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Started by Jacob_Richter on Oct 7, 2018 10:53:15 AM
Saudi journalist 'killed inside consulate'

Turkish officials believe that missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and his body later driven from the compound.

Authorities say they believe Khashoggi’s death was premeditated and that Saudi officials had travelled to Istanbul from Riyadh after receiving word that the high-profile critic of the current Saudi leadership planned to visit the consulate.

Jacob_Richter - 07 Oct 2018 10:53:41 (#1 of 589)

Our allies there.

Jacob_Richter - 07 Oct 2018 11:00:51 (#2 of 589)

Piece from journalist friend of Khashoggi from Weds last week.

This para sums up MBS:

Mohammed bin Salman is shocking alright, but he is no therapist. He is vindictive. He bears grudges. He is supremely wilful. He has absolutely no respect for another country's sovereignty, territory, courts or media. He is reckless. That he should have staged this stunt in Istanbul, on Turkish soil, is a measure of how reckless the Saudi crown prince and the narrow circle around him are.

Peacock - 07 Oct 2018 11:30:49 (#3 of 589)

This is a fishy story designed to stoke up trouble. I wouldn’t trust Turkey or KSA here

Gotout - 07 Oct 2018 11:38:49 (#4 of 589)

We'd better not upset the Saudis because they buy weapons from us and are therefore nice people.

Jacob_Richter - 07 Oct 2018 11:39:16 (#5 of 589)

#3 Fake news?

Peacock - 07 Oct 2018 11:49:44 (#6 of 589)

What I mean is why would KSA do it in the Turkish embassy?

Rendered - 07 Oct 2018 12:01:29 (#7 of 589)

Because they can, Benners.

Vendor - 07 Oct 2018 12:01:34 (#8 of 589)

Saudi embassy in Turkey, Sawb.

Rendered - 07 Oct 2018 12:01:57 (#9 of 589)

But yes, not the Turkish embassy either

Jacob_Richter - 07 Oct 2018 12:43:04 (#10 of 589)

Saudi consulate in Istanbul to be precise. Why there? Because Khashoggi, an exile, would be there. And because killing him sends a message to anyone else from within the elite not to do the same thing. And because they'll get away with it.

postie - 07 Oct 2018 13:13:39 (#11 of 589)

...and actions like this become the norm?

Jacob_Richter - 07 Oct 2018 13:16:12 (#12 of 589)

I assume that the plan is that they don't need to become the norm because the message is clear.

Bigger picture is that MBS is a dangerous character.

postie - 07 Oct 2018 13:17:39 (#13 of 589)

Yemen told us that already?

Jacob_Richter - 07 Oct 2018 13:20:24 (#14 of 589)

And Bahrain and Syria and Lebanon and Qatar.

Peacock - 07 Oct 2018 13:46:07 (#15 of 589)

You had plenty of fun in Saudi, Jason.

Peacock - 07 Oct 2018 13:46:26 (#16 of 589)

Cheers all, I misread the article.

Jacob_Richter - 07 Oct 2018 14:00:27 (#17 of 589)

Turkish authorities suspect that missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who disappeared on Tuesday after entering Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul, was killed inside the consulate, Turkish sources told Middle East Eye and news agencies on Saturday.

A senior Turkish police source told MEE that police believed that Khashoggi, a prominent critic of the Saudi government, was "brutally tortured, killed and cut into pieces" inside the consulate after visiting the building on 2 October.

"Everything was videotaped to prove the mission had been accomplished and the tape was taken out of the country," the source said.

Rendered - 07 Oct 2018 14:03:39 (#18 of 589)

Were you there at the same time, Benners?

Saudis are certainly great fun.

dottie30 - 08 Oct 2018 08:18:07 (#19 of 589)

Didn't Turkey (or at least the Ottoman Empire) once do pretty much that to one of the Saud family back in the eighteenth century? They disposed of the tribal leader's remains in the Bosphorus after the stray dogs had their fill IIRC.

dottie30 - 08 Oct 2018 08:24:58 (#20 of 589)

Actually it was the nineteenth century. And it seems Abdullah bin Saud got away with merely being forced to listen to western music and then beheaded before having his body dragged around Istanbul. His clerics, however, were stuck into cannons and fired into little pieces.

Those were more innocent times....

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