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Started by uranrising on Aug 6, 2020 11:45:29 AM
Am I the only one ...?

Name anything(s) you have done that you sense maybe nobody else has ever has.

Shadrack22 - 06 Aug 2020 13:58:54 (#60 of 106)

Did it fall off?

Agaliarept - 06 Aug 2020 14:04:49 (#61 of 106)

Well now actually that's the first time I've had that one so I'll allow it Shadders.

cozzer - 06 Aug 2020 14:05:38 (#62 of 106)

I never pegged uran as a Backstreet Boys fan.

ScandieAndy - 06 Aug 2020 14:08:56 (#63 of 106)

I dare say I'm the only one here to have been fellated on the Stockholm-Karlstad coach.

Hope everyone's had their lunch.

tasselhoff - 06 Aug 2020 14:11:46 (#64 of 106)

Ok, I'm pretty sure this thing I do is unique.

I take a word I hear, add up the letters (where A is 1 and Z is 26) and calculate a matrix of 16 words, each with an average of 16 (where A is 1...) and one more vowel each than consonants.

I was a lonely child

Verdigris - 06 Aug 2020 14:17:40 (#65 of 106)

Ok, I'm pretty sure this thing I do is unique.

I've been mulling over starting a thread on confessions of weird OCDish things that posters indulge in. Do you reckon there's any mileage in it? Or shall I just post one of mine here?

tasselhoff - 06 Aug 2020 14:18:10 (#66 of 106)

post it here!

Macpaddy - 06 Aug 2020 14:20:43 (#67 of 106)

what if posting his ocd IS his ocd?

Verdigris - 06 Aug 2020 14:20:47 (#68 of 106)

I try to keep the remaining eggs in a box in a symmetrical pattern. This may involve using three, when I was originally going to use two. The 15-egg box has saved my mental health.

Globulin - 06 Aug 2020 14:28:20 (#69 of 106)

Had tea with Princess Margaret in Tokyo with 2 other guys. Halfway through she demanded Gin and cigarettes. Have also been on TV twice.

Impressed with Scandie's tale. It's a very up and down journey.

Snarlygog - 06 Aug 2020 15:17:30 (#70 of 106)

#64 did your parents meet at Bletchley Park?

Delighted_User - 06 Aug 2020 16:33:01 (#71 of 106)

I'm probably the only one on here who was in the DDR the day the Berlin Wall was built.

I might be the only one who was in Berlin the day it came down. Well, it didn't come down on that day, but you know what I mean.

Pheeep - 06 Aug 2020 18:13:53 (#72 of 106)

Nope, I was there too. Fabulous scenes.

Delighted_User - 06 Aug 2020 18:17:46 (#73 of 106)

Indeed, but you've just kicked my post off the thread. So I'll go with being the only person here who met Kathy Horvath's mother in the queue to get back into West Berlin in the days when there were indeed two cities. That's probably safer, but less impressive, even if you know who Kathy Horvath is.

wickeltisch - 06 Aug 2020 18:25:56 (#74 of 106)

Which I don't.

LaLady - 06 Aug 2020 18:26:28 (#75 of 106)

I turned down a blank credit application at Alfred Dunhill of London in Beverly Hills from Abigail Folger the day before she was killed by the Manson bunch because I didn't know who she manager explained and the credit was extended but I doubt she ever paid the bill...

Delighted_User - 06 Aug 2020 18:33:29 (#76 of 106)

Kathy Horvath once beat Navratilova in the French Open, and was playing in something or other in West Berlin, which is why her mother was there. Her mother had a relative in Hungary whom she had hoped to be able to meet in East Berlin if the Hungarians had allowed her to travel. Unfortunately, they hadn't.

Rendered - 06 Aug 2020 18:35:59 (#77 of 106)

Been in the same green room as Will Self, Tom Paulin and Mad 'Melanie' Phillips.

Delighted_User - 06 Aug 2020 18:37:16 (#78 of 106)

And survived.

ScandieAndy - 06 Aug 2020 18:37:51 (#79 of 106)

Am I the only one on here to have been admonished by Paxman for a "stupid answer" on a University Challenge rehearsal?

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