No smilies, no avatars, no flashing gifs. Just discuss the issues of the day, from last night's telly via football to science or philosophy.

Our Charter

Welcome to our site. This page outlines our guiding principles.

The aim of JUSTtheTalk is to promote discussion of ideas, that is, ideas at all levels. You should be as comfortable here discussing last night's television as the merits of Locke, Kant and John Stuart Mill.

We support free speech, even for people we don't agree with or like.

We don't support hatred or discrimination. Although this site affords anonymity to its members, this privilege should not be used as a shield for abuse.

We support freedom of enjoyment. The administrators of this site will never pass on your e-mail address to any third party.

We guarantee that this site will remain free at the point of use. However it is sometimes necessary to attempt to recoup the costs of running it, and this is done through voluntary donation.

We believe the quality of discussion on this site to be its key strength and so we will never clutter the site with useless junk.

This site is libertarian insofar as you own what you write. This is meant both literally in the sense of copyright and figuratively in the sense of accountability. Nonetheless, by posting on JUSTtheTalk you give us implicit permission to reproduce your post on this site.

This site is also utilitarian in the sense that the needs of the many do sometimes outweigh the needs of the few and any threat to the community as a whole will be dealt with swiftly.

A word about the future

This site was designed and built in the days after the demise of the discussion forum run by The Guardian newspaper (GU Talk). GU Talk was a community of individuals from a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and places and I was a member of that community for over 10 years. I built this site because I couldn't imagine not having the GU Talk community in my life. I will never do anything to harm it.

That said I believe that this site has to evolve to attract new users so that the community can grow and flourish. Without it we will simply wither and die.

Any changes will be made sensitively and with the consent of the users but it's unrealistic to expect to please everybody all the time. That said, if this place doesn't feel like home then the community will simply move on to another site.

Please read our Policy and Standards and Terms and Conditions .