch it far enough, the EU will fail.

But as the man said, in the long term, we're all dead.

browserbutton - 30 Jan 2020 15:09:55 (#8 of 170)

I expect the EU will see me out ;-)

freedutchman - 10 Mar 2020 11:19:38 (#9 of 170)

As long as "Mutti Merkel" unconditionally supports the EU, it will be a long and very painful process before most Europeans realize there is something missing in the pseudo-democratic structure of the EU "government" in Brussels.

Especially this Dutch professional politician Frans Timmermans (multilingual with the same boring message: spend, spend, spend your money as these EU bureaucrats are financially taking very...very….very…..good care of themselves) is acting like:

<Le Roi Soleil 2.0>

with his socalled:

<Green Deal>

It is so easy to make plans to spend so much of your money (over 1,000,000,000,000 Euro's in the next 3 decades) by someone who has never had a real job trying to make a buck himself.

It's true!



PS. Lest you forgot these megalomaniac plans of the EU:

Europe’s one trillion climate finance plan

Turning the EU into a climate neutral economy by 2050 will require massive investment in clean energy technologies. Only achieving an interim greenhouse gases reduction target of 40% by 2030 would require €260 billion of additional investment a year, according to the Commission’s estimates.

Peacock - 10 Mar 2020 11:41:43 (#10 of 170)

The EU and the Third Reich is the best comparison.

freedutchman - 10 Mar 2020 11:42:08 (#11 of 170)

But never will you read an EU document, addressing the root cause of so many environmental and human disasters of today:

Out of control global population growth!

It would require a lot of courage of those socalled leaders to admit they are not only worried about keeping their own important jobs, power and financial wealth!

Yuck, yuck, yuck!


freedutchman - 13 Apr 2020 13:28:15 (#12 of 170)

Netherlands refuses to 'Go Dutch' on EU coronavirus debt

BRUSSELS/AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - As the European Union hammered out an emergency economic package this week for countries reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dutch held true to their reputation for thriftiness by refusing to support a plea by southern members to take on collective debt.

And now the end of the EU is near?

Forget it, at the end of the day M&M will come to the rescue of the overpaid EU bureaucrats in Brussels.


CinqueCento - 13 Apr 2020 16:10:40 (#13 of 170)

“thriftiness”, per reporting for the Irish Times is not quite what it’s being called. . I gather that the negotiators were taken aback by the inhumanity of the Dutch team.

guigal - 14 Apr 2020 01:31:28 (#14 of 170)

overpaid EU bureaucrats in Brussels.

You failed the entrance exam, then?

freedutchman - 14 Apr 2020 07:43:51 (#15 of 170)

The secret life of a Eurocrat: ‘I feel trapped in a gilded cage’


As an Eurocrat I doubt myself. Am I here for the right reasons? Am I doing the right thing? Am I trying to do my part, small as it may be, in the project of the EU? To contribute to something that is bigger than myself and have work that is meaningful? Or am I just an overpaid bureaucrat who collects a pay cheque every month while watching the world burn on my television screen?



freedutchman - 14 Apr 2020 08:10:21 (#16 of 170)

What the EU needs is this:

1) Leadership by charismatic "Statesmen & -women";

Not a bunch of incompetent politicians for life, who are very good at spending your money but have no clue what the real needs of the European people are.

2) A clear vision of the future and an EU policy & strategy based upon an intelligent SWOT analysis;

Not a megalomaniac and trillion Euro costing "Green Deal" which only serves to glorify a few incompetent EU bigshots.

3) An efficient bureaucracy;

Not a bizarre collection of thousands of overpaid "wannabes" who can best be described as semi-academic amateurs without the necessary qualities to come up with a minimum of practical rules & regulations designed to make life in the EU better instead of worse.

4)A clear link with NATO as a safeguard for peace within the EU;

Not some wet dreams about a Mickey Mouse European Army which would never be able to deter nor act fast and decisively when there is an imminent threat.

PS. We all know that the above is not going to happen so M&M and their successors will kick the can down the road until all the Euro money is spent. And thereafter the Chinese and organized crime will own the land and the people!


freedutchman - 14 Apr 2020 08:25:48 (#17 of 170)

Lest we forget:

EU demands Britain pays pensions of 1,730 Eurocrats in wake of Brexit vote

A bitter clash is looming over who will foot the bill for paying pensions owed to thousands of British Eurocrats when the UK leaves the EU.

Brussels has estimated its pensions liability at €60 billion (£50.7 billion) for all retired and current officials, with annual payments currently at about €1.4 billion (£1.2 billion).

Some 1,730 Britons currently make up almost 8 per cent of the 22,000 retired EU officials.

Bloody hell.


indlovubill - 14 Apr 2020 08:39:54 (#18 of 170)

Some 1,730 Britons currently make up almost 8 per cent of the 22,000 retired EU officials.

A mere fraction of retired UK officials. Our own Civil Service is ten times bigger than the EU Civil Service, officials as you call them.

Would you not have officials in LaLa Land?

freedutchman - 14 Apr 2020 08:48:05 (#19 of 170)

Alright so still paying pensions for these 1,730 retired British Eurocrats is no big deal for the UK after Brexit. Now that's a relief for Brussels!

And paying an EU pension for Nigel Farage must be a joy for all of you Brits.


StammtischMentality - 14 Apr 2020 08:50:46 (#20 of 170)

The UK paid League of Nations pensions up until 1973

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