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Started by Catspyjamas17 on Oct 16, 2019 11:57:43 AM
The Vegan Thread

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian or just trying to cut down on meat and dairy, trying to life a healthier and/or more environmentally friendly lifestyle this is a place to try, and discuss, new foods and recipes.

Catspyjamas17 - 12 Jan 2020 09:23:49 (#261 of 530)

Something else nice and crunchy - sesame Ryvita topped with houmous, cucumber and sriracha.

binturong - 12 Jan 2020 11:34:54 (#262 of 530)

I've been monitoring chewiness since the question was asked, and if you really want some jaw exercise dried fruit is the way to go. Mango, apple, apricots (the little brown ones from a proper old fashioned healthfood shop, not the squishy orange semi-dried ones from supermarkets; you can chop them into couscous as well as eating them.on their own), or bananas (whole dried bananas, not banana chips).

esmeralda - 12 Jan 2020 13:13:37 (#263 of 530)

Those little brown ones (apricots) are like jewels.

I'm a fan of very briefly steamed chinese veg - pak choi, baby corn, snow peas for texture alongside rice and saucy things.

southwesterly - 12 Jan 2020 13:29:06 (#264 of 530)

I made lunch using some of that "textured vegan protein" made out of dried soy, which you have to boil to rehydrate. I have to say, it confirmed my memory that this stuff tastes disgusting, and the added texture was pretty foul. I used it for a truly horrible tomato sauce for an enormous bowl of pasta.

But 40 grams of protein in around 75 grams of the stuff and very inexpensive, and I do feel really much better after it than before. So perhaps this kind of thing has some role in the planet's future.

limegreen - 12 Jan 2020 13:31:45 (#265 of 530)

#260 I think it's true of a lot of 'opposition' movements once they gain 'power' in a wide sense. There's a reason that those with the power act the way they do. Look at how the free for all Internet has consolidated to become a giant shopping channel. Look at the change in our view of Aung San Suu Kyi. Part of it is humans being shitty, so I'd never argue that we shouldn't be that opposition and try to do better, but movements get corrupted.

If you look at veganism as a moral diet (which is a lot of people's motivation) it's not clear to me that vegan is always better. But equally if we all ate vegan we would use less of the world's resources. Perhaps more importantly, given most people don't eat vegan is for the individual to switch. There are more livestock than the planet 'needs' you not eating animal products will reduce that effect.

JohnIlly - 12 Jan 2020 15:47:18 (#266 of 530)

Veganism isn't just a matter of diet, though. It involves the eschewing of leather, wool etc.

esmeralda - 12 Jan 2020 16:26:19 (#267 of 530)

As long as being vegan is seen as requiring 100% commitment to plastic shoes and manmade fibres (but what about saving the planet from plastic?) - or not travelling on buses in case they collide with insects, as was reported about the ethical vegan discriminated against by the League Against Cruel Sports ... then it still seems too complicated and barmy for many people to engage with.

I prefer the argument that "eating vegan" could be a choice of cuisine, no different from chosing curry tonight or fish on Friday. People will try new food, find they like it and be more likely to convert. And even if they do not entirely change, seven Meatfree Mondayers or two flexitarians are still worth one vegan, aren't they?

KizzyK - 12 Jan 2020 16:27:16 (#268 of 530)


nemo75 - 12 Jan 2020 16:30:51 (#269 of 530)

Look at how the free for all Internet has consolidated to become a giant shopping channel

Rubbish. It has democratised information.

MaryMC - 12 Jan 2020 16:56:24 (#270 of 530)

It has democratised information.

It's done much worse than that, I'm afraid.

nemo75 - 12 Jan 2020 17:00:41 (#271 of 530)

See also the printing press and the powered loom.

JohnIlly - 12 Jan 2020 17:21:59 (#272 of 530)

The ethical vegan mentioned above sounds more like a Jain. Extreme adherents of Jainism sweep the ground before them to avoid stepping on insects and

Jain monks and nuns do not eat root vegetables such as potatoes, onions, and garlic because tiny organisms are injured when the plant is pulled up, and because a bulb or tuber's ability to sprout is seen as characteristic of a higher living being.

esmeralda - 12 Jan 2020 17:24:26 (#273 of 530)

Hindus, Buddhists and Jains share the doctrine of "ahimsa" (I just googled)

butterflyeffect - 12 Jan 2020 17:33:11 (#274 of 530)

It's the sort of gatekeeping that puts people off. I found this when I was looking up isinglass in beer:

The approach makes sense to me, but the comments are full of the worst people in the world.

limegreen - 12 Jan 2020 17:55:42 (#275 of 530)

However, if you care more about personal purity at least understand that your personal purity is resulting in unintended consequences. What consequences you might ask?

This is an excellent point. Over focus on purity can be very destructive and unhealthy. Also it's up to the individual how far you want to take things. I like the idea about eating a vegan meal just as you might eat an Italian meal. If you eat the odd egg the sky won't fall in.

Catspyjamas17 - 12 Jan 2020 17:57:57 (#276 of 530)

Yes, this is not the thread for hard and fast rules.

nemo75 - 12 Jan 2020 17:59:44 (#277 of 530)

I’m glad this thread is here. I’ve been interested for a while on a meal by meal basis but not really known where to start.

artant - 12 Jan 2020 18:36:49 (#278 of 530)

Veganism isn't just a matter of diet, though. It involves the eschewing of leather, wool etc.

Well yes, but many people will eat vegan without being vegan. I’m trying to eat vegan more often than not and for the moment that’s enough for me.

Tonight’s meal: beet bourguinon (leftover from yesterday’s batch), kale and roast potatoes with fruit to follow. As a vegetarian for ages, I think a lot of my meals have been vegan without thinking about it. What’s changed is that I’m making a conscious effort now partly for environmental reasons and partly because I don’t think eating loads of dairy is healthy. In a year or two, maybe all my food will be vegan. Further down the line, maybe I’ll stop buying leather or wool, but in all honesty, I think that’s a long way off.

esmeralda - 12 Jan 2020 18:40:19 (#279 of 530)

I rather like the look of some of these (BOSH TV for Veganuary)

From the point of view of taste, I think I prefer vegan recipes to vegetarian ones ... never did get all that excited about cheese.

artant - 12 Jan 2020 18:59:26 (#280 of 530)

The Bosh guys now have a series on ITV.

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