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Started by brouhahaha on Mar 5, 2011 7:06:53 PM
CBeebies et al

The good, the bad, the weird, the wonderful and the strangely sexy of children's television. Discuss with examples.

brouhahaha - 05 Mar 2011 19:10:19 (#1 of 4928)

For instance, Sid is hot, Mr Tumble is not, Big Cook Little Cook is the worst thing that's ever happened and Bookaboo brought out the hidden depths of Robson Green.

lucicle - 05 Mar 2011 20:36:33 (#2 of 4928)

I've gone right off Sid since we discovered he was called Gary.

turbodante - 05 Mar 2011 20:54:49 (#3 of 4928)

Anyone notice that longer than necessary gaze between Pui and Chris when they seemingly 'accidentally' touched hands this morning?

RoseRed - 06 Mar 2011 15:57:34 (#4 of 4928)

The Rosebud knows that Pui was Li in Teletubbies, but she can't accept that Chris isn't one of the others.

lizzyelbee - 06 Mar 2011 16:26:14 (#5 of 4928)

I had no idea that Pui was in Teletubbies. Will try to impress boys with my new found knowledge of presenter C.V.s. My elder son, E, aged 3, is terrified of Space Pirates. I don't know why as he likes ordinary terrestrial pirates and isn't usually scared by space things. Am so glad it's not on any more.

lucicle - 06 Mar 2011 16:34:47 (#6 of 4928)

To be fair, Chris would be extremely well cast as Tinky Winky.

Lunabelly - 07 Mar 2011 19:11:55 (#7 of 4928)

Andy needs a bloody haircut. And I can't even say "I would" because he's my little cousin's mate, so how wrong would it be to fancy one of your cousin's friends. Bloody wrong.

He still needs a haircut though.

katspam - 08 Mar 2011 11:43:02 (#8 of 4928)

Bookaboo brought out the hidden depths of Robson Green.

I think his recent nakedness in Being Human did that even more...

katspam - 08 Mar 2011 11:44:09 (#9 of 4928)

Anyone seen Mr Bloom's Nursery? I get a weird pervy vibe off Mr Bloom when he says to Joan the Fennel 'Ohh, haven't you grown?'.

FrauleinWein - 08 Mar 2011 11:50:02 (#10 of 4928)

I know. It's banned in our house.

Lunabelly - 08 Mar 2011 11:58:22 (#11 of 4928)

Mr Bloom. The poor woman's Mark Owen...

Bodgit - 08 Mar 2011 19:11:12 (#12 of 4928)

I was shocked to find Chris presenting a Crystal Mazish programme for older kids on CITV.

There's no loyalty these days.

baddams - 08 Mar 2011 19:14:06 (#13 of 4928)

'he's my little cousin's mate'.

I found him in my kitchen one morning a couple of years ago. He'd wined'n'dined a foreign student that was staying with us.

Marco was 18 at the time.

Bodgit - 08 Mar 2011 19:18:21 (#14 of 4928)

I think Luna was talking about Andy. You're talking about Chris aren't you, if you are who I think you are? Unless this is behaviour common to all Cbeebies presenters.

No better than they ought to be.

baddams - 08 Mar 2011 19:19:04 (#15 of 4928)

Ah yes, Chris.

TatiaCamilla - 08 Mar 2011 19:22:10 (#16 of 4928)

Is Andy's name actually Andy? And does anyone know if he went to Exeter? Only, I have a feeling I knew an Andy Day back then. I certainly knew a lot of Andys.

baddams - 08 Mar 2011 19:24:33 (#17 of 4928)

if you are who I think you are?

Why has that spooked me a bit?

brouhahaha - 08 Mar 2011 19:25:27 (#18 of 4928)

I'd guess he's quite a bit older than you, tats. He looks like a fortysomething-who-did-a-lot-of-E-in-the-late-80s type to me. That's looks like, libel lawyers.

TatiaCamilla - 08 Mar 2011 19:26:49 (#19 of 4928)

I'm 32 next week - he looks my age to me.

SorrellA - 08 Mar 2011 19:46:47 (#20 of 4928)

He looks early 30sish to me too. But I'm guessing he didn't go to Exeter, Tats, as This is Exeter would surely have dug the fact out...

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