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Started by LittleMissMuffet on Nov 20, 2015 4:32:34 PM
Jessica Jones and other Netflix Marvels

All episodes available on Netflix as of today.

Initial thoughts: a surprising amount of quite adult sex being had given this a Marvel series, plenty of dark humour, really strong female characters and overall MUCH better than Daredevil.

Anyone else bothering?

Heckler - 20 Nov 2015 16:33:41 (#1 of 363)

Will give it a go, Luke Cage also appears apparently.

yumyum - 20 Nov 2015 16:35:03 (#2 of 363)

If I can prise myself away from Borgia I will give this a go.

LittleMissMuffet - 20 Nov 2015 16:35:40 (#3 of 363)

And very well played he is, too. The scene where his nature becomes apparent to her (and hers to him) is great.

Heckler - 20 Nov 2015 16:36:10 (#4 of 363)

I also liked Daredevil, season two promises the Punisher and Elektra.

Bromio - 21 Nov 2015 09:08:11 (#5 of 363)

Saving it for this evening or tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it.

inandout - 21 Nov 2015 11:02:06 (#6 of 363)

I've watched 4 episodes and found it a bit dull too be honest. What I've seen of Tennant so far is what you'd expect, but I'm not really getting the menace.

There are sex scenes but I thought they were clumsy, like a lot of the direction.

It's not as dark as I was expecting, more like Caprica it's an Emo spin-off.

babylonia - 21 Nov 2015 16:43:04 (#7 of 363)

It's based in part on the Alias comic was written as an adult comic.... Indeed Marvel comics both normal and the adult ones have a lot of references to sex..... Even Peter Parker whose marriage to Mary Jane was deleted from existence some 6 yrs ago as part of a deal with a devil to save Aunt May gets his end away.

JerkinMcGherkin - 21 Nov 2015 17:18:29 (#8 of 363)

Anyone who knows the Killgrave story arc in the comics will know it threatens to get very adult indeed.

babylonia - 21 Nov 2015 17:47:45 (#9 of 363)

Indeed..... Kilgrave aka Purple Man's power is just founded in abuse

I read a lot of comics and the interesting thing in the last 15 yrs is how increasingly sexual characters have become both male and female have become. It's apparent that they have penises and vaginas, can be gay straight interracial & long standing relationships have ended their course

Arjuna - 21 Nov 2015 17:52:31 (#10 of 363)

I always wondered about millionaire Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson.

babylonia - 21 Nov 2015 18:03:24 (#11 of 363)

Heh..... Grayson and Wayne are portrayed as rampant heteros.... Whilst he was once portrayed to being a monk Wayne prior to recent events has been actively pursuing all kinds of women in the last 10 yrs.

babylonia - 21 Nov 2015 20:05:21 (#12 of 363)

I like how one way they past the Bechdel test for many of the conversations was to recast Jones's lawyer friend from a horndog male into ice queen alpha lesbian who diddling her wife and secretary

I don't think it's up to Daredevil standard but it notably for a superhero show only 1 white male lead and is about the lives of women in the MCU.....most of the conversations are between 2 or more women

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Bromio - 22 Nov 2015 00:55:14 (#14 of 363)

Me too. It's a serious step up in intelligence, tone, and production values from previous fare.

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Bromio - 22 Nov 2015 21:13:55 (#16 of 363)

How many are there? I've now seen the first three and have three more lined up. Are there more? Six episodes is a very short series by American standards.

babylonia - 22 Nov 2015 21:18:29 (#17 of 363)

13 episodes

Bromio - 22 Nov 2015 21:19:18 (#18 of 363)

Aha! That's more like it. Cheers.

Antimatter - 23 Nov 2015 07:17:45 (#19 of 363)

I watched this with some interest, the subject matter (brain washing) is something I have personal experience of and some knowledge. However, whilst I respect the Marvel franchise and its success, the fact is, I do not warm to it. Whilst it is refreshing to see females in strong positions for a change, somehow it feels that they have been leveraged in, and it is missing some kind of nuance that I cannot quite put my finger on. Also, it is relentlessly Marvel, and frankly, it has never been my cup of tea. Overall, too formulaic, gave up towards the end of season 1.

thePiMan - 23 Nov 2015 08:40:49 (#20 of 363)

Luke Cage also appears apparently.

And has his own show starting next year entitled, oddly enough, Luke Cage.

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