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Started by popperhead on Jul 7, 2021 12:14:46 PM
Virtual Reality Headset advice

Anyone on here familiar with VR headsets?

Here my situation, my son has been begging for one for ages and I'm thinking of getting him one for his next birthday but I don't know much about it. Oculus seems to top many lists, but:- is there a better affordable one?- is the 64GB sufficient or do I need the 256GB version?- he has an xbox one s so should I be looking at the oculus rift (or is he unlikely to play xbox on it anyway)?- or is the oculus quest 2 better?

All advice welcome.

Antimatter - 07 Jul 2021 12:17:49 (#1 of 35)

We have the Oculus quest, it is very good. Especially as there is minimum setting up required. I just got the 64 GB one which is fine.

popperhead - 07 Jul 2021 18:54:05 (#2 of 35)

Thanks for the feedback Anti.

Was that an Oculus Quest 2? Can you tell me a little more Anti as I'm a complete noob about this stuff.

Do you play games on it? Or is it more "experiences" (or a bit of both). Do the games/experiences cost a lot (or are they part of the package?). Where do you get them from (on a four inch floppy disk :o)

I read somewhere you can play xbox games on Oculus Rift, but you have to run it through a computer and ... stuff, I don't really understand. Whereas (if I understand correctly Occulus Quest can be used straight out of the box). Do you think you'd want to play non-oculus games on it or is this a lot of faff for low return?

jamalade - 07 Jul 2021 19:07:40 (#3 of 35)

What sort of prices are we looking at?

spartak - 07 Jul 2021 19:09:17 (#4 of 35)

What can one do with a VR headset please?

thisonehasalittlehat - 07 Jul 2021 19:09:57 (#5 of 35)

Enjoy immersive simulated environments and interactive videogames. And do tele sex.

spartak - 07 Jul 2021 19:11:21 (#6 of 35)

Yuck! Immersive simulated environments and interactive videogames sounds dreadful.

jamalade - 07 Jul 2021 19:11:52 (#7 of 35)

Kids love them.

AdonisBlue - 07 Jul 2021 19:12:36 (#8 of 35)

Pretend it's the 1990s when everyone was convinced VR would change the world and, at first, barely noticed the quiet emergence of this computer network in the background.

Tagyourit - 07 Jul 2021 19:36:09 (#9 of 35)

I use an Oculus Rift S with my laptop and a HOTAS system to play a game called Elite:Dangerous, its awesome. I'm hoping to upgrade the headset very soon though not sure whether to stick with Oculus or go for one of the pricier options.

HouseOfLametta - 07 Jul 2021 20:12:41 (#10 of 35)

I've got a cardboard thing you put a phone in. It's great. But the novelty wears off.

Verdigris - 07 Jul 2021 20:22:53 (#11 of 35)

I got some stereo glasses and slides out of the Weetabix in 1963.

slimpickins - 08 Jul 2021 20:11:33 (#12 of 35)

I've been thinking of getting a VR setup for a while, here's a couple of things I've picked up:

They break down into two basic groups, tethered, dependent on another device for graphics power and standalone, which don't.

If you already have a system that your son uses for games get a headset compatible with it, if not get a standalone.

Tagyourit - 08 Jul 2021 21:24:54 (#13 of 35)

The new Oculus Quest 2 can do both if you spend an extra 70 quid on the cable.

bignosebignose - 08 Jul 2021 21:45:00 (#14 of 35)

We got a Quest 2 a few months back, some of the games are good fun but I've been find myself spending more time watching films on it than playing games. Prime video is like being in a cinema (including cinema seats when you look around you) with a massive screen.

slimpickins - 08 Jul 2021 21:01:35 (#15 of 35)

Is the OQ2 the one tied to Facebook?

Antimatter - 08 Jul 2021 22:05:48 (#16 of 35)

We have the Quest 2, I used it a lot for experiences during lockdowns 1 & 2, MrA plays games on it. It is super realistic and very immersive, the original Oculus made me feel quite sea sick but the Quest 2 doesn't. It has been used as stand alone only, as so far, there has not been a need to use anything else. It is very straight forward to set up and was used pretty much straight out of the box. You do need to sign in via Facebook. I'll ask MrA about the games bit when he gets back later on as I just love it for the experiences.

bignosebignose - 08 Jul 2021 22:05:53 (#17 of 35)

It is, insofar as you have to use your FB account to set it up. Other than that I've not seen any connection really, other than it letting me know which of my FB friends have one so that I can link with them if I want to. But if you're a Facebook dodger, then it's a no-no.

bignosebignose - 08 Jul 2021 22:08:05 (#18 of 35)

The Star Wars games are more like immersive films/ experiences than real games but pretty impressive. Closest any of us are ever likely to get to feeling like we're wielding an actual lightsabre too.

Heckler - 09 Jul 2021 08:49:04 (#19 of 35)

Got an Occulus 2 couple of months ago, love it.

Graphics are okay, you can tether wireslessly to a PC if you have one that is VR ready and use Steam on there but I don't, prefer to play native Occulus games.

Great virtual experiences as well as games on there.

I use it as a workout a couple of times a week as well, games like Beat Sabre and Smash Drums burn some real calories, but play the boxing simulator Thrill of the Fight for any length of time and you'll be sweating like a sweaty thing in a sauna.

Other games I play a lot of, The Climb (VR free climbing with all the vertigo that suggests), Onward (pretty hardcore miltary first person shooter, replete with Walters saying 'Left flanking move to the OBJ') and the Star Wars ones Vadar Immortal and Tales from the Galaxy's edge which are a nerd's delight.

Definitely worth getting one, even if you just do the videos on YouTube VR and watch movies on Prime or Netflix.

Heckler - 09 Jul 2021 08:53:16 (#20 of 35)

Oh and I almost forgot Super Hot, Matrix/John Wick bullet ballet bollocks in VR, dodging bullets in slow-mo whilst killing weird abstract people with staplers, really good.

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