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Started by PaperRustler on May 2, 2021 9:42:04 PM
Trumpocalypse XV: Old Man Yells At Cloud

You know the drill.

davedanon - 02 May 2021 22:14:41 (#4 of 1856)

Excellent titling. Not bad for a fake doctor, miso.

virgil5 - 02 May 2021 22:17:54 (#5 of 1856)


misosoup100 - 02 May 2021 22:28:23 (#6 of 1856)

I've just been reading this interesting interview with a legendary Simpsons writer:

misosoup100 - 02 May 2021 22:32:39 (#7 of 1856)

So Tucker Carlson as the next Trump? He already has the TV fame and the support from Fox News. I guess he would need two things to happen:

1. Be as beloved by the base. I can't claim to understand the base or predict if this will happen. However, he will need better insults.

2. The GOP needs to get behind him (eventually) as they did with Trump.

brooklyn - 02 May 2021 22:34:53 (#8 of 1856)

he needs anointment by the orange buffoon. and full support thereafter.

Pixiedust - 02 May 2021 22:39:18 (#9 of 1856)

Doesn't Spanky favour Hannity more that Carlson? I seem to recall that they had late-night phonecalls, where Hannity would tell the orange one what a magnificent specimen he was.

kvelertak - 02 May 2021 22:55:34 (#10 of 1856)

I brought the popcorn.

dreams99 - 02 May 2021 23:29:50 (#11 of 1856)

An Oregon GOP lawmaker left a closed door meeting to let insurrectionists into the building:

Pixiedust - 02 May 2021 23:39:19 (#12 of 1856)

Periodic reminder that Oregon as a state was founded as a racist white utopia where Black people were not legally allowed to live until 1925, and that the racist clauses in the state constitution were not formally repealed until 2002.

Portland is an exception. The rest of the state is... well, remember the Malheur siege?

machiavelli - 02 May 2021 23:59:29 (#13 of 1856)

So Tucker Carlson as the next Trump?

He's completely batshit.

TheSwearingBear - 03 May 2021 06:01:58 (#14 of 1856)

he needs anointment by the orange buffoon. and full support thereafter.

Fat chance of that.

dreams99 - 03 May 2021 07:47:33 (#15 of 1856)

Greenwald continuing to be a dick, denying credit to collaborators to his Pulitzer:

darkhorse - 03 May 2021 08:07:32 (#16 of 1856)

Ah, they’re all grownups, presumably they know each other from Glenn’s Guardian days, and love bitching about each other.

Following it backwards, the Greenwald snark was prompted by James Ball in his article poking Greenwald with a pointy stick. If you needle somebody in the national press, they’re likely to bark back at you.

The controversial names Substack is hosting heighten that problem: one of the platform’s biggest draws, lawyer turned journalist Glenn Greenwald, has a reputation of a man able and willing to start 10 new lifelong grudges a day on Twitter.

darkhorse - 03 May 2021 08:16:46 (#17 of 1856)

I see he (James Ball of the Guardian) annoyed Graham Linehan also, in the same article.

(Although ————> trans thread, I suppose).

Pixiedust - 03 May 2021 09:35:51 (#18 of 1856)

Proud Boys Canada, a far-right group that Ottawa named as a terrorist entity earlier this year, has dissolved itself, saying it has done nothing wrong, according to a statement by the organisation.

slimpickins - 03 May 2021 10:06:11 (#19 of 1856)

'Come join our new and completely unrelated group - The Proud Men!'

The plot to rewrite the USC:

solomongursky - 03 May 2021 11:57:31 (#20 of 1856)

Drummer in a Led Zepellin tribute band now:

pranzingfrogg - 03 May 2021 12:46:10 (#21 of 1856)

Is that real? He looks like a hologram of a muppet

brooklyn - 03 May 2021 12:59:31 (#22 of 1856)

<<The plot to rewrite the USC:>>

the stupidity is remarkable, slim. but one thing to recall -- even if there were a convention, no proposed amendment could take effect until ratified by 3/4 of the states.

Moschops - 03 May 2021 13:37:43 (#23 of 1856)

Any chance of a change of the 2nd being thrown in?

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