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Started by chacqueschirac on Sep 15, 2021 9:27:43 PM
US, UK and Australia forge military alliance to counter China

β€œThe initiative, called Aukus, was announced jointly by President Joe Biden and prime ministers Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison, following US briefings which described the agreement as binding the three English-speaking countries together.”

Serious initiative or a sign of the loneliness of the declining Anglo-Saxon hegemony?

chacqueschirac - 15 Sep 2021 21:32:03 (#1 of 1522)

β€œ The US, UK and Australia are setting up a trilateral security partnership aimed at confronting China, which will include helping Australia to build nuclear-powered submarines.”

Atticus - 15 Sep 2021 22:34:49 (#2 of 1522)

Looks like a serious attempt to build up Australia as a bulwark against China.

xDiggy - 15 Sep 2021 22:36:24 (#3 of 1522)

It seems like an incredibly elaborate way of announcing that Australia are going to buy some submarines. Presumably from America with some bullshit British middleman role for political reasons.

xDiggy - 15 Sep 2021 22:37:04 (#4 of 1522)

They can call the lead boat HMAS Biden after he carks it.

Atticus - 15 Sep 2021 22:41:51 (#5 of 1522)

If I understood correctly Australia will build the actual submarines.

Atticus - 15 Sep 2021 22:42:18 (#6 of 1522)

We're presumably providing the blue prints and tech support.

xDiggy - 15 Sep 2021 22:43:06 (#7 of 1522)

It'll take them a gazillion years to do this anyway.

brooklyn - 15 Sep 2021 22:43:45 (#8 of 1522)

how can Australia be a bulwark against China? unless you consider an attack on New Zealand to be in the offing.

well. maybe New Guinea too. we did that around 1942.

Australia is thinking defensively. justifiably or not.

moto748 - 15 Sep 2021 21:46:24 (#9 of 1522)

But who else is going to buy all their coal?

xDiggy - 15 Sep 2021 22:46:32 (#10 of 1522)

Maybe in the same way it was against Japan in 1942 - after China have conquered the whole of SE Asia.

brooklyn - 15 Sep 2021 22:47:54 (#11 of 1522)

oops, sorry diggy. I edited before I saw your post.

xDiggy - 15 Sep 2021 22:49:04 (#12 of 1522)

Perhaps the UK's angle in this is that we are going to bury our large collection of retired SSNs somewhere in the Western Australian desert.

gumlygumly - 15 Sep 2021 23:12:42 (#13 of 1522)

put another one or two in holbrook ... ...had me some huge nights in that little hamlet back in my working traveliling days ...

gumlygumly - 15 Sep 2021 23:15:00 (#14 of 1522)

this is fucked big time ...put me in a right cranky mood already this morning case scenario is imagining that pair of fat cunts bozo and smirko getting stuck in the conning tower hatch as they chase a photo op ...

gumlygumly - 15 Sep 2021 23:19:55 (#15 of 1522)

meanwhile ,,, ...smirko looks like he is trying to burn christian(ronaldo) porter for pace in that pic ...sack the (allewgedly)rapey cunt right now for fucks sake ...and a federal icac while you are at it ...some chance of that? ...

gumlygumly - 15 Sep 2021 23:20:56 (#16 of 1522)

... ...gutless wonders the fuck up ...

gumlygumly - 15 Sep 2021 23:29:08 (#17 of 1522)

awww ...ain't lurve grand? ...
...nice one twiggy ...dunno how you are going to shift all that iron ore thoughbut as we smack those chinese down with bozo and li'l joe? ...and on a more personal note,where do i source reo ties,gaffer tape and screw nails for my little pump up the oldy pension part time jobs when the shelves in bunnings go all brexity? ...

Atticus - 15 Sep 2021 23:31:39 (#18 of 1522)

One in the eye for the French...

"Australia nuclear submarine deal: defence pact with US and UK means $90bn contract with France will be scrapped."

gumlygumly - 15 Sep 2021 23:36:57 (#19 of 1522)

great old donks those froggy diesel yokes ...but try sourceing a fanbelt or a set of injectors in the middle of the south china seas? ...kind of thing that gaves the storeman nightmares ...

gumlygumly - 15 Sep 2021 23:40:11 (#20 of 1522)

first sub will be renamed the ss alanis(formerly the harold holt) after it becomes becalmed somewhere north of the philippines and we have to cadge a few spares off the chinese? heard it here first ...

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