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Started by PaperRustler on May 2, 2021 9:42:04 PM
Trumpocalypse XV: Old Man Yells At Cloud

You know the drill.

jamalade - 03 May 2021 19:16:40 (#41 of 1856)

I think it was a Russian company who set up the audio and visual.

could be wrong

flossiefoe - 03 May 2021 20:18:26 (#42 of 1856)

Boris’ renovations are actually to the private flat at 11 Downing Street and don’t affect any of the public rooms of either house.

flossiefoe - 03 May 2021 20:20:51 (#43 of 1856)

Whereas the new media room is situated in the cabinet office, also next door to no 10, I think at no 8.

raymie - 03 May 2021 20:22:08 (#44 of 1856)

Biden meets the former President

Geri, ant and dan would disagree, but, to my mind, that means it’s true that Carter was a good president, and certainly better than any of the republicans after him

Garden - 03 May 2021 20:59:26 (#45 of 1856)

Carter was a much better president than anyone gives him credit for. America in 1978-1982 was not a pleasant place for reasons that he couldn't control. Reagan capitalized on the unpleasantness.

I don't think there's anything that Carter could have done differently.

JohnIlly - 03 May 2021 22:41:07 (#46 of 1856)

A very decent man.

OldLefty - 03 May 2021 22:41:43 (#47 of 1856)

I must say, the new look for 10 Downing Street is, well, interesting.

I'd give whoever the next PM is five minutes after first setting eyes on the flat before (s)he is on the phone to the decorators to get it all ripped out.

misosoup100 - 03 May 2021 23:37:09 (#48 of 1856)

A very decent man.

Explains why the Clintons despised him I guess.

Pixiedust - 04 May 2021 00:22:13 (#49 of 1856)

Lin Wood, addled conspiraloon lawyer, is running to be the next South Caronlina GOP party chair:

I think he's still resisting calls from the state bar association to undergo a psych eval.

Tinymcsmithy - 04 May 2021 03:40:16 (#50 of 1856)

Lordy, there’s more tapes.

Original article behind Telegraph paywall.

quartus - 04 May 2021 08:08:08 (#51 of 1856)

Of course there were tapes. They're becoming ubiquitous-

annetjie - 04 May 2021 08:52:11 (#52 of 1856)

I'd give whoever the next PM is five minutes after first setting eyes on the flat before (s)he is on the phone to the decorators to get it all ripped out.

They get 30k every year for decorating.

RosyLovelady - 04 May 2021 10:10:36 (#53 of 1856)

A chickenfeed fraction.

PaperRustler - 04 May 2021 12:30:56 (#54 of 1856)

Having successfully co-opted and flipped the term 'Fake News', Donnie is now trying to do the same with 'the Big Lie':

There is no evidence to support Trump’s allegations of mass voter fraud, and numerous audits, Republican state election officials and Trump’s own attorney general have said the election was fair.

But Trump has stuck to his story and issued a “proclamation” Monday attempting to co-opt the language his foes use to brand his falsehoods.

“The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!” he wrote.

Bless him, a "proclamation'. Gotta love that "from this day forth" too; very proclamationy.

popstar7 - 04 May 2021 12:32:31 (#55 of 1856)

Very Mayor of Munchkinland use of the word.

davedanon - 04 May 2021 13:29:01 (#56 of 1856)

I assumed proclamatory powers had been revoked, upon loss of the election. Seems I was wrong.

pranzingfrogg - 04 May 2021 14:02:03 (#57 of 1856)

He never really got over winning the 2016 election, now he can’t get over losing in 2020. Sad little nobody.

Tinymcsmithy - 04 May 2021 16:55:15 (#58 of 1856)

Both couples looked happy enough to spend time together, but the Bidens appeared to be about three times larger than the Carters, most likely due to a wide-angle camera lens…

Over to our photographic expert. Dave?

I mean, I’ve seen wide angle lenses make people on the outside seem fatter, but…

dreams99 - 04 May 2021 16:58:21 (#59 of 1856)

People need to get some fucking perspective.

Tinymcsmithy - 04 May 2021 17:03:28 (#60 of 1856)

They’re not zooming in on the facts.

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