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Started by FeudalClink on Oct 15, 2020 9:25:45 AM
What are you TRULY afraid of?

Always been heights for me but increasingly enclosed spaces too, to the point where I don't even like a heavy duvet on top of me at night. Rats, spiders, poo etc - fine with all of those and all the other usual ones.

Any from you?

Shadrack22 - 15 Oct 2020 17:44:38 (#61 of 117)

I’ve been really lucky in terms of health, so fear that my luck will run out. Cancer, heart attack, stroke, brain haemorrhage etc.

Macpaddy - 15 Oct 2020 17:46:12 (#62 of 117)

Don't forget falling objects.

browserbutton - 15 Oct 2020 18:06:03 (#63 of 117)

A falling turtle could crack your skull.

It has happened.

wickeltisch - 15 Oct 2020 18:26:29 (#64 of 117)

The sky might fall on your head.

ATtcha - 15 Oct 2020 18:39:19 (#65 of 117)

Heights, a slew of insects and crawling life forms, threatening animals, enclosed spaces you have to crawl through, deadlines, unexpected health accidents.

angelico - 15 Oct 2020 19:02:21 (#66 of 117)

Heights. I have to have my heels reduced by a local cobbler. The 70s, with their platform soles, were hell.

Tadagee - 15 Oct 2020 20:31:45 (#67 of 117)


Big Shoed Fuckers.

Snarlygog - 15 Oct 2020 20:42:01 (#68 of 117)


A feature of a recurring child hood nightmare, where I would be hiding at an empty primary school and the burnt tramp was trying to find me. I could see if he was near as wisps of smoke would give away his position from around corners.

Went on for months.

FGBFGB - 15 Oct 2020 22:30:03 (#69 of 117)

Being found out.

Macpaddy - 15 Oct 2020 23:24:06 (#70 of 117)

We already know. What is our silence worth?

phantlers - 15 Oct 2020 23:27:43 (#71 of 117)

I am intrigued by the fear of a/the burnt tramp. Where's that from?

A cursory Google reveals numerous real life horror stories, in which newspapers seem happy enough to dismiss a murder victim as "a tramp".

bondi1 - 15 Oct 2020 23:34:51 (#72 of 117)

The only thing on this earth that makes the hairs on my arms stand up are funnel web spiders.

Other spiders do not bother me but the male funnel web can kill a human in 15 mins.

Saying that, the red back spider can also cut your life short if you're bitten on the neck or torso.

carterbrandon - 15 Oct 2020 23:43:28 (#73 of 117)

I am intrigued by the fear of a/the burnt tramp. Where's that from?

Maybe he set a tramp on fire for a laugh.

I didn't used to be particularly afraid of heights, but seem to have developed it. Which is bad, because I have a store of memories of being high up. Like when I was 11 and climbed a vertical 50 foot cliff while on my own. Half way up I got into trouble, and had to calm myself and decide 'up where I can see' or 'down where I can't but which shrinks the fall'. Every time I remember it, it feels worse.

And then there's my main one:

Don't develop a phobia if you can help it, kids. Reading illustrated articles about that new 'fear of holes' thing, I can actually feel it being induced in me. I can't have that - I bloody loves crumpets!

Antimatter - 16 Oct 2020 02:33:25 (#74 of 117)

Spiders, heights, depths, civil engineering, fire, potato trucks, large deep culverts next to fast highways, airshows, lowloaders, glass lifts (a subset of the heights/depths thing) amputation, pandemics.

I like snakes though.

Snarlygog - 16 Oct 2020 07:02:07 (#75 of 117)

Maybe he set a tramp on fire for a laugh

Not when I was 8, you don't see any tramps in the middle of the Devon countryside in the 70s.

davedanon - 16 Oct 2020 07:59:02 (#76 of 117)

Because you burnt them all.

wickeltisch - 16 Oct 2020 08:17:00 (#77 of 117)

#74 What is a potato truck? How is it different from other trucks?

Catspyjamas17 - 16 Oct 2020 08:27:32 (#78 of 117)

Do you think the dream might be related to bonfire night, Snarly? Was just thinking about perhaps mistaking a Guy for a person when you were little.

Globulin - 16 Oct 2020 08:45:45 (#79 of 117)

#74 Amputations? Are you diabetic? Shit scared of losing my sight, and dentists. Had a traumatic experience with the school dentist when I was 16 and got kicked in the mouth playing rugby.

rearranged - 16 Oct 2020 09:14:04 (#80 of 117)

One thing I am scared of is my son making some of the decisions I made.

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