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Started by PaperRustler on Mar 3, 2022 7:21:12 PM
Trumpocalypse XVI: Useful Idiot in Chief

Will the DOJ ever prosecute Teflon Don for any of the crimes he committed in plain sight?

Will the January 6th Committee achieve anything?

Will Putin be able to exploit the idiot any further?

Further discussion of the ultimate Emperor with no clothes.

virgil5 - 03 Mar 2022 19:25:07 (#1 of 1716)

Endgame? Let’s hope so.

browserbutton - 03 Mar 2022 19:29:24 (#2 of 1716)

Is he hoping to make a comeback? Make America Great Again?

Garden - 03 Mar 2022 19:33:58 (#3 of 1716)

As I drove in to work this morning, part of the way I was behind an old pickup truck with two "Let's Go Brandon" bumper stickers, and a "Trump 2020" bumper sticker.

Not many political bumper stickers here at any time, I was surprised to see these.

He turned off the highway before too long, probably a good thing for my blood pressure.

Policywatcher - 03 Mar 2022 19:35:27 (#4 of 1716)

Determined, I suspect, by hook or by crook.

Because his options now are rapidly falling down to two.

Go back to the White House

Or go to jail.

darkhorse - 03 Mar 2022 19:50:08 (#5 of 1716)

I was kinda hoping these threads would stop

Policywatcher - 03 Mar 2022 19:51:04 (#6 of 1716)

I was hoping the need for them would have ended... Sadly not quite the same thing.

darkhorse - 03 Mar 2022 19:51:46 (#7 of 1716)

Nothing against you guys, obviously.

PaperRustler - 03 Mar 2022 20:00:39 (#8 of 1716)

Unfortunately he's not going away any time soon.

Garden - 03 Mar 2022 20:01:04 (#9 of 1716)

This is the sanest thread in the place.

I'd be desolate if it went away.

PaperRustler - 03 Mar 2022 20:04:01 (#10 of 1716)

Coincidentally, I have just seen this:

Fits in nicely with my first question in the header - a quite astonishing list of crimes.

virgil5 - 03 Mar 2022 20:35:30 (#11 of 1716)

Can’t wait to read Barr’s book.

Mueller should also write one.

Comey’s first book was fun—recent not so much


he’ll look great in orange

upgoerfive - 03 Mar 2022 21:33:46 (#12 of 1716)

I imagine him strapped to a board with a hockey mask strapped over his face, Hannibal Lecter style.

"What did Manafort say to you?"

"He said ... he said 'I can smell your Putin'..."

dreams99 - 03 Mar 2022 21:53:56 (#13 of 1716)

BREAKING: Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Kimberly Guilfoyle, the fiancée of Trump’s eldest son after she abruptly ended a voluntary interview with House investigators last week


Post by deleted user
misosoup100 - 03 Mar 2022 23:20:12 (#15 of 1716)

Not sure if this is true, but ... Every single deposition that the @January6thCmte does from today forward will be able to be dodged by the person till after the November mid terms, including @kimguilfoyle

Given that the Republicans will almost certainly regain House and Senate, they'll probably get away with it.

Macpaddy - 03 Mar 2022 23:40:17 (#16 of 1716)

No senior Republican is going toface anything more serious than a fine. Trump will remain with a clear record, free to run for ANY office. I truly believe he will serve another term as President.

misosoup100 - 03 Mar 2022 23:50:43 (#17 of 1716)

Only Liz Cheney can stop him now.

Imagine that!

misosoup100 - 03 Mar 2022 23:50:56 (#18 of 1716)

Or the grim reaper.

Tinymcsmithy - 03 Mar 2022 23:57:29 (#19 of 1716)

There’s been a lot of criticism of the committee from never Trump republicans (and others) for going too slow or not being serious about holding the GOP to account.

Be interesting to know what’s really going on.

quartus - 04 Mar 2022 00:05:38 (#20 of 1716)

If the mid-terms come and go without any progress on the legal front, and Trump gets re-elected, what are the chances we'll see future presidential terms of office become life-long posts?

Anyone for a US monarchy?

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