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Started by Catspyjamas17 on Nov 8, 2020 9:11:37 AM
BIDEN: his time

Discuss the tenure of the 46th President of the USA (elect)

FleurDuMal - 08 Nov 2020 09:13:43 (#1 of 1168)


col2001 - 08 Nov 2020 09:14:16 (#2 of 1168)

I'm still stuck in a world of unreality. So I fully expect the worst fears of deranged Republicans to be realised.

Welcome to Biden's Democratic Socialist Republic of America!

Samsonite - 08 Nov 2020 09:19:31 (#3 of 1168)

the U.S.S.A

Jacob_Richter - 08 Nov 2020 09:22:00 (#4 of 1168)

Biden isn't a socialist. Part of Biden's retort to Trump's accusation that he was a socialist was that he, Biden, had defeated the socialist - meaning Sanders.

BasilSeal - 08 Nov 2020 09:24:03 (#5 of 1168)

has he cancelled christmas yet?

col2001 - 08 Nov 2020 09:25:48 (#6 of 1168)

Biden isn't a socialist.

Don't ruin my unreal fantasy, dammit!

FleurDuMal - 08 Nov 2020 09:25:53 (#7 of 1168)

We can hope.

Moschops - 08 Nov 2020 09:35:26 (#8 of 1168)

Rumours that Dick Cheney will be advising him on foreign policy

uranrising - 08 Nov 2020 10:03:03 (#9 of 1168)

I'm still stuck in a world of unreality.

Better to face facts.

ATtcha - 08 Nov 2020 10:09:06 (#10 of 1168)

Biden, nothing to see or talk about, excellent.

Tinymcsmithy - 08 Nov 2020 10:09:55 (#11 of 1168)

This is probably a better thread that the Tumpocalypse one to post this:

After losing centrist Dems try to blame progessives, it turns out that they only have themselves to blame for living in the last century when it comes to political comms.

"If you’re not door-knocking, if you’re not on the internet, if your main points of reliance are TV and mail, then you’re not running a campaign on all cylinders. I just don’t see how anyone could be making ideological claims when they didn’t run a full-fledged campaign."

"If you are the D.C.C.C., and you’re hemorrhaging incumbent candidates to progressive insurgents, you would think that you may want to use some of those firms. But instead, we banned them. So the D.C.C.C. banned every single firm that is the best in the country at digital organizing."

"If the party believes after 94 percent of Detroit went to Biden, after Black organizers just doubled and tripled turnout down in Georgia, after so many people organized Philadelphia, the signal from the Democratic Party is the John Kasichs won us this election? I mean, I can’t even describe how dangerous that is."

BasilSeal - 08 Nov 2020 10:23:37 (#12 of 1168)

the dems have a big and important test coming up soon with the senate run offs, it does seem that a combination of good ground game and digital ads is what's needed.

Samsonite - 08 Nov 2020 10:25:43 (#13 of 1168)

what's not needed is dems slagging each other of in public

Moschops - 08 Nov 2020 10:34:01 (#14 of 1168)

Well quite. If Tiny is gonna shit up another thread with how it's all the evil/idiot centrists fault that we don't live in a socialist paradise, I'm out.

TRaney - 08 Nov 2020 10:35:15 (#15 of 1168)

You can't handle the truth Mos!

Tinymcsmithy - 08 Nov 2020 10:47:03 (#16 of 1168)

Well quite. If Tiny is gonna shit up another thread with how it's all the evil/idiot centrists fault that we don't live in a socialist paradise, I'm out.

Well I’m just posting an article for discussion, as opposed to what you’re doing, which is slinging personal abuse for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I’ve intentionally posted that in this discussion, which seems completely relevant and avoided the other discussion thread so as not to ‘shit it up’. Feel free to continue hurling personal abuse about just because you personally don’t agree with it or are too immature to engage in an adult conversation, without spitting the dummy.

Do you really want to fill this thread with posts saying Biden is wonderful and anyone posting anything else is a cunt? That’s going to get a little bit boring after a while, no?

Peacock - 08 Nov 2020 11:42:42 (#17 of 1168)

let's hope Biden has learned from the shitfest of Trump and his stint with Obama when Obama bombed or took military action against seven countries in his eight years.

Tinymcsmithy - 08 Nov 2020 11:44:06 (#18 of 1168)

Hush now.

Tinymcsmithy - 08 Nov 2020 11:55:47 (#19 of 1168)

Anyway AOC is right about the Dems flirtation with Kaisich and the non-Trump Republicans.

Kasich is a former Republican governor of Ohio who campaigned for Biden, endorsing him as a centrist that moderate Republicans could get behind. ... But Trump beat Biden in Ohio by eight points and half-a-million votes.

Yet corporate democrats are blaming the left of the party who won their districts and also motivated the grass roots in other areas.

If Kaisich is given a cabinet position, it could damage the party beyond the progressive base. It’s not as if Kaisich is some kind of vote winner.

virgil5 - 08 Nov 2020 12:09:03 (#20 of 1168)

Biden is someone who doesn’t deny the rumors about his son’s possible involvement in foreign civil war hankypanky, simply choosing to say “Leave my son alone!”

It’s not Biden to worry about, it’s Democrat hard liners like Hillary and Obama who have an annoying proclivity to enable Republicans, as in the Iraq wars, Libya and the use of drones on wedding parties.

I don’t trust them.

I don’t trust anybody anymore, but at least Trump will soon be denied the nuclear football.

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