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Started by Crayola on Jan 12, 2021 9:44:23 AM
Amazing film facts for a quiz

I'm running a quiz in a couple of weeks. Working some questions around weird film facts rather than just 'what year was?' 'who starred in?' etc.

So far I have some bad title translations (Knocked Up in China was One Night Big Belly for example). Some who was supposed to play facts (John Travolta turned down Forrest Gump). And some weird facts (William Shatner's face is the mask in Halloween, Psycho was the first film to show a toilet).

But what are your favourite film facts that I could turn into a good quiz question?

cozzer - 12 Jan 2021 09:50:53 (#1 of 159)

the only actor who is in the Godfather parts I and III, but not part II.

Sophia Coppola - she is the baby in the christening scene in part I

dreams99 - 12 Jan 2021 09:54:49 (#2 of 159)


Crayola - 12 Jan 2021 09:55:16 (#3 of 159)

Ooh nice.

Crayola - 12 Jan 2021 09:56:23 (#4 of 159)

I'm also potentially looking at using some of the film synopses from #explainafilmbadly

So far I like 'Everyone does the ice bucket challenge' (Titanic)

And 'Stockholm Syndrome is real' (Beauty and the beast)

Delighted_User - 12 Jan 2021 09:57:08 (#5 of 159)

10 points.

What connects The King and I, West Side Story and My Fair Lady?

Marni Nixon was the voice for the leading ladies who couldn't sing.

Crayola - 12 Jan 2021 09:58:31 (#6 of 159)

I like that one.

10 points because I am always cheating with quiz question crowdsourcing?

Delighted_User - 12 Jan 2021 09:58:46 (#7 of 159)


Crayola - 12 Jan 2021 09:59:20 (#8 of 159)

Sorry. I've been writing quizzes for over 10 years now. My brain is empty.

LippyPongstocking - 12 Jan 2021 10:03:17 (#9 of 159)

When Ridley Scott was initially forced to tack a happy ending onto Blade Runner by the producers, he used out-takes from Kubrick's The Shining as backdrop for Deckard and Rachael's drive into the countryside.

Peacock - 12 Jan 2021 10:03:39 (#10 of 159)

Tarantino Offered Michael Madsen Vincent Vega in ‘Pulp Fiction’ who turned it down as he was committed to Wyatt Earp

Tadagee - 12 Jan 2021 10:03:58 (#11 of 159)

Who was originally cast as The Predator in the 1987 film of the same name before being replaced by Kevin Peter Hall?

Jean Claude Van Damme.

Crayola - 12 Jan 2021 10:04:31 (#12 of 159)

Apparently James Cameron rejected OJ Simpson as possibility for Terminator because 'rejected the choice because he 'didn’t think the “this likable, goofy, kind of innocent guy” could pull off a cyborg assassin'

Moschops - 12 Jan 2021 10:05:27 (#13 of 159)

Working titles of famous films?

solomongursky - 12 Jan 2021 10:08:47 (#14 of 159)

The bottom on the poster for I Spit On Your Grave belongs to Demi Moore:

Peacock - 12 Jan 2021 10:10:28 (#15 of 159)

In 12 years a slave, Michael Fassbender splashed his moustache with alcohol so that the other actors would react naturally to the smell as they would to a man who had been drinking heavily.

darkhorse - 12 Jan 2021 10:27:58 (#16 of 159)

A lot of those working titles are code names, never intended to be the actual title.

However, one that isn't is "Star Beast" as an early Alien title. Hmm...not quite as sinister....

Peacock - 12 Jan 2021 10:29:51 (#17 of 159)

haha yes, darkhorse, I am surprised anyone fell for that

Moschops - 12 Jan 2021 10:33:16 (#18 of 159)

That's kinda the point of a working title. If it's eventually used it's just the title.

HouseOfLametta - 12 Jan 2021 10:37:21 (#19 of 159)

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Is the title of the film Joel McRae is trying to make in the 1941 comedy Sullivan's Travels

darkhorse - 12 Jan 2021 10:46:37 (#20 of 159)

There’s two uses for working titles, the basic one, to provide a name for the project which may or may not be the final title, and the other is to disguise the project (as for the big productions in the link).

I assume the majority of productions have no reasons for such subterfuge!

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