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Started by hailesaladdie on Jan 17, 2021 8:21:02 PM
Random Food Discoveries

I bought some loaf cakes at the pseudo-farmers' market section of a garden centre in South Cambridgeshire before Tier 4 and lockdown shenanigans. Yes, my life is one big party.

Anyway, one was a Norfolk Ginger Cake, which sounded perfectly pleasant. Cut myself a couple of slices the other day, and it has a massive great chunk of candied ginger running through it, like the elusive long egg in a gala pie. Yay for Norfolk!

What random food discoveries have you made recently?

elderberry - 18 Jan 2021 08:13:19 (#1 of 290)

I have now sought out and bookmarked a Norfolk ginger cake recipe (which doesn't sound exactly like yours, but still tempting).

I have to use Spelt rather than normal wheat (get a cough and itchy skin), and my random food discovery was that the mashed spud and flour dough I use for potato cakes/tattie scones is also perfect for gnocchi.

RosyLovelady - 18 Jan 2021 08:36:52 (#2 of 290)

I think gnocchi have traditionally "always" been made with potato flour. There was something about it on the Priti Patel thread, of all places.

hailesaladdie - 18 Jan 2021 08:38:55 (#3 of 290)

Can you share the recipe link? Wouldn't mind giving it a try!

The other food I've rediscovered is the Bedfordshire Clanger. I've had a few before - Dunstable Downs visitor centre used to do an awful one, but the ones at the old-school bakery in town has always done a decent one (lard pastry, gammon at one end, apple sauce at the other).

However, a new shop has opened (mostly greengrocer/deli) that does incredible clangers - a massive chunk of roast pork at one end, and apple sauce at the other). It's like having a portable roast dinner.

hailesaladdie - 18 Jan 2021 08:39:29 (#4 of 290)

I'm sorry if you feel gnocchi may not have been made with potatoes, Rosy.

browserbutton - 18 Jan 2021 08:43:06 (#5 of 290)

Bedfordshire Clanger -- "hard as a hog's back, more harder 'n jail bread"

© H.E.Bates

hailesaladdie - 18 Jan 2021 08:47:38 (#6 of 290)

"Tiny and Small looked at the new arrival. Nobody really knew where he was, but they knew he was there. They'd gone past him a thousand times, but never paid much attention. At one end, he was big and quite rough. His hat was missing, and he could barely make the cars he loved to make any more. At the other end, he was flat and bore six fingers on each hand. But he was happy, despite all this. He enjoyed his obscurity and lived a life of quiet contentment.

But then along came Mr Gunn the baker..."

thisonehasalittlehat - 18 Jan 2021 08:49:39 (#7 of 290)

Why does stoke make such a hoo-hah about their oatcakes when all kinds of regions across the UK traditionally make oatcakes that are just as tasteless and unsatisfying?

FGBFGB - 18 Jan 2021 09:22:39 (#8 of 290)

Whereabouts, hat? I've only heard of the Stoke ones.

RosyLovelady - 18 Jan 2021 09:25:57 (#9 of 290)

Staffordshire oatcakes are bubbly, yeasty, chewy pancakes: great with bacon and tomatoes.

You can't snap them in half like the little Scottish ones.

elderberry - 18 Jan 2021 09:51:11 (#10 of 290)

This is the Norfolk ginger cake recipe I liked the sound of.

RosyLovelady - 18 Jan 2021 09:52:19 (#11 of 290)

What a fab recipe. I love it already.

Do you reckon that's icing on the top, or just a sprinkling of icing sugar? It doesn't say.

hailesaladdie - 18 Jan 2021 09:52:52 (#12 of 290)

Thanks, elderberry! I have a freezer full of excess baked goods, so it may have to wait, but will give it a go.

elderberry - 18 Jan 2021 09:57:28 (#13 of 290)

The thing with gnocchi is that the ready made ones lazy people like me like to buy all have wheat flour as the binder - finding I can make them (very easily) using spelt instead opens a whole new world of delicious stodge for me.

JohnIlly - 18 Jan 2021 10:19:27 (#14 of 290)

Lancashire oatcakes are floppy pancakes, as well.

Since such things are the obvious way to make bread when you have no oven, they must have been ubiquitous at one time.

meepmeep - 20 Jan 2021 17:22:59 (#15 of 290)

I've recently discovered deggi mirch, which means that EVERYTHING I'm cooking right now has deggi mirch in it.

(for those that don't know, it's like the North Indian version of paprika)

Zugunruhe1 - 20 Jan 2021 17:43:56 (#16 of 290)

I've recently discovered deggi mirch, which means that EVERYTHING I'm cooking right now has deggi mirch in it.

It's also known as Kashmiri chili powder. Most south Asian grocery stores sell it in 500g bags.

hailesaladdie - 20 Jan 2021 18:22:28 (#17 of 290)

I may have to try this (as someone who isn't adverse to tipping chilli flakes into, well, pretty much anything).

Can I offer, in return, a Hyderabadi style mirchi ka salan as an accompaniment to biryani? Discovered it in, well, Hyderabad, and it kicks the arse of other gravies served with biryani.

PoppySeedBagel - 22 Jan 2021 08:01:13 (#18 of 290)

That ginger cake sounds lovely- think I’ll make one for when we’ve finished the Christmas Cake.

I have made the German version of potato gnocchi to Yotam’s recipe and served it with the cabbage he did. Ace:

Schupfnudeln with browned butter and poppy seeds

hailesaladdie - 22 Jan 2021 08:17:56 (#19 of 290)

Ah, I need to try and make a Flammekueche! I miss them from my (rather turbulent) time in Alsace.

PoppySeedBagel - 22 Jan 2021 13:20:08 (#20 of 290)

Tell us more.

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