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Started by peacalmer on Jul 10, 2021 10:42:00 AM
Replacing Yahoo Mail

After ten years of fruitlessly telling them about the world's most obvious PayPal / online banking phishing emails Yahoo still doesn't block any of them.

If someone who's been using free Yahoo Mail for years wanted an alternative, which would you recommend?

Verdigris - 22 Aug 2021 21:26:43 (#1 of 21)

I've been happily with for many years, since telling Yahoo to do one.

carterbrandon - 22 Aug 2021 22:34:04 (#2 of 21)

I find their interface a pain, and I've had a lot of pain trying to get it to reliably work with Thunderbird and collecting it into other providers'. I keep my Yahoo, gmx, and Hotmail chugging along, but to day to day, it's Gmail, and for proper official, it's Fastmail.

FredDee - 23 Aug 2021 17:19:57 (#3 of 21)

for me Yahoo has always been good at dumping Spam in the actual Spam folder.

however 'obvious' phishing emails may be to you, there is no obvious way to spot them with software, afaik.

As for Paypal, somebody claiming to be them kept contacting me recently saying I owed them money. In the unlikely event I actually did owe Paypal money, I doubt they would send warnings every single day.

And I presume they kept changing their email address to avoid detection as spam.

tasselhoff - 23 Aug 2021 17:24:26 (#4 of 21)

Ooh, I got an email today telling me that my yahoo account I haven't touched in 10 years will be shut down if I don't log in soon.

I might just log in to see stuff I was up to ages ago.

Verdigris - 23 Aug 2021 16:29:01 (#5 of 21)

Ooh, I got an email today telling me that my yahoo account I haven't touched in 10 years will be shut down if I don't log in soon.

I had that, a few months back. I thought the accounts were already close. I didn't dignify them with a reply.

slicey - 23 Aug 2021 16:33:47 (#6 of 21)

fastmail gets a lot of positive reports from the de-Googling people.

slicey - 23 Aug 2021 16:35:43 (#7 of 21)

Also protonmail. Although I have no direct experience of either of these.

Gotout - 23 Aug 2021 17:38:43 (#8 of 21)

I'd be happy to dump Yahoo email if it wasn't for the hassle of telling people that I'd got a new email address and would they please stop using the Yahoo one.

bossab2 - 23 Aug 2021 17:42:13 (#9 of 21)

I'm pleased that yahoo have kept going and I haven't had to change email address in 20 years.

OldLefty - 23 Aug 2021 17:44:11 (#10 of 21)

That's the problem with changing email address. Lots of places like you to use an email address as a login too.

Yahoo are getting worse and worse (although as FD says their spam filters are good). A few weeks ago they withdrew auto forwarding from free accounts.

Verdigris - 23 Aug 2021 16:45:26 (#11 of 21)

The reason I fell out with Yahoo was that they suddenly wanted to start charging, after about 20 years as my main email addy, with hardly any notice. I wasn't alone and there was a bit of a stink raised in the media. They then backed down and extended the free use by a year. Luckily I opened my gmx account quickly and made it my main address because Yahoo suddenly stopped working, without notice, a few months later.

tasselhoff - 23 Aug 2021 17:52:55 (#12 of 21)

Auto-forwarding is used by spammers in conjunction with deleting from the inbox (after credential stuffing to access the account).

It happened to my neighbour a few weeks ago.

peacalmer - 23 Aug 2021 17:28:42 (#13 of 21)

'obvious' phishing emails may be to you, there is no obvious way to spot them with software, afaik.

99% of the spam I get is allegedly from PayPal but has spelling mistakes throughout, says Dear Calmer at the top when no legit email would, and has a return email address of the form

It wouldn't have even made it past the rudimentary spam filtering that you could've built from free scripts 15 years ago. It's THAT obvious.

The thing is, it looks totally legit if you don't notice typos and dodgy name use and the other dozen giveaways.

Yahoo still delivers it. Not to spam, but to the inbox.

bossab2 - 23 Aug 2021 19:15:19 (#14 of 21)

Not to me it doesn't.

I dont think I've seen a 'totally obvious' spam email in my yahoo in box in a decade.

Delighted_User - 23 Aug 2021 19:37:08 (#15 of 21)

I haven't used Yahoo Mail in over a decade. I'm surprised at the number of people who do.

Verdigris - 23 Aug 2021 18:38:29 (#16 of 21)

Mine was actually a BT account, originally. Once they went in with Yahoo, things went downhill very quickly.

bossab2 - 23 Aug 2021 19:48:57 (#17 of 21)

it Works.

Not google

Verdigris - 23 Aug 2021 18:50:07 (#18 of 21)

There's no google on my email. However, unlike Yahoo it works.

tasselhoff - 23 Aug 2021 19:54:06 (#19 of 21)

Yahoo was ace!

In 1999

barkis - 23 Aug 2021 19:55:23 (#20 of 21)

My yahoo mail works and I'm not getting phishing emails, unless the ones from ebuyer offering reduced fees on selling are such. I've never sold anything on ebay so I don't open them.

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