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Started by pipsqueak on Aug 17, 2020 11:42:59 PM
University 'kit'.

Is it worth buying one of those ready made kits (all kitchen stuff etc) or should I just get a few things in Morrisons. I was recommended Student essentials, but it's £170 for kitchen bits and duvet ... Seems a lot to me.

FGBFGB - 17 Aug 2020 23:49:51 (#1 of 143)

Does sound quite a lot. Does offspring cook well already? A couple of good knives and a sharpening steel are vital kitchen kit and will last decades, for not too much (TKMaxx is good for cheap but good kitchen stuff)

ZimAgain - 17 Aug 2020 23:51:52 (#2 of 143)

About 300 condoms and an industrial bag of rice should do it.

No, hang on, that was the 80's.

FGBFGB - 17 Aug 2020 23:53:02 (#3 of 143)

Should do till Christmas.

moto748 - 17 Aug 2020 23:53:32 (#4 of 143)

About 300 condoms and an industrial bag of rice should do it

Being an international drug mule is not a recommended summer earner.

widenation - 17 Aug 2020 23:58:25 (#5 of 143)

Post-it notes to bagsy stuff in the communal fridge.

limegreen - 18 Aug 2020 00:01:19 (#6 of 143)

I bought stuff as I needed it/took bits from home. If rather have picked my own than have a generic pack of stuff I didn't like that much. Duvet I took the one off my bed at home, but I was being driven there and back.

FGBFGB - 18 Aug 2020 00:01:23 (#7 of 143)

What does offspring like to eat?

BBBilly - 18 Aug 2020 00:20:12 (#8 of 143)

Wait till you drop offspring at hall / shared house and see what's already there.

pipsqueak - 18 Aug 2020 06:46:35 (#9 of 143)

Yeah. I think I will get him the basics and then he can get more bits as/if he needs them. Not sure how much actual cooking he will do! He does very little at home.

dottie30 - 18 Aug 2020 06:54:08 (#10 of 143)

Congratulations to minipip on his university place.

A multi-cooker would be a good Xmas gift. It's something he can keep in his room (although he might not be able to use it in the room itself - might have to take it to the kitchen for that - some halls are strict about cooking in the room). Self-catering hall cookers can get congested at certain times of the day.

Catspyjamas17 - 18 Aug 2020 06:58:29 (#11 of 143)

I remember getting a kit of plastic kitchen utensils (Soup ladle, large serving spoon, fish slice) for £5 from Woolworths - this would have been after university actually and when renting in London, so 1998/99. I still use them.

AlanII - 18 Aug 2020 07:06:29 (#12 of 143)

That was the wonder of Woolworth.

dottie30 - 18 Aug 2020 07:08:01 (#13 of 143)

Catered halls meant you didn't have to bring much in the way of kitchenware apart from a kettle, a couple of mugs and teaspoons. Seems not many universities have many catered halls these days.

darkhorse - 18 Aug 2020 07:14:46 (#14 of 143)

Sharpening steel? Soup ladle? Fish slice?!

Did you guys share a hall of residence with Gordon Ramsay or something?

bossab2 - 18 Aug 2020 07:15:45 (#15 of 143)

Can opener.

browserbutton - 18 Aug 2020 07:19:51 (#16 of 143)

Gordon Ramsay

Students don't brew up vats of lentil stew any more, like Neil the Hippie. Now, they have the 'Student Experience'.

darkhorse - 18 Aug 2020 07:21:43 (#17 of 143)

I think I may have taken a slotted spoon, now I think of it. There was also a guy in the kitchen who was very proud of his cheese slice.

bossab2 - 18 Aug 2020 07:43:15 (#18 of 143)

Chip pan !

RosyLovelady - 18 Aug 2020 07:49:48 (#19 of 143)

Let them wait until they know what they really need and then let them buy it for themselves.

6to24characters - 18 Aug 2020 07:51:51 (#20 of 143)

Also, by the end of the first year, it will be lost or broken or only fit for burial alongside High Level Nuclear Waste

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