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Started by Eligelis on Oct 21, 2018 12:21:34 AM
from a mythological view - why did Odins horse have 8 legs?

There might be a reason somewhere in there, but I've not come across it.

The same might apply to much of mythology and folklore; things that are there and are "just so" but without any reasons why they are "just so". Can we ever know the reasons why mythology is the way it is; even if the only reason might be "someone made it up that way"

SinnerBoy - 23 Oct 2018 10:37:54 (#1 of 41)

8 legs faster than four?

TRaney - 23 Oct 2018 10:39:23 (#2 of 41)

Four legs good, eight legs better

champagnerocker - 23 Oct 2018 10:40:16 (#3 of 41)

I'm thinking something along these sorts of lines

Dayraven - 23 Oct 2018 10:58:55 (#4 of 41)

The name means 'slippy' (in the sense of 'slipping along' rather than 'falling over', I assume), and he's called 'best of horses', so speed seems to be intended.

There are a couple of 8-legged horse images, probably Sleipnir, that long predate the written sources for the Norse myths, so it's clearly a longstanding concept:
and (they're also so similar that the image seems to be conventionalized).

uranrising - 23 Oct 2018 12:16:21 (#5 of 41)

See Wiki, where the suggestion is that such a horse carried dead people to the afterlife and is thus an allusion to the eight legs of the four men carrying the bier containing the body.

fenderstrat - 26 Oct 2018 09:17:12 (#6 of 41)

I suspect that the pharmacological corpus might yield more credible lines of inquiry.

RosyLovelady - 26 Oct 2018 09:18:55 (#7 of 41)

Do you mean DNA would show that it was really a big spider?

fenderstrat - 26 Oct 2018 09:20:45 (#8 of 41)

Not so much; I was thinking more of what they'd been snorting up their mythological schozzles.

RosyLovelady - 26 Oct 2018 09:23:16 (#9 of 41)

Ah yes. I expect they could get hold of the best stuff, those stuffers of myth.

uranrising - 26 Oct 2018 13:35:29 (#10 of 41)


Dayraven - 26 Oct 2018 13:36:46 (#11 of 41)


Noses. See also 'schnoz' and 'schnozzola'.

ThreeFlewOver - 26 Oct 2018 13:43:53 (#12 of 41)

Spiderhorse! Spiderhorse! Does everything a spider can, of course!

uranrising - 26 Oct 2018 13:53:31 (#13 of 41)

... also 'schnoz' and 'schnozzola'.

Not schozzles.

quartus - 26 Oct 2018 14:04:18 (#14 of 41)

on a similar theme as the thread title, but in the Egyptian mythology:

why was Osiris' body divided into 14 pieces by his arch-enemy Seth, with only one piece (his penis) unable to be recovered by Osiris' wife - which was supposedly eaten by a Nile crocodile?

Some say it's to do with the 28-day moon cycle.

Eligelis - 26 Oct 2018 14:08:19 (#15 of 41)

I've heard similar theories, yes.

quartus - 26 Oct 2018 14:31:55 (#16 of 41)

please do share!

Eligelis - 26 Oct 2018 14:50:00 (#17 of 41)

I spent a lot of time in the 90s and 2000s reading lots of books (most of which could quite easily fall in to the crackpot category) by such respected* authors as Grahame Hancock, Laurance Gardner and Robert Bauval. In at least one of them (possibly The Hiram Key) was a disccusion of the Osiris/Horus story; and how it could be interpreted as a allegory for the turning of the seasons (like Persephonie and the Pomegranite seeds).

I think it went on after that to claim that the Jewish/Christian/Muslim god is a throwback to the worship of the Sun (Aten) by the shortlived Dynasty of Pharaohs founded by Akhenaten.

*hang on, that doesn't sound right

mancurse - 26 Oct 2018 14:53:11 (#18 of 41)

Christ - eight feet to pick out, polish and shoe? Fuck that. In fact the sooner horses only have two feet to pick out the better, in my opinion. Hurry up, evolution.

frantastic - 26 Oct 2018 14:55:29 (#19 of 41)

The equine Imelda Marcos.

quartus - 27 Oct 2018 11:07:18 (#20 of 41)

some interpetations of what the 8 legs symbolise here - including one relating to lunar phases -

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