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Started by WibbleAgain on Apr 11, 2018 11:05:49 AM
"The Enlightenment did happen."

So someone said somewhere on some thread.

If the Enlightenment did happen, what's happened to it since? Are we more or less Enlightened today?

To whom did the Enlightenment happen, and when - what was the time frame? And how did it come about? I know everyone says it's because of scientific progress, but was it the only factor? As far as I can work out, it has a parallel time frame with European Colonialism.

If so, are we becoming less Enlightened as European Colonialism declines? "We" has to be the west in this context, of course.

But what about the world at large? Is the world becoming more or less Enlightened?

bailliegillies - 13 Apr 2018 10:02:52 (#1 of 50)

It got cancelled, declared null and void!

RosyLovelady - 13 Apr 2018 09:03:29 (#2 of 50)

I was going to post that.

browserbutton - 13 Apr 2018 09:03:38 (#3 of 50)

It went full circle, and came back to Trump 'n' Putin.

bailliegillies - 13 Apr 2018 10:03:52 (#4 of 50)


machiavelli - 13 Apr 2018 09:07:36 (#5 of 50)

Elightenment "Tolerance" is precisely that - we tolerate each other's right to exist unmolested. This doesn't mean that we have to like, respect or be nice about each other.

The modern credo seems to be "you must respect other cultures".

Agaliarept - 13 Apr 2018 09:11:32 (#6 of 50)

The modern credo seems to be "you must respect other cultures".

I'm not sure that's true.

The modern credo seems to be "you must not disrespect other cultures".

Which is slightly different to what you put.

machiavelli - 13 Apr 2018 09:16:59 (#7 of 50)

True. In effect, perhaps it's the same thing. I think "I hate you, but I'll never kill you" is fair enough.

Agaliarept - 13 Apr 2018 09:17:44 (#8 of 50)

In effect, perhaps it's the same thing.

Oh agree, the desired output is the same.

TRaney - 13 Apr 2018 09:18:04 (#9 of 50)

But I’ll avoid hiring you? But I’ll refuse to serve you?

browserbutton - 13 Apr 2018 09:25:34 (#10 of 50)

"Oi am consideribly more enlightened than yow!"

bailliegillies - 13 Apr 2018 10:28:40 (#11 of 50)

We are more enlightened than you, so we can bomb you to help enlighten you.

machiavelli - 13 Apr 2018 12:07:16 (#12 of 50)

"Won't kill you" is simplistic. More accurately, "not have your fundamental rights infringed, but i don't have to like you".

TRaney - 13 Apr 2018 12:11:24 (#13 of 50)

Still a lot of grey there mach, and that's where most racism occurs

What would you see as fundamental rights?

machiavelli - 13 Apr 2018 12:15:49 (#14 of 50)

All the full civil rights currently enjoyed in the UK, and the return of those taken away. Verbal abuse still prosecutable. But I don't see that anyone has to respect anyone else's culture as long as they keep that dislike off the streets. The "your rights stop at the end of my nose" thing.

roguestate - 13 Apr 2018 13:18:05 (#15 of 50)

We are more enlightened than you, so we can bomb you to help enlighten you.

As long as coffee or another stimulant isn't involved, there won't be much enlightenment going on.

Gotout - 13 Apr 2018 12:22:42 (#16 of 50)

Bomb them for peace.

TRaney - 13 Apr 2018 12:24:06 (#17 of 50)

worked for the Romans. Who cares about Carthage now?

bailliegillies - 13 Apr 2018 13:25:21 (#18 of 50)

Being morally superior we have a duty to bomb them, in their own best interests of course!

thisonehasalittlehat - 13 Apr 2018 12:34:00 (#19 of 50)

I hate mach but I'll never kill him.


machiavelli - 13 Apr 2018 12:38:09 (#20 of 50)

Thanks. It means a lot.

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