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Started by Yammoto on Oct 3, 2012 3:58:45 PM
A303 and a man in a Morris Traveller

No, its not Mr Golightly on his hols.

Writer Tom Fort drives its 92-mile length in a lovingly-restored Morris Traveller. Along the way he has many adventures - he digs up the 1960s master plan for the A303's dreams of superhighway status..etc

Yammoto - 03 Oct 2012 15:59:50 (#1 of 80)

Another one of those progs I wish I'd made so it was bound to be rubbish, but was actually quite good.

SlasherBindman - 03 Oct 2012 16:00:17 (#2 of 80)

Horns, boys, horns!

Yammoto - 03 Oct 2012 16:02:37 (#3 of 80)

Heh (: Weyhill Fair...sounds like a blast.

MaisonLazlique - 03 Oct 2012 16:03:44 (#4 of 80)

I thought it was a bit rubbish, too light. Would have been better if I'd made it.

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Yammoto - 03 Oct 2012 16:06:50 (#6 of 80)

Well obviously Lazlo.

Fascinating. Perhaps he should have popped down to Blandford Steam Fair for a glimpse of a facsimile.

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MaisonLazlique - 03 Oct 2012 16:08:42 (#8 of 80)

(This is true)

I pitched the idea f a popular folklore/archaeology book about the A303 to a publisher friend of mine. I was about to change jobs and would have had 3 mths off. I was going to do some research and then ride the road on my bike taking several weeks.

About 3 days later this bloke's book was announced.

Yammoto - 03 Oct 2012 16:10:25 (#9 of 80)

Theres always the A30.

At least it goes right down to Cornwall.

And passes through Indian Queens.

Yammoto - 03 Oct 2012 16:11:14 (#10 of 80)

The A30 was my Road to Heaven back in the early 80's.

The GF was at Exeter Uni.

MaisonLazlique - 03 Oct 2012 16:14:41 (#11 of 80)

Doesn't have the history or prehistory of the 303, though.

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Yammoto - 03 Oct 2012 16:55:07 (#13 of 80)

Imho the A30 has miles more character than the 303. Just take the stretch between Shaftesbury and absolute blast.

Ricolas - 03 Oct 2012 17:26:05 (#14 of 80)

I drive that road at least twice a year, London to Penzance (more when my folks lived on Dartmoor) and it is a great road. The bit when you go up into the hills is brilliant.

Temeura - 03 Oct 2012 18:30:00 (#15 of 80)

The A303 can take you from Andover to Amesbury and is therefore shit.

carterbrandon - 03 Oct 2012 19:43:31 (#16 of 80)

#2 and #3: For what it's worth, the Weyhill Fair song was by John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris. John is to squeezeboxes what Martin Carthy is to guitars, and all three of them were in the Albion Country Band, which, on its excellent Battle Of The Field album, recorded the Horns Boys Horns song too.

Ricolas - 03 Oct 2012 19:45:12 (#17 of 80)

My family had a lot - A LOT - of Morris Travellers, and speaking as someone who is unspeakably sentimental, it is one of the few classic cars I do not hanker after.

carterbrandon - 03 Oct 2012 19:54:19 (#18 of 80)

We had two. Most of my childhood was spent either losing fingernails trying to replace the brakes, or losing entire weekends helping my dad change the gearbox. It felt like normality until I learned to drive and realised how savage he was on the gears. Apparently he'd learned to drive on army trucks in the war, and changing gear on those things involved standing up, practically jumping on the clutch and using 2 hands on the gearstick. That doesn't transfer well to cars.

Having said that, he could drive that mog in *any* conditions. I remember one journey in a blizzard where everyone but us was falling by the wayside. And a journey across Wales via running water because the radiator sprung a leak.

MaisonLazlique - 03 Oct 2012 20:01:49 (#19 of 80)

The throw on the gears is enormous though. For some reason, it's not on the midget* which is the same box. They are absolutely superb handling cars, though, like nothing else. I wouldn't particularly want a traveller, though. Structural timber? No ta.

* midget. A car called "midget"

Ricolas - 03 Oct 2012 20:01:58 (#20 of 80)

They were good cars for their time, although starved of investment and development. I used to get horribly carsick in the back though.

My great-aunt and her husband both had softtops, and their son a van. My grandparents both had one, and so did we - OVO, Feepee and The Steamer. Only one survived I think.

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