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Started by joesvejk on May 5, 2018 1:31:47 PM
How bad is the homeless situation near you?


joesvejk - 05 May 2018 13:37:00 (#1 of 24)

Pretty bad in Paris there is a hugh amount of tents on the canal St Martin.

There is a middle aged Bulgarian women sleeping on the street near me. She is well set up with a matress a sleeping bag and an umbrella, however the street is no place for a middleaged woman. I phoned the homeless hotline and they said they wuld visit her with an interpeter But she is still there today.

mingmong - 05 May 2018 13:47:35 (#2 of 24)

Stroud Valley has always had its fair share of itinerant new age types, but I've definitely seen more piles of sleeping bags and junk in shop doorways that turn out to a human being and their worldly possessions

FleurDuMal - 05 May 2018 13:53:13 (#3 of 24)

I never saw homeless people in Harrogate in the 80s (I’m not saying they weren’t there). I see them on all the main shopping streets now.

Leeds is even worse.

barkis - 05 May 2018 13:54:24 (#4 of 24)

I'd say in Leeds it increased in recent years but has possibly reached a plateau recently.

FleurDuMal - 05 May 2018 13:58:24 (#5 of 24)

I’ve got a friend who works for one of the homeless hostels in Leeds, and he tells me that prisons discharge people straight into the streets, where they end up homeless.

JennyRad - 05 May 2018 14:18:38 (#6 of 24)

Didn't realise you were a Stroudie, mingmong - my mother lives thereabouts too. I am rarely in the town centre, but it's distressing to think somewhere so hippy might have many rough sleepers.

In my little suburb of South Croydon I see very few homeless people except one Big Issue seller. Central Croydon has more rough sleepers but not that many - I was in several German city centres on an interrailing trip earlier and was horrified by how many rough sleepers and beggars there were.

joesvejk - 05 May 2018 14:39:21 (#7 of 24)

Why dont govermennts buy a retired ocean liner to house the homeless. It would be a cheap and cost effective method and would make a big dent in the problem. I am going to e mail Macron and suggest this . Amsterdam has one to house students

RosyLovelady - 05 May 2018 15:08:17 (#8 of 24)

It would be like the next step after Rebekah Brooks's cherished scheme for the reintroduction of "prison hulks" as a sort of off-shore adjunct to the "prison estate" to accommodate the crime wave overspill.

Intowntonight - 05 May 2018 17:36:01 (#9 of 24)

There are plenty in the centre of London:

for such a wealthy metropolis, it is a disgrace

TommyDGNR8 - 05 May 2018 17:45:46 (#10 of 24)

Many of the same (but, obviously, older) faces have been around Huddersfield since I arrived nearly 30 years ago, but now they've been joined by a number of immigrants. If you've fought your way a quarter of the way around the globe in search of a better life, what makes you settle in fucking Dewsbury?

Intowntonight - 05 May 2018 17:49:26 (#11 of 24)

A good question:

bailliegillies - 06 May 2018 12:36:22 (#12 of 24)

Doesn't seem too bad on the west coast of Scotland but that is probably due to weather more than anything. Also there are usually plenty of old empty flats available around the county to house homeless people. Glasgow, when Argyll was part of Strathclyde were more than happy to send homeless and others to be housed.

halfnelson - 06 May 2018 13:34:58 (#13 of 24)

The situation in Manchester is truly awful. Doorways seem to be at a premium, with people just lay out on stretches of pavement in sleeping bags, even right next to main roads.

Crayola - 06 May 2018 13:38:36 (#14 of 24)

thre Is a community of street homeless who have built beds etc along under the bridge from Finsbury Park. A lot of them are very young and a fair few appear to have no substance issues. Someone has set up a small cabinet for donations of soap, wipes, sanitary towels etc as well as non perishable food.

Pinkgum - 06 May 2018 13:46:35 (#15 of 24)

Manchester City centre is awful, in the day there are so many on the streets, people with nowhere to go. Despite recent crackdowns spice abuse is still abundant. I head in to work at 5am and there are many people sleeping rough at that time even when there are cold weather provisions in place.

Even worse there is evidence of people camping and sleeping rough in my local area, which I've not seen until the last couple of year. Local churches operate some shelters, but it's never enough.

bailliegillies - 06 May 2018 14:44:53 (#16 of 24)

A lot of them are very young and a fair few appear to have no substance issues.

Someone was telling me that quite a few had been kicked out by parents who could no long afford to take care and look after them, as they themselves were on the edge. If that is the case then the country really is in a dire situation.

mingmong - 06 May 2018 14:55:41 (#17 of 24)

#16 that is fucking awful

Anthony16 - 06 May 2018 14:55:59 (#18 of 24)

I can well believe that.

bailliegillies - 06 May 2018 15:36:07 (#19 of 24)

It says so much about the country and what it has become, about those in charge but I doubt if they really care as they'll make sure they're alright and taken care off.

Another very old friend with whom I was having coffee with last week in town was telling me his son, who is well qualified with a good degree just wants to leave, to get out of the country as the only jobs open to him are in the gig economy. He's well travelled with good experience but can't find anything to challenge him here. So he wants out and I wonder how many other of our bright young people want to leave as well.

thePiMan - 06 May 2018 15:48:20 (#20 of 24)

Pretty bad here in Liverpool.

Liverpool being one of the few places were your final asylum hearing can be heard and the rejected end up on the streets as no point going anywhere else.

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