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Started by mingmong on Dec 29, 2017 12:49:23 AM
Define two historical contexts, one recent, one remote, that you would like to temporarily inhabit

Pour moi:

Recent: Greenwich Village, NYC, c.1962

Distant: Wessex, during Stonehenge's heyday c.2800 BC

mingmong - 29 Dec 2017 00:58:19 (#1 of 198)

If this was a bigger forum, some clever-dick might be along in a minute to tell me that "it was all over by the middle of 1961, man" in Greenwich Village. In which case I want to go back there in 1959.

Even better if some tries and to make a similar claim for Stonehenge c. 2797 BC, as opposed to 2800 (just so over by then)

otraynor - 29 Dec 2017 00:59:04 (#2 of 198)

To inhabit because it would be a great place, or to inhabit because you want to observe it first-hand or learn the truth about what really happened?

I'd like to know the truth about My Lai, but certainly don't want to stick around!

mingmong - 29 Dec 2017 00:59:44 (#3 of 198)

In whatever capacity, otraynor. Let's keep it open.

Bromiohoho - 29 Dec 2017 00:59:47 (#4 of 198)

Recent: Paris, 1890s (or does recent mean more recent than that?)

Distant: Alexandria, in and around the Musaeum of Alexandria (including the Royal Library), maybe around the end of the second century BCE.

foghorn - 29 Dec 2017 01:21:31 (#5 of 198)

Recentish: 1820, or so. I would have loved to work a passage on an East Indiaman in a time unlikely to be affected by some war or other.

Distant: Neolithic/chalcolithic period. See the world of that time and get some knapping in, see what the bows were like and how the people lived.

Pentecost - 29 Dec 2017 01:27:00 (#6 of 198)

see what the bows were like

In that case I would live through the rise and development of the English longbow.

foghorn - 29 Dec 2017 01:35:59 (#7 of 198)

Know what you mean, Pente. My bit of yew is my pride and joy, but I think the variety would knock me out in the neolithic time. Probably be like the Americas more recently. Different bows for different regions, different favoured or available woods and styles, different uses.

Pentecost - 29 Dec 2017 01:39:08 (#8 of 198)

3 bits in my case; but there are serious questions I have about the claims and stories concerning specifically the longbow, and I would like to witness the truth or otherwise.

otraynor - 29 Dec 2017 01:54:27 (#9 of 198)

Great idea, Pentecost.

foghorn - 29 Dec 2017 02:08:52 (#10 of 198)

Three! Nice. My stave was a huge indulgence, came from Italy, would have been a serious omission for an English trad archer, but frankly I´m a nowhere bow slut. I thought most questions were cleared up by the amazing Mary Rose finds?

TinyMcOtter - 29 Dec 2017 02:17:11 (#11 of 198)

Decisions decisions...

Recent: Paris in the sixties. For the kulcha.

Distant: England 1640 - 1660. For those wacky diggers and ranters.

xbod72 - 29 Dec 2017 07:18:21 (#12 of 198)

Nothing/nowhere in the past. You wouldn't be able to tweet about it, so what would be the point?

rearranged - 29 Dec 2017 07:47:49 (#13 of 198)

The grassy knoll when Kennedy got shot, with a rubbish camera to badly film what happened and add more grist to the conspiracy mill.

And the Jurassic period, with some rabits for the fossil record.

Arjuna - 29 Dec 2017 07:52:02 (#14 of 198)

I'll go for an execution double header - Romania 1989 and England 1649, not for the gore of watching the head roll but to see how people change in a revolution, how they come to a decision that what would have been unthinkable a few years earlier had become the only solution.

AlanII - 29 Dec 2017 07:54:54 (#15 of 198)

And the Jurassic period, with some rabits for the fossil record.

A Barbie doll would be even more productive.

rearranged - 29 Dec 2017 08:09:14 (#16 of 198)

Or perhaps a big carving from the time of the building of the pyramids, clearly stating the date, and also with the statement, Graham Hancock, Erich von Däniken and the like are talking out of their arses.

xbod72 - 29 Dec 2017 08:21:01 (#17 of 198)

Sitting in the audience of that very early film of a train to check that (a) people really did run out screaming and (b) if they did, to sit there laughing my head off. I was going to say "eating popcorn" but presumably if the comestible existed they hadn't yet got into the habit of selling it in foyers.

xbod72 - 29 Dec 2017 08:23:03 (#18 of 198)

Going further back, perhaps being placed to answer the "Shakespeare authorship question" would be one I'd go for.

Arjuna - 29 Dec 2017 08:32:45 (#19 of 198)

and to advise him on copyright issues plus tie up a merchandising deal.

rearranged - 29 Dec 2017 08:58:22 (#20 of 198)

Or to change the portrait of him and get your own face on the £20 note.

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