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Started by machiavelli on Jul 5, 2021 7:31:12 PM
Craven French wimps tug forelock to Putin

Vladimir Putin signed legislation requiring all non-Russian producers to mark their products in Russia as “sparkling wine” on the back of every bottle, including some of the world’s most famous and expensive bubbly.

On Saturday the celebrated champagne producer Moët Hennessy, part of the LVMH luxury group that includes Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Mercier, Krug and Dom Pérignon, threatened to suspend exports to Russia.

But by Monday the threat had gone flat when the company announced it would resume deliveries. “The Moët Hennessy champagne houses have always respected the law in place wherever they operate and will restart deliveries as soon as it is able to make the [label] changes,” the group said.

In yer face, Macron!

tasselhoff - 05 Jul 2021 19:33:35 (#1 of 18)

People are still going to pay more for French champagne than Russian sparkling wine whatever Putin says.

Delighted_User - 05 Jul 2021 19:34:19 (#2 of 18)

10 points, which I really didn't expect to get, so that's my work done for the evening.

machiavelli - 05 Jul 2021 19:35:06 (#3 of 18)

I just don't have the panache of TVOR.

bossab2 - 05 Jul 2021 19:40:10 (#4 of 18)

You need to use MORE CAPS in your titles Mac

machiavelli - 05 Jul 2021 19:40:57 (#5 of 18)

Russian Shampanskoye is the post-USSR reincarnation of what was called Soviet champagne, a popular cheap sparkling drink created in the Stalin era in the 1930s to make a version of the elite wine that was available to all.

Ah, they've got the retro bug.

Le Monde suggested Putin’s move was a nod to his close friend and associate Yuri Kovalchuk, the billionaire who owns the Novy Svet and Massandra wineries in Crimea, annexed by Moscow from Ukraine in 2014.


Delighted_User - 05 Jul 2021 19:46:09 (#6 of 18)

I have never understood champagne since I won a bottle of it at the age of 18 or so, and my high expectations, engendered by literature, were cruelly smashed. Since then I have never acquired a taste for the stuff, although I have sampled allegedly good examples. Yes, I am an uncircumcised philistine, and should probably delete this post.

tasselhoff - 05 Jul 2021 19:48:17 (#7 of 18)

It's like good hifi. You pay more and more for diminishing returns.

But a good bottle is nice sometimes.

mingmong - 05 Jul 2021 19:48:59 (#8 of 18)

I know what you mean, D_U. A glass of Bollinger is a fine thing, but it's not better than a good cava, just different

AdonisBlue - 05 Jul 2021 19:49:49 (#9 of 18)


tasselhoff - 05 Jul 2021 19:49:59 (#10 of 18)

it's not better than a good cava, just different

Steady on...

mingmong - 05 Jul 2021 19:58:57 (#11 of 18)

A £30 bottle of Cremant will be as good as a £30 bottle of champagne, if not significantly better

According to Ming's Law of Prestige Brands, an average of 60% of the "value" of a branded product is in the name. So you need to spend £46.50 on champagne in order to get quality equivalent to a £30 non-branded equivalent

AlanII - 05 Jul 2021 20:00:06 (#12 of 18)

I'm afraid we will never be in accord with this, ming.

machiavelli - 05 Jul 2021 20:00:16 (#13 of 18)

I like a decent sparkler but a mellow single malt is where it's at.

Bloody Putin is going to force us to abandon the Jura name now, isn't he?

tasselhoff - 05 Jul 2021 20:04:34 (#14 of 18)

There are plenty of great champagnes that aren't heavily marketed, ming.

carterbrandon - 05 Jul 2021 20:23:41 (#15 of 18)

Cava, Cremant, Champagne; all fine. Prosecco, however can add itself to the sea.

TauCeti - 05 Jul 2021 20:29:53 (#16 of 18)

iirc champagne sucks; mostly tasteless really, but I might be wrong; as it happens found two bottles of said sparkler in a skip a couple of weeks ago.

AdonisBlue - 05 Jul 2021 21:03:03 (#17 of 18)

Tau you are my favourite womble. Weed in hedges, champagne in skips, you find it all.

Although who would chuck champagne in a skip?! That's beyond decadent.

TauCeti - 06 Jul 2021 05:52:54 (#18 of 18)

And I did not mention the 140yo clock I found together with the bottles :O) one such bottle presents the label with 1964 on it, dunno the other. I do wonder if they are drinkable anyway. Might try to sell them to Russians for an extortionate price.

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