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Started by blacksunday on Mar 31, 2012 6:10:14 PM
Linux! Linux! Linu!

A revival of the Linux thread.

blacksunday - 31 Mar 2012 18:11:20 (#1 of 1454)

Just tried out Desura, which is a sort of cross-platform Steam clone. It seems to work very very well.

I would recommend all Linux users give it a go.

Ebadlun - 05 Apr 2012 14:09:22 (#2 of 1454)

I've gone over to Mint, as I was all cross about being FORCED to used Unity.

A couple of minor niggles aside, I'm quite impressed by it.

chanchan - 07 Apr 2012 09:26:26 (#3 of 1454)

Gnome 3 Claasic gives pretty much the same results on Ubuntu or are you using that MATE stuff?

machiavelli - 07 Apr 2012 09:32:03 (#4 of 1454)

A couple of minor niggles aside, I'm quite impressed by it.

I put the LXDE version on my sisters laptop. It is better than Ubuntu but has a bad habit of freezing up.

Tomnoddy - 10 Apr 2012 09:42:00 (#5 of 1454)

I've dual booted my laptop with Linux Mint, and am now sitting here wondering where to go now.

Is this the new Linux thread?

Bonusy - 10 Apr 2012 11:46:35 (#6 of 1454)

The package manager for software would be a good place to go and choose your web-browser and any other software you fancy. Chromium is my preference, but you'll find Opera there as well. Firefox is the default (nb am going off Mint 10, tried 12 but preferred the older style and went back).

Tomnoddy - 10 Apr 2012 12:32:05 (#7 of 1454)

I've installed a few things, but need glibc, apparently, to run one program. The package manager isn't much help with this. Can anyone talk me through it, please? Thanks.

Ebadlun - 10 Apr 2012 12:36:35 (#8 of 1454)

If you didn't have glibc you wouldn't be running much at all - it's the core C library that anything written in C will need.

There's probably something that's expecting a different version of it - what message are you getting?

Tomnoddy - 10 Apr 2012 12:48:59 (#9 of 1454)

I thought that that might be the case, from reading what's on the web, but it never was said explicitly. The program simply said I needed glibc (no further info), and looking for it on my system wasn't informative. I still can't get the program to work unfortunately.

Ebadlun - 10 Apr 2012 12:49:59 (#10 of 1454)

What program is it?

Tomnoddy - 10 Apr 2012 12:54:30 (#11 of 1454)

MOPAC2009. Might be a bit specialist - it's a molecular orbital program on an academic licence, and I want to use it in Gabedit, a GUI for these things. Thanks, both of you.

I installed Linux specifically for this sort of thing, but knew the installation wouldn't be so straightforward as in Windows.

Ebadlun - 10 Apr 2012 12:59:19 (#12 of 1454)

Ah, can't help much then. Maybe the installation is setting the runtime library path to something screwy, but you'll have to contact them I guess.

blacksunday - 10 Apr 2012 14:00:45 (#13 of 1454)


What distro are you using? How are you installing MOPAC?

Tomnoddy - 10 Apr 2012 16:15:23 (#14 of 1454)

Hi, BS. Linux mint 12. I've downloaded direct from their website -MOPAC2009 - rather than using the installed software manager which only seems to have MOPAC 7. I have a pasword to use once it's installed. How to install is my next headache.

Off to the bicycle shop for a while - some busturd facked up my wife's bike at work this morning.

blacksunday - 10 Apr 2012 17:30:35 (#15 of 1454)


It's odd that you're having this problem. I managed to get it to run on Ubuntu 10.04 - although only to the point where I have to enter my license key. I would have thought it would have failed before that if I needed certain libraries.

So, you downloaded MOPAC2009 from here?:

And then you followed the instructions on that same page, yes?

What is the exact error message you're getting?

Joannemullen - 18 Apr 2012 07:35:46 (#16 of 1454)

I'm using the latest Mint with Cinnamon and I really like it. It's a simple attractive desktop without any touchy feely crap and I hope its fast growing popularity will encourage other developers to remember that a lot of people continue to use proper computers to do proper things.

tstaddon - 18 Apr 2012 10:36:31 (#17 of 1454)

How do Cinnamon and MATE compare in the Linux Mint Debian Edition?

I'm tempted to give both a try but have a lot of stuff going on and don't really have the time to spare.

machiavelli - 19 Apr 2012 07:52:51 (#18 of 1454)

Hooray for Munich:

Bonusy - 19 Apr 2012 11:48:43 (#19 of 1454)

Support calls to help desks fell from 70 a month to 46

That sounds awfully low to start with.

Puzzles me that schools at least don't start out with Linux on the desktop, otherwise government and companies will never have the pool of skilled (or at least, semi-experienced) workers which would allow them to move to a significantly lower-cost licensing model. UK gov across all levels and depts itself must have hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of desktops and easily has the resources to develop and maintain it's own distro.

Policywatcher - 19 Apr 2012 12:24:45 (#20 of 1454)

Schools teach what local companies say they are using.

The overwhelming majority of local companies say they use the MS product and want their school leavers to know their way round that.

So schools use MS.

It's not the schools' job to try to change the shape of the market.

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