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Started by peacalmer on May 18, 2021 10:03:46 PM
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Every now and then a film is a turkey but it deserved better...

peacalmer - 18 May 2021 22:11:26 (#1 of 37)

Cases in point: Don Bluth's Titan AE, and Brad Bird's Iron Giant.

Both are extremely good productions, done in commercially by competition from Pixar and Disney, and Ghibli from Japan.

peacalmer - 19 May 2021 13:32:31 (#2 of 37)

The Thirteenth Warrior is another film that really does stand up as a bloody good movie that shouldn't have tanked.

thisonehasalittlehat - 19 May 2021 13:38:33 (#3 of 37)

What are your criteria here?

ChankNolen - 19 May 2021 13:47:37 (#4 of 37)

I thought the 13th Warrior was great, and was surprised to find it high up on a list of all-time clunkers.

Dubris - 19 May 2021 13:49:11 (#5 of 37)

I remember going to see Titan AE. The whole AE bit in the opening minutes rather put a dampener on the rest of it, as I recall.

ChankNolen - 19 May 2021 13:53:01 (#6 of 37)

Man from UNCLE (2015). I really liked this. It somehow managed to be extremely enjoyable despite the casting of wooden Henry Cavill and pervy Armie Hammer, and had a fantastic soundtrack.

thisonehasalittlehat - 19 May 2021 13:54:25 (#7 of 37)

I mean it was OK but the space was already pretty well filled by bond, mission impossible, and even austin powers so it's not clear what the point was. Also guy ritchie, so why bother trying to work it out?

TheExcession - 19 May 2021 13:56:39 (#8 of 37)

Solo, a Star Wars story.

Tanked as far as expectations for Star Wars film profits go. It was probably a victim of Disney releasing too many Star Wars films in too short a space of time. It's actually rather a lot of fun and a bit different from the rest of the films, dealing as it does with scum and villainy and the seedy underside of the universe rather than heroes and admirals and jedis etc.

ChankNolen - 19 May 2021 13:59:44 (#9 of 37)

Dredd (2012)

Silly little motorbike aside, the Dredd movie that the fans wanted. It expunged from the memory the panto Sly Stallone version.

But not enough Yank mouth-breathers liked it, apparently.

TheExcession - 19 May 2021 14:06:23 (#10 of 37)

Agreed, a mate of mine is a big 2000AD fan and was overjoyed when he saw it. I do love that at the end, after the insane battle all the way up a towerblock, it's just 'another day on the force' for Dredd.

I'd also like to nominate Master and Commander: The Far Side of World. A good cast, an intelligent script, and the sea-scapes and battles look fantastic - especially on the big screen. Was planned as the first of a franchise but didn't make enough money for the studio.

toffle - 19 May 2021 14:12:15 (#11 of 37)

Was planned as the first of a franchise

It was foolish to smush the stories from two separate books from different points in the series into a single film, then. This is always going to cause continuity problems even if you don't care about historical accuracy (which probably also ought to be a thing).

And they made the actual vile American enemies into French ones.

If they wanted some longevity from the content, they should have used it with more respect.

Tylenol - 19 May 2021 14:12:23 (#12 of 37)

Early comic Dredd was pretty panto, Walter the Wobot, Max Normal, Fatties? It seems to have settled into a grim and gritty style in the last 15- 20 years.

toffle - 19 May 2021 14:16:29 (#13 of 37)

The original Dredd could have been pretty definitive, if Stallone had just kept his helmet on and STFU.

Agaliarept - 19 May 2021 14:17:02 (#14 of 37)

Event Horizon was a failure at the box office but I always liked it.

It was a pretty solid sci fi/horror and Larry Fishburne was brilliant as the captain.

darkhorse - 19 May 2021 14:37:52 (#15 of 37)

I didn't think Dredd was all that, I don't think it immersed you enough in the Dredd universe.

The original Stallone Dredd at least brought the Angel Gang to the screen (poorly used, but well visualised I thought).

If you had redone the 2012 one not with Dredd, but Fred Bloggs, future cop, it wouldn't have been much different.

HerrWalrus - 19 May 2021 14:38:39 (#16 of 37)

The 1984 Dune film.

darkhorse - 19 May 2021 14:38:59 (#17 of 37)

I thought Event Horizon was a bit silly. The vision of hell as being forcibly bummed by man with his eyes torn out was a bit tasteless.

darkhorse - 19 May 2021 14:41:16 (#18 of 37)

Having been forced to watch gazillions of animated films, I think Planes 2: Fire and Rescue doesn't get the plaudits it deserves.

Ed Harris is in it!

ChankNolen - 19 May 2021 17:05:13 (#19 of 37)

Agree on 1984 Dune, it is wonderfully bonkers. What has happened to the remake?

ChankNolen - 19 May 2021 17:11:04 (#20 of 37)

I have never met anyone else who thought much at all of 30 Days of Night, the 2007 vampire flick.

I thought its thuggish, sadistic vampires (led by Danny Huston) were a superb antidote to the welter of YA lovelorn aesthete vampires that appeared around the same time. The film even survives casting Josh Hartnett in the hero role.

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