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Started by PaperRustler on 15-Feb-2017 07:36:44
Trump Implosion Predicto

No points, just bragging rights.

Make your predictions here: what's going to be Trump's downfall? How long will he last? Who's next to leave the administration? Will Arnie's ratings improve? And where did Paul Ryan leave his backbone?

Let's hear your predictions on all things Trumpian.

Tadagee - 15 Feb 2017 08:29:38 (#1 of 235)

I predict Stephen Miler will lose the plot during a live interview and threaten the interviewer.

saintmatt - 15 Feb 2017 08:38:47 (#2 of 235)

I reckon he will go at the end of March, blaming the establishment and the media. He will deny being sponsored by the Russians before a whole number of deals are unearthed weeks after he leaves office.

He will also admit his passion for being rolled in Wotsits every morning.

Gotout - 15 Feb 2017 08:42:53 (#3 of 235)

If Trump goes, how bad could Pence be?

PaperRustler - 15 Feb 2017 08:42:55 (#4 of 235)

Gone by April/May, avoiding impeachment by resigning and whining that he never stood a chance with the 'crooked media' against him. Appx 30% of the US population will believe this.

In the short term, Kellyanne and Priebus next out.

Ryan's backbone is buried next to Shergar.

dreams99 - 15 Feb 2017 08:45:40 (#5 of 235)

Trump is going to have a public breakdown of some sort, or expose a state secret on twitter.

HouseOfLametta - 15 Feb 2017 08:48:32 (#6 of 235)

I think it's going to be bad. Retrospectively funny, but bad.

There's a whole army of dangerous fuckwits who who won't accept their Dimwit Messiah's inevitable self imposed downfall.

Tadagee - 15 Feb 2017 08:51:33 (#7 of 235)

The wierd thing is they're so utterly clueless as to not know the things they're not supposed to do to not do them.

saintmatt - 15 Feb 2017 08:53:34 (#8 of 235)

His successor will be killed by a Trump fan lunatic

HouseOfLametta - 15 Feb 2017 08:55:27 (#9 of 235)

As that's likely to be Mike Penis...


1OffManMental - 15 Feb 2017 08:58:16 (#10 of 235)

Gone in a year. This clown fest can't continue.

Agaliarept - 15 Feb 2017 08:58:57 (#11 of 235)

If he doesn't go this year, I don't see him going until the four years are up.

But Ill go with resigning in September, with some pretty serious lapse in security driving him out, with Colonel Mustard in the drawing room.

nac1001 - 15 Feb 2017 09:02:39 (#12 of 235)

I hope I'm wrong but I can see him lasting a few years if the crazies surrounding him now go in the next few months and are replaced by more mainstream politicians.

1OffManMental - 15 Feb 2017 09:03:43 (#13 of 235)

He will look even more incompetent without his meat shields though.

Tadagee - 15 Feb 2017 09:05:27 (#14 of 235)

The GOP will implode in the mid terms and the Dems will have enough numbers for impeachment.

Shadrack22 - 15 Feb 2017 09:06:21 (#15 of 235)

Why would he feel the need to resign? Trump strikes me as the 'permanent revolution' type. What you see as chaos is business as usual for him. Nothing in his career suggests that he would back down, admit defeat and resign.

HouseOfLametta - 15 Feb 2017 09:09:01 (#16 of 235)

If the army decide to force him out, he's gone. And he could easily, very easily end up in prison or the booby hatch.

nac1001 - 15 Feb 2017 09:10:02 (#17 of 235)

Most of the Senate seats up for grabs in 2018 are already held by the Democrats. The Reps have a big margin in the House and with some gerrymandering have made it difficult for the Dems to make big inroads.

Agaliarept - 15 Feb 2017 09:10:52 (#18 of 235)

Why would he feel the need to resign?

Maybe if he's told he's really fucked and will get removed from office, resignation may let him keep his pride.

Shadrack22 - 15 Feb 2017 09:12:11 (#19 of 235)

I'm afraid it reminds me of the 'Corbyn will be gone by Christmas' predictions. In both cases people underestimate the extent to which a fired up base has bought into a vision.

nac1001 - 15 Feb 2017 09:12:34 (#20 of 235)

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