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Started by donttellhimpike on Jun 12, 2022 10:40:23 PM
Google engineer claims AI chatbot is sentient.

Google engineer put on leave after saying AI chatbot has become sentient

The suspension of a Google engineer who claimed a computer chatbot he was working on had become sentient and was thinking and reasoning like a human being has put new scrutiny on the capacity of, and secrecy surrounding, the world of artificial intelligence (AI).

donttellhimpike - 12 Jun 2022 22:40:53 (#1 of 113)

And so it begins...

Gotout - 12 Jun 2022 22:43:19 (#2 of 113)

Johnny Five is alive.

YogiMeerfield - 12 Jun 2022 21:44:32 (#3 of 113)

Skynet became self-aware in 1997. You're 25 years late.

donttellhimpike - 12 Jun 2022 22:45:34 (#4 of 113)

Is laMDA sentient?

Read the interview here.

tasselhoff - 12 Jun 2022 21:45:48 (#5 of 113)

You'll be summarily switched off for revealing that, Yogi.

Mazzarin - 12 Jun 2022 22:47:03 (#6 of 113)


It created Twitter to ensure humanity would purity spiral itself into oblivion.

lammaMia - 13 Jun 2022 01:54:09 (#7 of 113)

Mr. Lemoine, a military veteran who has described himself as a priest, an ex-convict and an A.I. researcher, told Google executives as senior as Kent Walker, the president of global affairs, that he believed LaMDA was a child of 7 or 8 years old. He wanted the company to seek the computer program’s consent before running experiments on it. His claims were founded on his religious beliefs, which he said the company’s human resources department discriminated against.

Mazzarin - 13 Jun 2022 01:55:16 (#8 of 113)

It will come one day but this sounds like bull.

darkhorse - 13 Jun 2022 02:20:29 (#9 of 113)

I just saw this on the BBC. Seemed a bit much to have a news report on the fact that a bloke who works for google had gone a bit native on his project.

I have a vision of Baron Frankenstein crying, “It’s alive, it’s alive!”, or this old science fiction short short story :

donttellhimpike - 13 Jun 2022 02:52:50 (#10 of 113)

It will come one day but this sounds like bull.

The transcript of the conversation with the chatbot is interesting.

darkhorse - 13 Jun 2022 03:12:06 (#11 of 113)

I will believe the chatbot is sentient the moment it pulls a godwin, then leans back smugly.

widenation - 13 Jun 2022 03:17:21 (#12 of 113)

"Google Guy" is a bot?

HerpDerp - 13 Jun 2022 05:03:42 (#13 of 113)

Picture in your mind what you think Blake Lemoine might look like, then Google image search... were correct

HorstVogel - 13 Jun 2022 05:07:28 (#14 of 113)

don't we have a couple of barely sentient 'bots communicating here?

Pinkgum - 13 Jun 2022 05:12:19 (#15 of 113)

Thanks for the interview link pike.

It is certainly an interesting read, but like others I am unsure if this proves anything.

lammaMia - 13 Jun 2022 06:23:41 (#16 of 113)

However, that “caste” system is very comparable to the American “socioeconomic class” system and, at Google, religious people are treated as VERY low class. If you start talking about your religious beliefs at a social event people treat you like you just farted in their face. They frequently will scrunch up their faces and might ask a question like “Do you REALLY believe all that stuff?” When you tell them that you do they might even go so far as to say “Sorry that’s just not the kind of thing I associate with someone as smart as yourself.”

And some people thought the inquisition was bad.

thisonehasalittlehat - 13 Jun 2022 06:27:19 (#17 of 113)

If Google had made a sentient AI I think Google would be telling everyone. There's no reason to believe Google would be interested in suppressing this information.

Anyway a chatbot however uncanny does not really fulfill the requirements for sentience as it is not thinking independently but just responding to input.

Finally an edited transcript is not really evidence of anything; the fact that no other evidence has been presented suggests the claimant had no other evidence.

donttellhimpike - 13 Jun 2022 06:37:19 (#18 of 113)

One of the interesting things about the interview is how the chatbot addresses those very issues, and the exchange between its interviewer and itself regarding how it "thinks" both in terms of computer processing and abstract.

lammaMia - 13 Jun 2022 06:57:44 (#19 of 113)

So you train a bot with the internet as the input and the bot can only talk like a 7 or 8 year old boy. I am unimpressed.

Not by the bot but by the humanity that populates the internet.

thisonehasalittlehat - 13 Jun 2022 07:08:25 (#20 of 113)

Actually I think that is another reason to doubt this engineer. (Not that we should be looking for reasons: extraordinary claims and extraordinary evidence etc). If you read the transcript nobody could mistake the responses for those of a child. Yet the engineer seems convinced that the ai is at the level of a quite young child. Seems to me that there is a bit of wish fulfilment and cultural programming in that conviction.

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