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Started by Policywatcher on Aug 5, 2018 3:32:16 PM
Picking a VPN

The subject's come up a few times lately, and I reckon it could use its own thread...

On phone, tablet, PC... Free or paid...

Which VPN for which purposes, and what can you trust?

Policywatcher - 05 Aug 2018 15:33:04 (#1 of 43)

How to set up a VPN on your phone

Why you need a private internet connection for your phone.

Policywatcher - 05 Aug 2018 15:34:27 (#2 of 43)

The top 10 VPN services for 2018.

Policywatcher - 05 Aug 2018 15:37:25 (#3 of 43)

The developer of WireGuard has laid the groundwork for plugging his open-source privacy tool directly into the Linux kernel in hope of making secure communications easier to deploy and manage.

... Initially released and still available as an optional kernel module for Linux, WireGuard is also available for Android, macOS, Windows, and other platforms.

TinyMcOtter - 05 Aug 2018 15:40:38 (#4 of 43)

Finding one that doesn’t come across as... lacking in transparency, has been hard in the past.

Policywatcher - 05 Aug 2018 15:45:54 (#5 of 43)


I've told the story before of the time that BlackSunday asked me to look at one that turned out to look very much like a front for organised crime.

Some will be criminal enterprise, some will be state honeypots...

It's really hard to know what you can trust.

flowbagging - 05 Aug 2018 15:53:23 (#6 of 43)

Might be worth reading Torrent Freak's list of VPNs too

TommyDGNR8 - 05 Aug 2018 15:55:00 (#7 of 43)

I use NordVPN.

It does what I want. Very, very well.

Bribaba - 05 Aug 2018 15:58:14 (#8 of 43)

I use Avast!. Good but not cheap, around £70 a year.

AlanII - 05 Aug 2018 15:59:23 (#9 of 43)

How do you judge the quality of a VPN. I use Bitdefender's which, I'm told is good but, I have no idea really.

Policywatcher - 05 Aug 2018 16:07:25 (#10 of 43)

The main questions are

  • Can you trust it

  • If the VPN server isn't reachable, is your system protected against silently falling back to insecure operation

  • Does it require separate apps and add-ins... and does it cover all apps on your system even if they aren't explicitly VPN aware

  • How secure is it

  • How widespread and readily accessible are it's servers

  • Does it keep logs - so are your secure against a state-level actor

  • Which legal jurisdiction is it in

  • Does it allow you to access services not normally available in your location

  • How much does it affect the speed of your system

  • What does it cost, and is that per user or per device

AlanII - 05 Aug 2018 18:29:03 (#11 of 43)

Right. Very helpful, thanks, PW.

Policywatcher - 05 Aug 2018 18:49:23 (#12 of 43)

And remember

PW's fifth law of security.

When any product is described as unhackable, tread carefully... there's going to be a lot of spilled snake oil in the vicinity.

quattrobhoy - 05 Aug 2018 18:57:57 (#13 of 43)

I currently use NordVPN too. It's relatively fast, though, as expected, one will take a hit on the throughput. We can use it on several devices, or we can use it - running on our USB powered travel WiFi router - to protect all devices running through it.

Rendered - 05 Aug 2018 18:59:00 (#14 of 43)

Express is very good.

thePiMan - 08 Aug 2018 17:01:32 (#15 of 43)

I use IPVanish, have done for around a year, found it to be great and very reliable and can be used simultaneously on up to ten devices.

SheikYerbouti - 31 Aug 2018 09:38:27 (#16 of 43)

I use NordVPN. It is fine - although when I used to be on Virgin Media it barely worked at all, I'm not sure why.

gordonthemoron - 31 Aug 2018 09:49:59 (#17 of 43)

any recommendations for a Chinese VPN? Apparently you can get cheap airfares on Chinese Airlines with a Chinese IP address

quattrobhoy - 31 Aug 2018 11:07:38 (#18 of 43)

NordVPN have a Hong Kong presence. I’ve no idea whether that might work.

gordonthemoron - 31 Aug 2018 13:17:39 (#19 of 43)

it won't, has to be PRC

TinyMcOtter - 31 Aug 2018 16:58:49 (#20 of 43)

So, PW, did you find one?

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