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Started by 6to24characters on Mar 16, 2016 10:25:21 PM

Can they do it on a wet Tuesday night in Stoke?

Are they over-rated? Flat-track bullies?

Nominate them here

6to24characters - 16 Mar 2016 22:27:53 (#1 of 30)

For example, can Pep Guardiola manage a team that's not guaranteed to win 80% of their league games by 6 goals?

Arjuna - 17 Mar 2016 06:59:36 (#2 of 30)

You'll find out next year

TinyMcOtter - 17 Mar 2016 07:18:53 (#3 of 30)

Teams or managers?

I know he did well at one non-megarich club, but Moany is very clever about the clubs he chooses to go to. Unlimited spending budget, or he's not interested. And he's been clever at getting himself into a position where those clubs want him. Chelsea this year shows what happens when he doesn't have that budget.

Could he have done what Ranieri has done with Leicester this year? Could he play the Sam Allardyce 'save us from relegation' role? I doubt it on both counts. I also think that Moany benefited, the first time around, from what Ranieri had built.

None of which makes him a shit manager. He's clearly an exceptional manager. But only under specific conditions. Over-rated? Maybe. Flat-track bully? Probably.


I'm tempted to nominate my own team (Arsenal for those who don't know). But they are not even consistent enough to be flat-track bullies. They are just as likely to win a tough away game at Leicester, as they are to crumble to Watford at home.

PSG perhaps?

6to24characters - 17 Mar 2016 07:23:14 (#4 of 30)

Teams, managers or players could be frauds

I've been trying to find the reference but I think that 8 or 9 goals from Benzema have won more points than 40 odd goals from Ronaldo. Does he just score goals number 6,7 and 8 in 8-0 wins?

Cristiano Ronaldo - Fraud?

TinyMcOtter - 17 Mar 2016 07:24:39 (#5 of 30)

Cristiano Ronaldo - Fraud?

I'm happy to believe that, even if it's not true.

6to24characters - 17 Mar 2016 07:32:03 (#6 of 30)

La liga - Fraud?

It's almost as competitive as the Harlem Globetrotters

HerrWalrus - 17 Mar 2016 07:47:26 (#7 of 30)

Strange how Spanish teams have performed so well in both the Champions league and Europa league in the last seasons, far better than English teams. Strange if they are used to an uncompetitive league?

Arjuna - 17 Mar 2016 07:52:09 (#8 of 30)

Flat track bullies is a daft metaphor, how does a poor opponent equate to a flat track?

TinyMcOtter - 17 Mar 2016 07:52:13 (#9 of 30)

I wonder if it had anything to do with not having to push themselves to the limit twice a week in competitive games?

Barca's players are clearly the best that money can buy. But do they have the same borderline injury/fatigue crisis that every premiership club seems to suffer from constantly?

That's not to belittle them, they genuinely are a great team.

Arjuna - 17 Mar 2016 07:53:51 (#10 of 30)

I would say the premier league is the most competitive league in Europe but doesn't meant it is the best.

cozzer - 17 Mar 2016 20:44:26 (#11 of 30)

Flat track bullies is a daft metaphor, how does a poor opponent equate to a flat track?

It's easy to win big under favourable conditions. It makes sense to me.

gumlygumly - 17 Mar 2016 23:27:12 (#12 of 30)

buly ffs ....

popstar7 - 17 Mar 2016 23:41:29 (#13 of 30)

Are near table-topping Tottenham Hotspur frauds? Premier EPL exemplars of Klopp-school gegen-pressing every Saturday/Sunday but I wonder if we can actually play football. Shocking performance against Dortmund last week, albeit with a B team. With a stronger team out tonight we still looked like novices. Modric and Bale got us to the CL QFs in 2011 - I'm not convinced we'll get too far if we're in it next season.

NicolaBlue - 18 Mar 2016 00:10:20 (#14 of 30)

Yaya Touré <sigh>

I know he's a great player, I've seen him do great things, but the limping around the place, which he has always done from day one on our pitch, is really beginning to get on my nerves. He does hide when he feels like it. Even at the League Cup final he fell over at the mere smidge of a brush by a Liverpool player near our penalty box, failed to get up, meanwhile Liverpool charged off the other end and nearly scored!! Get up Yaya!!!

And the lack of great things recently is compared to the others recruited at the same time who haven't necessarily been that great but have been trying.

In short just put some fucking effort in, man, or you won't be regarded as a great player but a wee bit of a coaster or even a fraud, if I was being harsh.

Bonusy - 18 Mar 2016 06:29:47 (#15 of 30)

Isn't the term meant here generally "luxury player", rather than "fraud"?

6to24characters - 18 Mar 2016 06:30:36 (#16 of 30)

Is there a difference?

Bonusy - 18 Mar 2016 06:40:13 (#17 of 30)

Not that I can see with the examples given.

6to24characters - 18 Mar 2016 06:45:11 (#18 of 30)

I suppose that a player fraud could be a liability for their team. Something like Steven Gerrard for five years before leaving Liverpoo

Bonusy - 18 Mar 2016 06:47:33 (#19 of 30)

Yeah, with luxury player or manager, that would be someone who is good under favourable conditions, but when the going gets tough, they don't make any difference.

A fraud (to me) would be someone who just isn't as a good as they make out but has somehow built a career off the back of the work of others, eg Harry Redknapp, Zlatan Ibrahimovich.

6to24characters - 18 Mar 2016 06:51:45 (#20 of 30)

I would agree with 'Arry but I would be interested to hear the reasoning for Ibrahimovic

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