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Started by Gonfaloniere on Feb 22, 2022 4:21:27 PM
Vlad shoudn't stop at Kiev.

The whole of Western Europe is rotten to the core. Vlad just needs to kick the door down and the tanks can roll right through to Berlin and on to Paris.

Let's go! Kleptocracy! Even Corbsy is all for it!

InternationalVicar - 22 Feb 2022 17:40:12 (#1 of 141)

I always check for tanks in the street on opening the curtains. No reason to stop now.

Mazzarin - 22 Feb 2022 17:49:02 (#2 of 141)

Obvious quisling bait is obvious.

balkanwise - 22 Feb 2022 17:50:53 (#3 of 141)

what,liberate the opressed russian minority in London?

InternationalVicar - 22 Feb 2022 17:57:42 (#4 of 141)

Speaking of which ...

Gonfaloniere - 23 Feb 2022 01:12:03 (#5 of 141)

Well obviously Vlad would stop at the channel. Go on Vlad - just like old times as the tanks roll into Berlin. Even older times as they roll into Paris - быстро to a Bistro!

SatelliteOne - 24 Feb 2022 09:52:02 (#6 of 141)

I doubt that Russia could get through Germany right now, let alone all the way to the Channel. Having a vast army of conscripts is one thing, facing up to the armed forces of NATO is quite another. Vlad would shit his pants and run.

Gonfaloniere - 24 Feb 2022 12:11:17 (#7 of 141)

You're having a laugh.

Thanks to Ursula von der Leyen's incompetence when she was defence minister, the German Army is about as much of a threat as a sickly pack of Brownies. Sleepy Joe is no use either.

Vlad's army will slice through them like a hot knife through butter,

tasselhoff - 24 Feb 2022 12:46:13 (#8 of 141)

Vlad's army will slice through them like a hot knife through butter

You've got a stiffy, haven't you?

phantlers - 24 Feb 2022 12:50:34 (#9 of 141)

Gone for a wank.

RosyLovelady - 24 Feb 2022 12:50:52 (#10 of 141)

How successful the knife manoeuvre is depends to a large extent on how chilled the butter is, and how thick.

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Intowntonight - 24 Feb 2022 13:49:05 (#12 of 141)

St. Petersburg Central is currently reviewing all contracts.

Mazzarin - 24 Feb 2022 14:07:40 (#13 of 141)

Deploy Anchor butter (not the spreadable version) fresh from the fridge to the Russia border.

It'll slow them down.

Then throw Lucozade cocktails at them. Watch them cower at a substance so volatile it appears to come through the container while the seal is still intact.

guigal - 24 Feb 2022 18:22:15 (#14 of 141)

Generous Britain will be opening its borders to a million Ukrainian refugees, will it?

Snarlygog - 24 Feb 2022 18:34:25 (#15 of 141)

Not if Chank has his way.

Gonfaloniere - 24 Feb 2022 18:51:18 (#16 of 141)

Well it's not Vlad's fault. According to Stop The War

"We send our solidarity to all those campaigning for an end to the war, often under very difficult conditions, in Russia and Ukraine. Stop the War can best support them by demanding a change in Britain’s own policy, which can be seen to have failed. 24 Feb 2022"

See - if only Britain had changed its policy, Vlad would be at home with his feet up or helping kitten stuck up trees and old ladies to cross the road.

Tadagee - 24 Feb 2022 19:02:20 (#17 of 141)

Has anything Stop the War ever demanded actually happened?

machiavelli - 24 Feb 2022 19:11:06 (#18 of 141)

No. In the significant groups are used to issuing demands that nobody listens to.

TheExcession - 24 Feb 2022 19:16:42 (#19 of 141)

The Russian army is terrified of drum circles and tie dye, I'll have you know. Spetnatz commandos run screaming from the sight of vegan food and white people with dreadlocks.

machiavelli - 24 Feb 2022 19:19:12 (#20 of 141)

I once read a book by an ex military intelligence chap from Russia. He said that one interrogation technique taught to the Spetznaz was hammering a nail into a prisoners head with the palm of the hand.

He might have just been sensationalising it to sell his book but I never wanted to find out.

He also said that after using facilities provided by a sleeper agent in another country they would kill the agent. It put me off being a Moscow mole for life I can tell you.

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