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Started by FeudalClink on Jul 1, 2021 12:10:49 PM
Little things that bother you much more than they should do

Keys on a key ring that don't all face the same way

People saying things like 'I'm a bit devastated' - well you are or you aren't!

Things sliding across the seats when you go round corners when driving

thisonehasalittlehat - 01 Jul 2021 12:12:53 (#1 of 262)

A bit devastated is fine. Hence: miami is a bit devastated.

FeudalClink - 01 Jul 2021 12:15:37 (#2 of 262)

Its worse when people say 'I'm a bit gutted' - you can't really be only a bit disembowelled

Tadagee - 01 Jul 2021 12:17:58 (#3 of 262)

I'm appallingly pedantic about people saying 'Quite unique'

thisonehasalittlehat - 01 Jul 2021 12:19:01 (#4 of 262)

It's an original viewpoint but I don't think you're the only one...

CarlosFandango - 01 Jul 2021 12:20:15 (#5 of 262)

I get triggered by very unique even though I try my very best not to.

HerrWalrus - 01 Jul 2021 12:22:56 (#6 of 262)

Crappy shoelaces that shoe manufacturers supply with their product. Means I have to spend time going to a pound shop or Wilkos to buy laces that don't come apart easily.

thisonehasalittlehat - 01 Jul 2021 12:23:45 (#7 of 262)

'Unique' is often cited as a word that should never be modified, as its original meanings were "being the only one" and "unequaled." But 'unique' has another meaning, "unusual," and it's common to modify the word when it's used this way.

Needless to say, people confuse logic and grammar. Grammar is not logical. Nevertheless, some grammarians insist that certain adjectives, usually called “absolute adjectives,” can never be modified. The grammarian Joseph Wright, for example, in his A Philosophical Grammar of the English Language from 1838 (and like others before and since), gave a list of adjectives “which admit of no variation of state”—in other words, that cannot be modified. His list includes words like square, dead, entire, false, and obvious. And yet, evidence of actual usage shows that almost square, nearly dead, whole entire, mostly false, and plainly obvious are all commonly used and standard. Which would make him very angry.


Unique is often cited as a word that should never be modified, and it presents a special case because of the evolution of its meanings. It comes from the Latin word unus (“one”), and its original meanings in English were “being the only one” or “sole” and “having no like or equal” or “unequaled.” These meanings are about as absolute as they can be, and are seldom modified. However, words that are in widespread use have a tendency to take on extended meanings, and unique also came to mean something that was unusual or rare, as in “a unique opportunity” or “a unique feature.” The fact is, the original (and most absolute) meaning of unique is the word’s least commonly used meaning today (meaning “sole” or “only,” as in “the unique copy of my manuscript”). But modifying unique when it means “unusual” is common.

thisonehasalittlehat - 01 Jul 2021 12:25:19 (#8 of 262)

tldr: chillax and take a chill pill fairly unique dudes.

RosyLovelady - 01 Jul 2021 12:28:09 (#9 of 262)

Talk about beyond devastating! Let's face it, at the end of the day, basically the devil is in the detail, to be honest.

AlanII - 01 Jul 2021 12:28:15 (#10 of 262)

The obvious one is, Ten Items or Less. Fucking illiterate scum, the lot of 'em.

mingmong - 01 Jul 2021 12:39:47 (#11 of 262)

Mrs Ming putting plastic wrapping on the fire.

Arjuna - 01 Jul 2021 12:42:05 (#12 of 262)

now that is wrong

LemonGrass - 01 Jul 2021 12:47:06 (#13 of 262)

#10 - Indeed. It should be "10 items or less". Only the numbers zero to nine should be expressed as a word, and "items" and "less" aren't proper nouns.

Moschops - 01 Jul 2021 12:54:25 (#14 of 262)

Recycling policies. If you accept plastic squash bottles, then why not plastic food trays? And it wouldn't kill you to take tin foil

Arjuna - 01 Jul 2021 12:55:33 (#15 of 262)

I am ready to go to war any time I go near a 10 times or less queue

but always happy to have more reasons to fuel the righteous anger

thisonehasalittlehat - 01 Jul 2021 12:56:14 (#16 of 262)

I don't really understand the anger about this to be honest. It's fine. Less is widely used for countable and uncountable things.

FeudalClink - 01 Jul 2021 12:56:49 (#17 of 262)

Lifts that have whiny voices

AlanII - 01 Jul 2021 12:57:59 (#18 of 262)

That cunt on the Tube telling me to mind the gap. I heard you the first time!

thisonehasalittlehat - 01 Jul 2021 12:58:25 (#19 of 262)

I spent a while being annoyed about lifts, trains, busses, tubes, and other bits of the world talking to me until it was pointed out that is was useful for blind people. And then I though "oh yeah" and stopped worrying about it.

These problems are very much problems in your attitudes to the world, not problems with the world.

moto748 - 01 Jul 2021 13:01:44 (#20 of 262)

We just lack your buddha-state, hatters.

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