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Started by Hundredsand on Sep 12, 2013 10:09:05 AM
Bung an Airlock in the Demi-john

If you've got stuff brewing in the cupboard, are you doing it because it gets cheap result, or is a tasty little hobby which can cost more than buying a bottle of plonk?

Anchorman - 08 Nov 2013 17:28:41 (#16 of 663)

and tea wine is a bit like martini

djsuggz - 19 Nov 2013 12:40:11 (#17 of 663)

Quite forgot to mention I knocked up a batch of Turbo Cider, whilst in a gap in between wine kit-based experimentation.

Stormed along and was ready in a remarkable eight days. Flat, dry, tastes strong-ish, but not super undrinkable strong. 5 x 1 litre boxes of cheap apple juice, a skoosh of honey, an extra 80g of sugar and some yeast I had knocking about. Just under 6 bottles, in the end. Enjoyed the first one lightly chilled with some paella and have bottled the rest to go in the garage for a while. Discounting store cupboard ingredients and having a demijohn to hand, it works out at under 70p for a bottle (75cl).

My pre-mulled red will be going into finings/stabiliser phase tomorrow morning, so should be just about ready in another week, in time for me to get help siphoning it before nipping up to Scotland for a bit. Quite excited to see how that's turned out. Smells okay but not inspiring.

Other demijohn now has a second batch of blackberry and coffee working away in it.

Going to move into beer, next year, and treat myself to all the makings required as a 40th pressie to myself.

Other little side projects? Made a baby bottle of homemade Cointreau for the freezer, using vodka, orange peel and a dab of sugar. Have also just begun a 6-month wait for some blackberry whisky, which will be ready for Summer cocktails next year.

All good fun, still.

Anchorman - 19 Nov 2013 12:47:38 (#18 of 663)

Sounds like we all need an invite to your house!

djsuggz - 19 Nov 2013 13:04:47 (#19 of 663)

Heh heh - yes, indeed.

Am planning an early-Summer bash at my place, next year, at which I intend to supply all of the drinks, made by my own methods (apart from mixers, of course).

My ciders, my beers, gf's ciders, white and fruit wines, my reds and a skoosh of played-around-with spirits if anyone's feeling brave enough!

Anchorman - 19 Nov 2013 19:35:45 (#20 of 663)

Have you ever made Cider direct from apples rather than from bought apple juice. If so was it any good and was it a pain to do.

I've got access to tons of free apples!

djsuggz - 19 Nov 2013 21:38:49 (#21 of 663)

Nah, don't really have the patience to do that, or a press or similar kit. My partner is finishing off some apple-based wine at the moment though, so I'll report in on how that goes.

Does anyone have a view on the best beer kits to buy? Am moving on to brewing next year.

Antimatter - 23 Nov 2013 02:01:17 (#22 of 663)

We have made a Corona style beer, and an Irish Cream style beer with great results. The only thing I would say is to leave it a week longer than they tell you to before drinking, it really makes a difference. And wit the Irish Cream style, if you are doing the final fermentation in the bottle, make sure to measure the sugar quantities accurately.

I am looking into possibly getting a Kegorator for MrA for Christmas. That could be fun.

SinnerBoy - 25 Nov 2013 20:39:23 (#23 of 663)

Anchorman - 1

Have you ever made Cider direct from apples rather than from bought apple juice.

Yes, many times.

If so was it any good

Yes; a tip if it gets too dry is 2 teaspoons of glycerine per litre.

and was it a pain to do.

Get a meat mallet to bash the apples up. Otherwise, you have to chop them up and try to mash them against the side of the bucket. With a rolling pin, or similar. Very tiring.

Anchorman - 25 Nov 2013 21:34:04 (#24 of 663)

Interesting. How long does it take for the initial fermentation?

SinnerBoy - 26 Nov 2013 15:14:49 (#25 of 663)

About 3 weeks before siphoning it off into bottles.

djsuggz - 26 Nov 2013 15:33:23 (#26 of 663)

Final two inventions of the year are slowing down and will be getting finings and stablisers added in the next 24 hours, before I head up to Scotland for a few days. The pre-mulled 'Christmas Cracker' has fermented for ages (and smells really nice), but the second run of 'Black Coffee' has come together in little more than a week. Bottling in another ten days or so, I reckon.

Two further subjects for conversation?

1) Once these two wines are stowed away in bottles, I will have two empty demijohns (once cleaned) and enough time to make some more Turbo drinks before Christmas (might make a gift of a bottle or two). Do we think that the same approach as one took to Turbo Cider (apple juice and wine yeast - 8 days) might work with orange juice? Surely the cheap stuff has a lot of sugar in it; might that work?

2) Anyone got any recommendations on corks? I am ditching the packet from Wilco. You soak them, use a hand corker to press them in, and they then dry out in the top of the bottle only to crumble annoyingly when you try and open the wine, necessitating passing it through a tea strainer into a carafe. Bit of a faff.

Have eBay'd for a packet of straight corks from a brewing shop, as it says they will go in dry, but if anyone's used some that definitely work properly, I'd like to know about it.

djsuggz - 26 Nov 2013 16:04:03 (#27 of 663)

Hmm.. one or two online forums indicate that a 50% orange juice and apple juice mix works.

I reckon I'll have a go at that in one, and a 'spiced' straight apple Turbo Cider in the other one.

Shabbyman - 26 Nov 2013 16:15:24 (#28 of 663)

I did well with orange/grape juice a while back using 5l water bottles to ferment in. It's definitely bottle aging that makes the difference, and storage on their sides is supposed to keep the corks from drying out.

OneOfOne - 26 Nov 2013 16:32:28 (#29 of 663)

Mr Ron our superannuated brewdog swears by a scottish heavy kit, it comes out looking like brown ale, and tastes like it too. Not bad at all.

This keeps his throat wet, drinking a good two or three pints any night - he has a couple of brew barrels and a couple of pressure kegs to store/dispense it and that keeps him going.

carterbrandon - 26 Nov 2013 22:25:17 (#30 of 663)

Mr Ron

This is the voice...

Piscineaste - 26 Nov 2013 22:34:17 (#31 of 663)

Suggzy - just found this thread. If you want a brewing kit, go to these guys:

(Disclaimer - the guy who runs it is a good mate of mine).

You're not in ThatLondon, are you? Only the Craft Beer Co in Islington runs a very good homebrew club. Your local CAMRA branch should be able to point you in the direction of something similar.

djsuggz - 27 Nov 2013 11:47:12 (#32 of 663)

Thanks for all that Pisci

I'll have a look at your mate's site when it comes to buying all the stuff I need in the New year. I had one equipment set in mind that seemd to do everything, but can cheerfully have my mind changed.

A club? Hmm, possibly. As with most things, I would want to be able to lay claim to a certain level of proficieny before I went out to talk about it at a club. I am Captain Amateur in almost every aspect of life...

Post deleted by user
Hundredsand - 03 Dec 2013 17:34:12 (#34 of 663)

Noticed a bit going greenish around one of my demijohn bungs. On removal, there was small amount of liquid trapped between top of bottle neck and bung smelled vinegar. Sort of concerned it getting into the wine, so decided to rack off into bottles and a few Kilner jars. Gave some to friends with instructions to drink soon. Got favourable comments.

The wine was fine. Dry. Lovely colour. Made with 2/5 white grapes, 2/5 elderberries, and 1/5 apples, plus addition of blackberry jam.

djsuggz - 03 Dec 2013 17:41:04 (#35 of 663)

Jam. Now there's a notion. Hmmm.

Full of enthusiasm for home booze projects, right now, following a first visit to gf's parents up in Scotland. They're veterans of country wine making, cider making and twiddled vodkas, gins and whiskies. Nice people, they brought me an early Christmas present in the form of the book 'Drink Your Own Garden'. Out of print these days but it's nicely pitched for know-nowts like me.

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