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Started by Tadagee on Aug 8, 2021 9:58:24 AM
Do you have any go to dishes to share?

When you can't think what to make and you want to do something a) simple b) that everyone loves.

For me chicken piccata or pesto.

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Catspyjamas17 - 11 Aug 2021 12:19:32 (#62 of 111)

Easy quick meals for me:

Hot smoked salmon (lemon and parsley usually), half a sachet of flavoured puy lentils, half a plate of whatever green veg I have in, lemon, fresh coriander and a blob of coconut yogurt on the top. Takes all of five minutes to assemble.

Chilli prawn/tofu ramen:

I use Itsu miso easy paste as the base, add boiling water in my ramen bowl, cubes of extra firm silken tofu, some fat pink king prawns, kale from the freezer, sometimes some pak choi sliced up or tenderstem broccoli, microwave for about a minute and a half, add some fresh coriander and chilli slices or flakes or sriracha*

*I also often have a bit of grated cheese on top but don't tell anyone.

A family favourite is pizzas made on tortilla wrap bases with passata and grated mozzarella. Tuna, black olive, red onion and sweetcorn with a bit of oregano/mixed herbs is the usual topping, takes about 8 minutes with the oven on 200C fan. Served with sweet potato fries and broccoli. MrCats sometimes has two- they are much lighter than regular pizzas.

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Catspyjamas17 - 11 Aug 2021 12:40:21 (#64 of 111)

Another one that goes down well is from a vegan cook book is fried rice with pineapple and cashew nuts. Jasmine rice, cashew nuts, pineapple sliced into chunks, spring onions, sweetcorn, tenderstem broccoli, chillies/hot paprika and soy sauce.

In autumn/winter I make a stew with carrots, celeriac, potatoes, leeks, pearl barley, vegetable stock, parsley and some smoked tofu on the top for me, cooked chicken added for the others.

Catspyjamas17 - 11 Aug 2021 12:45:35 (#65 of 111)

Yes I sometimes put tamari sunflower seeds on, Wibble. I toast a handful and my daughters make their own stir fries for lunch and use them as well. Or just eat them. I use toasted sunflower seeds on pasta sometimes too - cheaper than pine nuts and really tasty.

angelico - 11 Aug 2021 12:55:46 (#66 of 111)

in our low class house, most popular is probably nicey spicey ricey, which is jasmine rice, veg and cashews (but unlike cats, no pineapple).

To make it really popular and disgusting, aserved with MaySan chip-shop curry sauce.

Catspyjamas17 - 11 Aug 2021 13:07:26 (#67 of 111)

Ooh, I like chip shop curry sauce. I make something katsu sauce-esque with chicken gravy, peanut butter, soy sauce and curry powder.

Used to make proper curries more often but one daughter has gone off them completely and the other isn't keen either. They like a bit of katsu sauce once in a while though.

Sabacious - 11 Aug 2021 13:19:34 (#68 of 111)

Katsu curry is pretty much chip shop curry sauce anyway, and all the better for it!

angelico - 11 Aug 2021 16:11:42 (#69 of 111)

Yes it is. That Maysan curry paste is terrific. I’ve used their powders too. They’re ok.

Sabacious - 11 Aug 2021 16:24:33 (#70 of 111)

Breaded pork, chip shop curry sauce and a splash of tonkatsu and Buishi's you're uncle.

ReverendBlueJeans - 12 Aug 2021 14:18:08 (#71 of 111)

JohnIlly - 12 Aug 2021 14:24:51 (#72 of 111)

We're more sophisticated in Bradford. Samosas go in sandwiches.

SinnerBoy - 15 Sep 2021 04:27:10 (#73 of 111)

Me and my girl like a bit of mushy peas on toast. It can be made a bit more filling, with some grated cheese.

carterbrandon - 15 Sep 2021 08:32:58 (#74 of 111)

Cheezy peas!!

browserbutton - 15 Sep 2021 08:58:38 (#75 of 111)

Mushy peas on toast sounds like an affordable, everyman version of the smashed avocado on sourdough so beloved of trustafarian soap-dodgers.

TheExcession - 15 Sep 2021 09:01:45 (#76 of 111)

Dude, I think you'll find that's locally sourced artisan pea puree? Hope that's okay for you?

browserbutton - 15 Sep 2021 09:24:05 (#77 of 111)

Ah right -- now I totally get the £12.50 bit.

tasselhoff - 15 Sep 2021 09:33:12 (#78 of 111)

petit pois purée, Shirley?

elderberry - 15 Sep 2021 10:06:31 (#79 of 111)

Pork casserole that works very well with those excessively lean chops that can taste like cardboard. Not sure where it came from - my mother got it out of a newspaper ca 30 years ago.

1lb/454 grammes lean pork, cubed

1 medium onion, chopped

16 dried apricots

8 stoned prunes

2 cloves

1/2 cinnamon stick

Salt and pepper

Glass of white wine

Some chicken stock

Put everything in a covered pan and cook together for an hour or a little longer. Stir if you feel the need, no other intervention necessary - if you want to thicken the sauce, a little cornflour mixed with water and cooked in at the end will be fine.

I like to eat that with green beans and either rice or mashed potato. Anyone I've given it to has liked it - the spices don't dominate the flavour, and the fruit vanishes into a rich gravy. Now that I'm living alone I tend to cook a double or triple batch and then freeze single portions in bags - it's a good lazy day meal.

elderberry - 15 Sep 2021 10:29:41 (#80 of 111)

Another favourite is courgette gratin, an Annabel Karmel recipe. Sounds really simple but is definitely more than the sum of its parts, as good cold as hot - I often have it hot for dinner one day, cold for lunch the next. Child friendly, coming from AK, but also popular with oldies, and worked well for my mother when the Parkinson's was making eating with cutlery hard - it's firm textured enough to eat with your hands. Wash before and after!

partial link:

My lazy/easy variants as sourced from Lidl Ready grated cheese - Lidl mixed cheddar and mozarella is fine

2 courgettes

Parsley, generous handful, freshly chopped

Crème fraîche - (half tub of Lidl c f is my usual measure)

3 or 4 eggs

salt, pepper, olive oil

Butter a baking dish - I usually also dust it with powdered fake parmesan. My favoured one is ceramic 20 cm square.

Slice the courgettes thinly, then sweat gently in olive oil in a heavy pan with half the parsley until the liquid has been driven out - this can be time consuming, it's an easy recipe, but not one for those days when you're tired and need to eat NOW.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs and add the cheese and creme fraiche. Season as you prefer. Mix in the courgette and parsley mix, and the raw parsley. Dump into baking dish and bake in a medium oven (180ish for about 20-25 minutes, until puffed up and firm to the touch - you'll learn what works for your oven).

The last time I made this I dotted the surface with halved cherry tomatoes, cut side down, and it was so good I intend to do that in future.

Let it cool down a little before you eat it. Goes well with hot bread if you need some carbs.

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