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Started by Crayola on Mar 3, 2020 9:18:11 AM
Inspired by Masterchef - you have 1 hour 15 minutes

So, your first dish. Has to be done in 1 hour and 15. Has to wow the judges.

Do you go with skills, big flavours, your well-trodden go to dish?

What would you do to get through that first round?

Crayola - 03 Mar 2020 09:21:35 (#1 of 23)

I've been thinking about mackerel. Maybe doing it a couple of different ways but tying it together somehow. Perhaps a ceviche and a maatjes type thing.

Agaliarept - 03 Mar 2020 09:22:53 (#2 of 23)

Wild mushrooms in red wine on a bed of polenta.

Crayola - 03 Mar 2020 09:23:39 (#3 of 23)

Is that a regular go to for you? Would you do as is, or pimp it?

levelgaze - 03 Mar 2020 09:35:13 (#4 of 23)

big flavours


FrankieTeardrop - 03 Mar 2020 09:38:53 (#5 of 23)

I cooked a Chicken Ladakh curry the other night. Very simple, ready in about fifty minutes, and unbelievably tasty. Would leave time for some home made chapatis and a raita.

Agaliarept - 03 Mar 2020 09:40:42 (#6 of 23)

Is that a regular go to for you? Would you do as is, or pimp it?

Yeah it's one of my signatures. Good mushrooms and good red wine means it generally doesn't need much tweaking...

It is quite a simple dish so i'd possibly think about adding a herb or spice that gives it a little bit of something different.

DesEsseintes - 03 Mar 2020 09:42:50 (#7 of 23)

Braised leeks, cauliflower cheese, Yorkshire pudding

The judges may not survive it, with a bit of luck

mazylou - 03 Mar 2020 10:53:11 (#8 of 23)

I often get asked this question by the co-hab. I am very fond of cooking, and I think I would do duck, with creme fraiche mashed potatoes and a leek/cavolo nero sautéd in butter, with a quince jelly glaze. Or perhaps filled pasta, with a sage butter. Or fish - fish is fast.

tasselhoff - 03 Mar 2020 10:54:08 (#9 of 23)

Corned beef hash

goldfinch - 03 Mar 2020 11:17:30 (#10 of 23)

I might make a rhubarb (depending on time of year) frangipane tart with cremè Anglaise.

FrankieTeardrop - 03 Mar 2020 11:18:49 (#11 of 23)

You've just highlighted why I could never go on Masterchef, goldfinch. My egg and nut allergies would preclude me from making all the best dishes.

goldfinch - 03 Mar 2020 11:22:59 (#12 of 23)

I'm sure you could make fine allergen free dishes, Frankie.

FrankieTeardrop - 03 Mar 2020 11:24:51 (#13 of 23)

Oh, I could, however all the fancy soufflés and chocolate fondants and custards and so on that you'd need in your armoury are unavailable to me - even the reliable invention test option of filled pasta would be a no-no.

A shame, as I'd love to try all that stuff

SinnerBoy - 03 Mar 2020 11:27:34 (#14 of 23)


I might make a rhubarb (depending on time of year) frangipane tart


...with cremè Anglaise.

Diluted custard.

goldfinch - 03 Mar 2020 11:35:52 (#15 of 23)

I'd prefer cream with it really.

johnarrgh - 03 Mar 2020 11:41:45 (#16 of 23)

Lemony Fennel Risotto with Purple Sprouting Broccoli

goldfinch - 03 Mar 2020 12:13:53 (#17 of 23)

Sounds nice.

Sabacious - 03 Mar 2020 12:14:40 (#18 of 23)

They’re often impressed with those cooks who manage something remarkable in the time constraints, those that would normally take much longer, eg beef cheeks. I think I’d do something like feijoada or similar.

mazylou - 03 Mar 2020 12:19:03 (#19 of 23)

I was just thinking that as I put some pork cheeks in the oven to have a little think about life with some soffrito, smoked paprika, orange peel, sherry and chicken stock.

Sabacious - 03 Mar 2020 12:22:36 (#20 of 23)

I was thinking of feijoada as that is what I’ll be making for dinner. I’ll see how close to 75 mins it will be (not very I predict).

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